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3 Great Ideas For A Temporary Rat Cage!

With so many people sharing photographs and videos of their pet rats being cute on social media, social perceptions of keeping rats is rapidly changing with more and more people adding a pet rat to their home.

This has resulted in a number of people reaching out and asking about what they are able to use as a temporary rat cage for their pet rat in a number of situations with there being a number of solid options out there.

The three best temporary rat cage options on the market is a cheap entry level rat cage, a DIY bin cage, and a converted cardboard box cage with each option having their own advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs.

They are al available in a number of sizes and with very different price points too so you should be able to find what you require within these three options.

Please note that most rats will be able to chew their way out of some DIY bin cages and most cardboard box cages with ease if they are left in there for long enough.

This is why we really have to stress that these are intended as temporary rat cages for traveling with your rat for short periods of time.

As we work our way through the options covered in more details below, we will be going over the key points to keep in mind for each option when using them to house your pet rat.

Get A Cheap, Entry Level Cage

The best temporary rat cage is a cheap entry level cage that has been specifically designed to house pet rats.

Not only will an entry level cage reduce the chances of your pet rat being able to chew its way out of its temporary cage but cheap cages are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to make sure that you are able to get exactly what you need.

The Kaytee Beginner Rat Cage is one of the best options on the market by far if you are strictly looking for a temporary rat cage due to how of a price tag it has.

This is perfect if your main rat cage is broken or being upgraded as it keeps your costs as low as possible while keeping your pet rat as safe as possible until the main cage is ready to house your rat again.

You can get some very small cheap cages for your rat if you just need something to keep your pet in for a drive from your home to your local vets office.

Something like the Kaytee travel cage will be the best option for this but these small travel cages really are just temporary cages and your rat should not be kept in them for more than a couple of hours due to how small they can be.

Make Your Own Bin Cage

Making your own DIY temporary rat cage by converting a bin is a great option with some people using bin cages as permanent cages for their rats due to the versatility and customization that they can offer.

If you do only need a temporary cage while your main cage is being upgraded or repaired then a bin cage can be a great, cheap cage for your rat but it will take some time and effort to make.

Although bin cages are controversial, a huge number of people who keep pet rats are using them to house their pet rats without issue and they are constantly growing in popularity.

We have a dedicated article on if bin cages are good for rats and although it is aimed as hamsters, our article going over if hamsters can chew through bin cages might be worth reading if you are thinking of using a bin cage as a permanent cage for your pet rat.

You can get an absolute ton of inspiration for your own bin cage from social media due to how popular they are and many of the unique designs going viral within the rodent keeping community.

Just keep in mind, the more elaborate the bin cage for your pet rat, the higher the cost and time investment that will be required and if you do only need a temporary rat cage for a short period of time then they will usually not be worth putting much time or money into.

Use A Large Cardboard Box

If you only need a temporary rat cage for a trip to the vets then you can use a large cardboard box and most rats will be fine for up to an hour without issue.

Just keep in mind that the vast majority of rats will be able to quickly and easily chew their way through a cardboard box with minimal issues so you will have to keep a close eye on your pet rat.

It can be easier to have a second person with you to hold your rat in its cardboard box to make sure that it isnt trying to chew its way out while on your journey.

In most other situations though, going with either of the two options that we covered earlier in the article will end up being much better options for the majority of people who are wanting to keep their rat in a temporary cage.

We have seen some people line a cardboard box with towels or a plastic base to try and prevent their pet rat from being able to chew its way out.

Although this can sometimes slow the escape process down, it is not a guaranteed way to prevent your pet rat from escaping from its cage so keep that in mind even if the people on social media recommending this method to you have not had problems with their own rat escaping.


That brings our article going over the three best temporary rat cage options available to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you choose the perfect option for your needs but the best thing about looking for temporary rat cage options is that there are a huge number of potential options that you are able to use. If none of the options that we have covered in our article above meet your needs then you may be able to have a look around your home to find suitable options that you have.