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3 Reasons Your Amazon Sword Is Turning Brown!

With so many planted tanks going viral on social media recently as well as live plants in aquariums offering a range of great benefits to your fish, we have noticed more and more people asking questions about keeping various live plants in their tanks.

As more people add live plants to their tanks, more photographs are shared on social media resulting in a further increase in the number of people wanting to keep live plants in their own tanks so the amount of questions we see people asking is never ending.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have noticed a bunch of people reaching out and asking questions about their amazon sword turning brown.

Not only is amazon sword plant cheap but it also looks great, is relatively low maintenance once setup, and offers a great place for your smaller fish to hide in your tank.

Although there are a number of common reasons that your amazon sword plant may be turning brown, the three most common causes are usually very easy to fix.

With there being so many people new to keeping live plants in their aquarium, we wanted to publish our own article going over the three mistakes and how you are able to fix them in your tank.

Do Amazon Swords Need Fertilizer?

Amazon sword plant will require fertilizer in most tank setups due to the amount of iron it requires to flourish.

In some situations, amazon sword plants will also require you to supplement them with potassium too with a lack of either mineral being a common cause of the leaves of the plants turning brown and the plant eventually perishing.

We have seen some excellent planted tank setups that experienced fish keepers have designed to drastically reduce the amount of fertilizer required due to essentially creating a closed loop ecosystem in their tanks.

Although this sounds like a great idea, it is really not very beginner friendly and tends to take more time and effort than the majority of our readers who are usually beginners to dealing with live plants have available.

This is why we just recommend that our readers use a quick, easy, and cheap fertilizer product such as Seachem Flourish to top up the essential vitamins and minerals that their amazon sword plants require.

This should help keep the leaves of your plant green as well as help any leaves that have started to turn brown recover.

Keep in mind that if the bulk of the leaf has already turned brown on your amazon sword plant then it will probably need trimming but new leaf shoots should still be able to develop, especially with Seachem Flourish providing the vitamin and mineral boost to the tank.

“Driftwood and Amazon Sword” by Psychlist1972 is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Do You Have Badly Grown Amazon Sword Plants?

With the spike in the popularity of amazon sword plants recently, the number of people growing them to sell has also increased with many of these people not having any experience in what they should be doing to grow healthy plants.

This has resulted with a large number of unhealthy amazon sword plants making their way into the market that have had various problems such as their leaves turning brown since being a seedling.

You should always try to make sure that you are getting your amazon sword plants from a reputable vendor who has a good reputation amongst the community of being able to provide healthy plants that will thrive.

If you have purchased your amazon sword plants from a questionable vendor then you can try to use Seachem Flourish to add the essential vitamins and minerals that your plant requires to keep it healthy but this is not guaranteed to work depending on the state of your amazon sword plant.

We have also seen a number of people presume that the live aquarium plants that they purchase from their local pet store will be healthy, this is not always the case.

Live plants are not protected under the same laws as live animals and some of the plants can be grown in less than optimal conditions that causes problems with them with their leave browning being very common in some stores.

Does Your Tank Have Enough CO2?

The majority of aquarium setups will not have enough CO2 in their water to naturally supply everything that your amazon sword plant requires so most people will have to invest in a cheap CO2 System to boost the CO2 levels in their tank.

If you are trying to build out a large planted tank with a wide range of different plants, you will usually have to increase the CO2 supply even further to encourage healthy growth.

Depending on your budget and how much you care about having live plants in your aquarium, you may decide against picking up a CO2 system for your aquarium as they can be expensive pieces of equipment for many beginners.

This is why some people who initially purchased the various live plants from the viral photographs they see on social media ended up switching over to high-quality fake versions due to it working out much cheaper.

In addition to the advantage of not needed a CO2 system making fake plants much cheaper, fake plants never have issues with their leaves turning brown like live plants too.

In all honesty, for the majority of our readers, simply going with fake plants instead of live amazon sword is probably going to be the easiest and cheapest option and should definitely be considered.

You are often able to kit out a small aquarium with decent fake versions for around $50 with prices increasing from there depending on the size of your aquarium.


That brings our article going over why your amazon sword is turning brown to an end. When we hope that we have been able to help you understand the more common causes of your amazon sword plant turning brown as well as how you are able to fix them. As we touched on above though, the majority of people will usually be able to get away with fake plants and drastically cut their costs as well as the amount of time and effort that their live plants in their tank require from them.