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5 Ways To Cat Proof A Reptile Tank!

With the number of people keeping pet reptiles increasing each year and the huge popularity of keeping a pet cat, we have noticed a steadily increasing number of people asking about how they are able to cat proof their reptile tank.

Depending on the specific reptile you keep, this can be a good idea as your cat may see your pet reptile as a potential food source but even larger reptiles may be injured by your cat if it gets into their vivarium.

If you have something like a pet tegu then that can actually cause your cat some serious damage if your cat ends up getting into its tank so trying to keep your cat and your reptile is usually the best course of action.

This is why we have decided to publish this article going over a number of different ways that you are able to easily cat proof your reptile tank no matter how you have your vivarium setup.

How Do You Cat Proof A Reptile Tank?

We have a list of some of the easiest ways to cat proof your reptile tank below but we will take a more detailed look at each method later in the article:-

  • Keep Your Vivarium In A Different Room!
  • Use A Lockable Vivarium Lid!
  • Use A Citrus Spray!
  • Try A Scat Mat!
  • Use A Cat Proof Stand!

Depending on how keen your pet cat is to try and get into your reptile vivarium, you may want to try and implement more than one of the suggestions above.

Keep Your Vivarium In A Different Room!

This is one of the simplest solutions to keeping your cat out of your reptile tank as all you need to do is move the vivarium into a room that your cat does not have access to.

If this isn’t possible or you do not want your reptile in another room for any reason then you can also consider building a frame around your vivarium using some chicken wire which will prevent your cat from being able to jump or climb into the reptile tank.

Ideally though, just keeping your reptile’s vivarium in a different room will be the best option when it comes to how effective it is while also being the easiest and cheapest method on our list too.

Use A Lockable Vivarium Lid!

If you have a lid on your reptile vivarium then making sure that it is lockable is one of the best ways to stop your cat from getting into the tank.

There are a number of different ways that you can achieve this but one of the most popular methods is to use some bungee cords which will hold the lid down while also being easy for you to remove when you need to access your reptile tank.

You could also consider using something like a hasp and staple which will require a padlock in order to open it which will make it much more difficult for your cat to get into the reptile tank.

This method can help to keep your cat out of your reptile’s vivarium but you also have to factor in any ventilation requirements that the tank has.

Many people overlook how important the ventilation for some vivarium designs actually is and some vivariums are designed to never have a lid placed on them to help maintain optimal temperatures and humidity.

Always check that the tank you are using has been designed to have a lid used with it prior to trying this strategy and if possible, always use the official lid from the manufacturer of the tank that you are using.

Use A Citrus Spray!

This is a method that is commonly used as a training tool for cats but it can also be effective at keeping them away from areas that you do not want them to go near.

You can make your own citrus spray by mixing water with a few drops of lemon juice or orange oil and then spraying it around the perimeter of your reptile’s vivarium.

If the homemade citrus spray doesn’t seem to work then purchasing a commercial citrus cat deterrent may work better due to the stronger scent but it may also have an effect on your pet reptile so keep that in mind too.

The citrus scent will deter your cat from getting too close to the reptile tank as they do not like the smell and over time, they will begin to associate the citrus scent with the reptile tank which will help to keep them away from it.

Try A Scat Mat!

There are a number of different types of scat mat on the market these days and each work in different ways.

Rather than trying to cat proof your reptile tank, a scat mat is designed to deter your cat from even walking next to it by irritating your cat’s paws.

Some scat mats work by pushing little plastic spikes up through your carpet and some use an electrical charge but they tend to work very well.

Depending on your exact setup this may be overkill though so it’s definitely not for everyone but if you have a reptile room with multiple vivariums, this may actually be the best option for you.

Use A Cat Proof Stand!

In some cases, a cat proof stand may be the best way to cat proof your reptile cage but these can be hit and miss and are definitely not for everyone.

Not only are these cat proof stands expensive but they also commonly have issues with actually preventing your cat from being able to climb on them anyway.