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8 Beautiful Yellow Coral Options For Reef Aquariums!

Keeping reef aquariums or adding coral to other types of suitable aquariums is becoming increasingly popular with yellow coral being a very popular option right now with more and more people reaching out with requests for advice on different types of yellow coral with each month that goes by.

Due to the various yellow coral options already being popular as well as their popularity continuing to increase, we have decided to publish our own article going over the more beautiful yellow coral options that you are able to use in your own aquariums.

Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers find the perfect yellow coral for their aquarium while also bringing some of the less popular yellow coral options to your attention that are often overlooked.

Thankfully, there really are a great range of beautiful yellow corals available with many of them being cheap and not needing you to break the bank.

Please note that all of our featured yellow coral options for your aquarium may not be suitable for the specific setup that you have.

Although we will try to go over the requirements for each of the coral options below, always consider the tank setup you have before adding any new coral to your aquarium.

What Coral Is Yellow?

There are a number of very popular yellow coral options ranging from the cheaper yellow zoanthid morphs to the more expensive golden torch corals with a number of options being in between such as sun coral and parazoanthus.

If you have the budget available then there are a number of very rare and expensive coral options available too but most people stick with the cheaper options in their aquariums.

With yellow coral seemingly being in trend right now, more and more vendors are offering their yellow corals for sale online helping to keep the prices as low as possible even though demand is spiking right now.

Thankfully, there are a number of beginner-friendly coral options that are available in yellow too ensuring that coral keepers of all levels of experience should be able to find something from our featured corals below.

Some of our featured yellow corals do have some small drawbacks that you will have to factor in if you do decide to add them to your tank but we have tried to point all of these out in our article below.

This should make it much easier for most people to decide if they want to add the coral to their aquarium or not but most of them are very easy to manage and will do well in most reef tanks.

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Yellow Zoanthids Morphs

There are a huge number of zoanthids morphs (zoa morphs) available these days with some of the yellow zoa morphs being the obvious option for most people who want to add a yellow coral to their aquarium.

Yellow zoanthids morphs are common meaning that you can usually find them for around $5 online with there being a range of colors and shapes to suit your needs. Zoanthids tend to be a great option for people of all experience levels due to zoanthids being so beginner friendly too.

Yellow Fiji Leather

Although Yellow Fiji Leather is actually a variant of a yellow zoanthid, it is one of the most popular yellow corals in the world and its low price tag and ease of care make it an ideal option for coral keepers of all levels of experience.

You can usually find Yellow Fiji Leather online for around $5 to $10 depending on exactly what you want and it is does tend to take to most aquariums slightly easier than some of the other popular yellow zoa coral morphs helping it score points over other yellow zoa morphs if you are brand new and looking for your first coral.


Ricordea is another popular type of zoanthids that we feel is popular enough to have its own entry on our list with the Florida and yuma variants of ricordea usually being a shade of yellow. Ricordea is usually easy to care for making it a beginner friendly coral options while also usually being cheap with a price tag of only $5 being very common.

Some people simply don’t like the look of Ricordea and avoid it but it can be one of the cheapest, and easiest yellow coral options available for beginners with it working well in a large number of aquariums.

Golden Torch Coral

Golden Torch Corals are another very popular yellow coral option due to their unique look in both normal and UV light while also being a coral that is suitable for beginners to keeping coral.

We would recommend either of the yellow zoa morphs above if you are brand new and looking for your very first coral though as golden torch coral can be more sensitive to fluctuations in water parameters and poorer water conditions.

Golden torch coral usually retails for $100-$200 online too with there being plenty of demand to support these prices making them unsuitable for people on a budget too.


Yellow Parazoanthus is a less common coral option but it is slowly gaining in popularity in North America but it can be difficult to find no matter your location.

Parazoanthus are usually a beginner-friendly coral option due to being so tolerant of changes to water and lighting conditions in the aquarium without having issues.

If you are specifically looking for yellow Parazoanthus for your tank then trying to find it online is usually your best option with prices usually being around $50.

Sun Coral

Sun coral is more of an orangey-yellow than just a normal yellow color but it is still a popular option amongst coral keepers all over the world.

It can be easy to keep but you really do have to keep to a strict feeding schedule for sun coral as underfeeding will usually result in quick degradation of the coral in a short period of time.

Prices for sun coral can change drastically depending on exactly what you want with prices usually ranging from $10 to $400 with some of the rarer sun coral options selling for even more than that.


Dendrophyllia or “dendro coral” are another beginner-friendly coral option that is available in yellow but it can be difficult to find in some areas.

Due to the difficulty in being able to find Dendrophyllia coral for sale, especially in yellow, its price can sky rocket due to demand usually drastically outweighing the supply meaning that it can easily retail for $50 or more with there usually being no lack of buyers.

If you are on a budget then we would highly recommend that you go with any of the other featured yellow corals on our list.


That brings our article going over the more popular yellow coral options currently available on the market to an end. We have tried to stick to coral options that are suitable for coral keepers of all levels of experience where possible but some of our featured coral options do have higher price tags. Unfortunately, when it comes to yellow coral, this is unavoidable due to there only being a handful of cheap options.