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9 Common Flat Coat Goldendoodle Questions Answered!

With goldendoodles seeing strong year on year growth in their popularity as well as the interest around the breed consistently growing with each year that goes by, it’s easy to see why we get so many different questions from the community about caring for a Goldendoodle correctly.

In more recent months, we have seen a spike in the popularity of the flat coat Goldendoodle specifically with a range of questions being asked from the community.

We noticed that there is a distinct lack of information online about the flat coat Goldendoodle so we decided to publish our own article going over the various questions that we see the community asking.

Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers who are considering adding a flat coat Goldendoodle to their home as possible by covering the questions that we see people asking about.

Now, before we go any further we just want to confirm that there are no breeding standards established for the Goldendoodle at the time of writing this article.

This means that there are a number of variables at play and the pup could take more characteristics from the lineage of either parent. In addition to this, some pups do appear to have a flat coat with their curls coming in months later so you also have to keep this in mind too.

Can A Goldendoodle Have Straight Hair?

Goldendoodles can have straight hair and they are known as a flat coat Goldendoodle. The dog tends to have a coat more like a short haired version of a Golden Retriever with the physical features of the Golden Retriever or Poodle lineage.

The prices for a flat coat Goldendoodle with the flatter coat of the Golden Retriever and the physical look of a Poodles features do tend to be higher than a dog with the flat coat of a Golden Retriever and the physical features of a Golden Retriever due to there being very little difference to the look of the dog while not being classed as a pedigree for either lineage.

Do Flat Coat Goldendoodles Shed?

Flat coat Goldendoodles do shed due to them taking the majority of their DNA for their coat from their Golden Retriever lineage rather than their Poodle lineage.

Although a flat coat Goldendoodle does tend to have shorter hair than a regular Golden Retriever they will still usually shed just as much as a pedigree Golden Retriever so you will have to factor this in.

How Much Do Flat Coat Goldendoodles Shed?

Most flat coat Goldendoodles are classified as moderate shedders but it can be difficult to predict the shedding patterns of your Goldendoodle.

This is due to the Labrador lineage being a seasonal shedder while the Poodle lineage is a year-round shedder so your Goldendoodle can fit in with either of these patterns with most usually being a year-round moderate shedder but some can have a spike in their shedding around spring time.

Are Flat Coat Goldendoodles Hypoallergenic?

A flat coat Goldendoodle is not hypoallergenic and can still cause problems with allergies in its owners.

This can be due to the flat coat Goldendoodle shedding more often than a regular Goldendoodle while some people will also have allergies to the saliva of the dog rather than its hair meaning their allergies can be triggered by their Goldendoodles saliva too.

Flat Coat Goldendoodle Grooming Requirements!

Flat coat Goldendoodles do tend to be very easy to groom and will usually require minimal maintenance to keep their coat healthy. You can pick up a cheap, decent slicker brush to help you groom your flat coat Goldendoodle as quickly and easily as possible too.

This can help you control the shed release of your dog by grooming their coat twice per week to manually remove any fur that they are about to release around your home.

Goldendoodle That Looks Like A Golden Retriever!

A flat coat Goldendoodle can end up looking a lot like a regular Golden Retriever and this is the main reason that prices for a flat coat Goldendoodle that took its physical features from its Golden Retriever lineage.

As much lower than that of a flat coat Goldendoodle that took its physical features from its Poodle lineage unless it is a miniature Poodle as they look so similar but the flat coat Goldendoodle will not be pedigree for the Golden Retriever lines.

Are Flat Coated Goldendoodles Rare?

Flat coat Goldendoodles are rare compared to regular Goldendoodles but their popularity is starting to increase rapidly. As demand increases, the prices for flat coat Goldendoodles also increase as supply is struggling to keep up.

A number of Goldendoodle breeders are trying to implement selective breeding campaigns though to be able to consistently produce flat coat Goldendoodle so we do expect the prices for the dog to fall in the future.

What Is The Most Common Flat Coated Retriever Poodle Mix?

Although the flat coat Goldendoodle is growing in popularity at a rapid pace, the flat coat Labradoodle is currently the more popular of the flat coat hybrids.

Both can produce cute looking puppies but the initial photographs that went viral on social media were of a flat coat Labradoodle so they saw the initial spike in popularity with the flat coat Goldendoodle slowly starting to catch up.

Can You Get A Mini Flat Coat Goldendoodle?

You are able to get mini flat coat Goldendoodles but they are very rare and often very expensive.

We do expect the availability of a mini flat coat Goldendoodle to increase over the next year or two though as breeders switch to a mini Poodle for that side of the flat coat Goldendoodle lineage to increase the number of mini flat coat Goldendoodles available.

Flat Coat Goldendoodle Size Guide!

There is currently no flat coat Goldendoodle size guide available due to there not being any set breeding standards for the flat coat Goldendoodle.

Although the dog will almost always be a medium sized dog, the lineage will come into play with the Poodle side usually playing the biggest role in the size of the fully grown flat coat Goldendoodle.


That brings our article going over the most commonly asked questions that we see about the flat coat Goldendoodle to an end. We hope that we have been able to help answer any questions that you may have about your the breed as well as helped you decide if you want to add a flat coat Goldendoodle to your family or not. In our opinion, their prices will drastically fall over the coming years allowing you to pick one up for much cheaper than you currently can so waiting may be the best option.