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A Look At If Melafix Is Safe For Snails!

Due to aquatic snails being excellent tank clean up crew members that will eat large amounts of algae and detritus in your aquarium, a huge number of people within the fish keeping community keep various types of aquatic snail species in their tanks now.

This has resulted in more and more people reaching out and asking various questions about the various treatments that they are able to use in their tanks with a number of people asking if Melafix is safe for snails or not.

In the vast majority of situations, Melafix is safe to use in a tank that contains aquatic snails and a huge number of people within the fish keeping community use Melafix and similar treatments such as Pimafix in their aquarium with snails without issue.

This allows you to quickly and easily treat issues with your fish such as fin rot without causing any problems to the snails that you keep in your tank either.

We initially noticed people worrying about any potential side effects with their aquatic snails due to treatments like Melafix after publishing our article going over if Melafix will hurt healthy fish or not.

This is why we have decided to publish this article going over why we, and a huge number of fish keepers do consider Melafix to be safe for use in aquariums with a huge range of species of aquatic snails.

Is Melafix Safe For Snails?

Melafix is perfectly fine for use in tanks with snails due to Melafix using tea tree extract as its active ingredient within the formula that has a minimal effect on aquatic snails.

This ensures that your snails and other invertebrates should be perfectly fine in your aquarium while you use treatments such as Melafix to treat problems with your fish.

This is why Melafix has such an excellent reputation amongst the fish keeping community due to being such an effective treatment that is also very safe for the other inhabitants of your tank.

We have researched the topic in a number of different fish keeping communities and have been unable to find a single instance of anyone having problems with healthy aquatic snails due to using Melafix in their tanks.

On top of that, Melafix is one of the best treatments available on the market for a wide range of conditions in fish as we covered in our article going over our ultimate Pimafix vs Melafix comparison.

Just keep in mind that Melafix is not an ich treatment and even though it clearly says this on the label of the product, many people still think that they are able to use Melafix for ich when it will do little to nothing although it is highly effective for other problems such as fin rot.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Melafix In Tanks With Snails?

Although it is highly likely that you will not have any problems with your aquatic snails when using Melafix in your tank, there is one thing you have to consider, injured snails.

Snails that have a cracked or damage shell can be at a small risk of having a reaction to Melafix in their tank but this is not considered an issue for healthy snails.

We go into this in more detail in our article on what to do with a snail that has a cracked shell but the short version is that aquatic snails are considerably more vulnerable if their snail is cracked.

This allows the Melafix to get to areas of your aquatic snails that it wouldn’t usually be able to get to and potentially cause a reaction with your snail.

That said though, there are reports of people who have snails with various infections actually being able to treat the infection with treatments such as Melafix and Pimafix so there is always a trade-off.

Provided that you follow the correct dosing instructions on the label of your Melafix for your tanks water volume, you shouldn’t have any serious problems with your aquatic snails.

Should You Use Melafix In Tanks With Snails?

The majority of people who have fish with problems such as fin rot, fungal infections, dropsy or any other problem that Melafix may be able to help with should be using Melafix.

No only is the chance of there being side effects caused by Melafix on your snails minimal but the majority of people will prioritize their fish over their snails and choose to do what it takes to treat the problem in their fish anyway.

There are plenty of independent reviews of Melafix online that you are able to read if you wish that go into just how well it performs.

On top of that, there are also plenty of independent reports from people who have used Melafix in their aquariums that have snails without there being any problems at all.

If you really are worried about your aquatic snails then you can look to move either the fish that requires treatment from Melafix to its own quarantine tank or put your snails in there instead.

Ideally, you will be quarantining your pet fish that has the problem requiring the use of Melafix into its own tank anyway to reduce the risk of the problem spreading to the other fish that you keep in your tank with this also removing any potential risk to your snails too.


That brings our article going over if Melafix is safe for snails or not to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand when you should and when you shouldn’t use Melafix but for the most part, when it comes to use in tanks with aquatic snails, it is perfectly safe to use. On top of this, the benefits to your fish that has a health problem drastically out weight the potential problems of any minor side effects to your aquatic snails anyway.