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All About The Albino Dalmatian!

Due to the “albino dalmatian dad joke” going around of “I just spotted an albino Dalmatian, it was the least I could do” we have noticed a number of people reaching out and asking about albino dalmatians and albinoism in the dalmatian dog breed.

It seems that this is a mix of people who are just curious if you can get albino dalmatians or if all dalmatians are albino and people actually wanting a rarer dog breed with an even rarer pigmentation.

As we have noticed so many people reaching out with various questions about dalmatians being albino, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the subject.

We are hoping that we will be able to help as many of our readers as possible understand more about albino dalmatians as well as explain the albino dalmatian dad joke due to so many people seemingly misunderstanding the punchline.

With there usually being two types of people asking about albino dalmatians, those who are actually interested in the dog breed and those who are interested in the joke, we have added a table of contents to our article below.

This will make it easier for you to navigate the article and find the specific information on what you want to know.

Can You Get Albino Dalmatians?

You can get albino dalmatians but they are rare and tend to cost considerably more than a regular dalmatian due to just how rare they are and the number of people who want one.

Due to the lack of spots on an albino dalmatian, they are not able to compete in dog shows due to not being classed as a part of the dalmatian breed even though both parents of the dog can be purebred dalmatian.

In addition to the popular dad joke, another reason that albino dalmatians have seen a spike in their popularity is due to the viral photographs on social media of the pet dalmatian withdrawn on spiders where its spots would be as a Halloween costume.

Although some people did comment on the photographs saying that it was cruel, provided that you use a No products found. the marking will easily come off and judging by the amount of attention the dalmatians get in the videos, they seem to be loving the experience.

Please note that the recessive gene that causes albinism in all animals does have a number of side effects. In dogs there is a high chance that an albino dalmatian will be deaf due to the absence of mature melanocytes in the inner ear.

There is a high chance of an albino dalmatian having the condition in at least one ear and a moderate chance of the dog having the condition in both ears.

Are Dalmatians Albino?

Dalmatians with spots are not albino as their body is able to produce the required pigment to give them their distinction spots.

Although you are able to get albino dalmatians that do have the albinism condition, they tend to be very rare and have the same birth rate in all dog breeds.

Please note that not all dalmatians have to have black spots with most kennel clubs recognising the liver-spotted dalmatian as an official dalmatian too.

In addition to this, the American Kennel Club also recognises dalmatians with lemon, orange, and tan spots as dalmatians too but no other kennel club recognise these as a part of the breed at the time of writing.

We often see people mistake these rarer spot colored dalmatians as albino dalmatians but they are not. Some breeders have also been known to try pump the prices of these rarer spotted dalmatians up to the same level as a dalmatian albino too.

Although the rarer spot colors, especially the lemon spots can fetch more than the regular black spots, especially in the USA, they are still not worth as much as an albino dalmatian due to the rarity of the dog.

The Albino Dalmatian Joke Explained!

The albino dalmatian dad jokes (I just spotted an albino Dalmatian, it was the least I could do) punch line is funny as an albino dalmatian would not have any natural spots and is a play on the word “spotted” as if they took the time to add spots to the dalmatian.

This is classed as a dad joke and is not meant to be hilarious but it is a popular joke on social media.

There are additional variants of the joke with slightly different wording to the original too but they are all based around the play on words for “spotted” in the joke.

There are various memes of the joke that have seen some push back from animal rights groups due to using photographs of albino dalmatians with a number of different colored spots drawn on their coat.

The original photographs used for the meme were actually done as a part of the marketing campaign for No products found. with the meme creator then repurposing the photograph.

We can understand why the photo may upset people without the correct context but the various types of pet safe market pens on the market are totally safe for your dog’s skin and coat and wash off extremely easily so we doubt the dog was in distress.


That brings our article about albino dalmatians to an end. We hope that we have been able to help answer some of the common questions that we see people asking time and time again about albino dalmatians. We have also tried to explain the albino dalmatian dad joke as well as provide some context on some of the push back the various memes of the joke gets too.