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Can A Doberman Live In An Apartment?

Living in an apartment can be a real frustration if you want to get a dog, and especially a large dog such as a Doberman, which looks far too big to fit into a cramped space.

Some people feel that even a small house is not suitable for such a big dog, but you might actually be surprised – because many people keep their Dobermans in their apartments with great success and no problems at all.

It is a commonly held belief that this should never be done because it isn’t fair to the dog, but many owners have proved that it is possible to have a happy Doberman in a confined space, and you don’t need a massive home to own one of these dogs.

Of course, with any dog, you do need to think carefully about your space, and not just assume that it is suitable because you want a pet.

Dobermans are big, energetic, and potentially destructive if not cared for properly, so do thorough research and be realistic about how much time you can dedicate to the dog before you choose to get one.

However, don’t rule out a Doberman just because of your living environment; as long as you can meet the dog’s needs properly, it should work out well.

Although many people say Dobermans need too much physical exercise and stimulation to live happily in apartments, this is not the case.

Can A Doberman Live In An Apartment?

Yes, a Doberman can live in an apartment, provided you are able to give it enough exercise and physical stimulation every day – and a Doberman would still require this even if you lived in a mansion.

Dobermans do need plenty of exercise in order to burn off their energy and stay in shape, and a Doberman that doesn’t get enough is likely to become restless, anxious, disobedient, destructive, or possibly even aggressive, but they get most of this exercise from running and playing outdoors, and not from walking around your home.

That means it doesn’t matter if your home is big or small – what matters is the quality of the exercise and physical stimulation that you can provide.

On average, a Doberman needs a minimum of two hours of exercise every day, and this will need to be done outside in a park or other open area.

It is best to split this into multiple sessions, rather than doing one extremely long one, so you should be taking your dog out at least twice a day.

You will not be able to exercise the dog inside the house or even play many games with it indoors, but being committed to lots of outdoor play can make the situation workable.

At home, try to think of games that will stimulate your dog’s mind, but be aware that these won’t tire it out.

Are Dobermans Good When Left Alone In An Apartment?

Although Dobermans love people, they are an adaptable breed, and will cope with being left alone for extended periods better than most other dogs, meaning they are good when you have to leave them in an apartment.

However, you should still try to minimize how much time your dog spends by itself; they are social animals that thrive in the company of others, and they will want to be with you as much as possible.

If you have to leave your Doberman alone for hours, make sure it has been well exercised first, as this will encourage it to sleep and relax while you’re gone.

You should also make sure that your Doberman has access to plenty of stimulating toys, including chew toys so that it can exercise its jaws without destroying your possessions.

Remove all unsuitable or dangerous items from your Doberman’s reach, and consider containing it during the day for its own safety, since you won’t be around to supervise and prevent it from doing something dangerous.

If you work for a full eight hours, you should have a friend, family member, or professional dog walker drop in at some point during the day to take your dog out for a walk and a toilet break, and provide some social interaction.

This will make it much easier for your dog to cope with being alone, especially if this is an established routine it can depend on.

Is It Cruel To Keep A Doberman In An Apartment?

It is not cruel to keep a Doberman in an apartment provided that you are giving it enough mental and physical stimulation, and it has the opportunity to relieve itself during the day (either via a doggy door to an outside space or at least one walk).

Dobermans can be perfectly happy when kept in an apartment as long as their needs are met, and if you are exercising your Doberman well enough each day, it should be fine.

Giving your Doberman a stable routine and taking the time to socialize it properly with others will increase the chances of it being happy living in an apartment.

Dogs like to know what is going to happen each day, so use routine to increase your dog’s sense of security.

Don’t leave your Doberman alone in an apartment for a full workday, especially if you have a long commute. If it cannot access an outdoor space for toileting needs, it must be taken for a walk at some point during the day, as well as before and after work.

It will also benefit from at least some social interaction, as an eight hour stretch of solitude is very hard for any dog to cope with.


Having a Doberman in an apartment is often considered impossible, and indeed this breed frequently appears on the “ban” list, but these dogs are generally pretty good in apartments. They do not bark excessively, they are friendly and social creatures, and they are flexible, so although they like companionship, they will usually tolerate it if you work long hours. Do make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise each day, or it may become restless, but otherwise, Dobermans will manage in an apartment.