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Can Cats See Jinn?

Over the last few years, we have noticed more and more people reaching out to ask if cats can see jinn or not so we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the subject to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

Before we go any further, we just want to say that we are aware that various cultures and religions have different beliefs so we want to confirm that we are not trying to offend anyone with the article and are simply going over the facts.

Although we will b focusing on a cat’s ability to see jinn in this article, there are a wide range of beliefs about cats all around the world too.

These range from a cat being able to see various types of magical creatures such as jinn to a cat being good or bad look if it walks in front of you depending on you exact location.

On top of this, cats are also associated with being the pet of choice for witches in western culture so this tends to add to the mysticism around cats and their potential magical abilities.

Couple this strong belief in the west with westerners coming into frequent contact with people from North Africa and the Middle East where many believe that cats can see jinn and we get the spike in people reaching out about the link between cats and jinn that we have been seeing recently.

Can Cats See Jinn?

Although there is no evidence at all that cats can actually see jinn, there are a large number of people in the Middle East and North Africa who believe that cats do have the ability to see jinn.

That said though, even in the Middle East and North Africa, the ability of a cat to see jinn is controversial with the majority of people dismissing this magical ability.

You then have to factor in the possible existence of jinn too as the vast majority of people do not believe that jinn are actually real either and if jinn are not real than there is no magical creature that the cat is able to look at.

They you also have to look at the various interpretations of what jinn actually is with it tending to vairy wildly in different regions in the Middle East and North Africa too.

Some cultures believe that jinn are actually evil demons where as others believe that they are peaceful creatures that mean no farm to humans.

There are also those that believe that jinn are similar to the genie character in the Aladdin fairy tail who will grant you a number of wishes if you help them out of a bad situation.

Why Do People Think That Cats Can See Jinn?

The original belief that cats are able to see jinn comes from an unverified Islamic Hadithe but the ability of cats to see jinn is not stated in any of the verified Hadiths or in the Quran itself.

This is why even in North Africa and the Middle East, the ability of cats to see jinn is controversial with the majority of people tending not to believe it to be true.

Although larger numbers of the population in these areas do actually believe in the various definitions of jinn that we touched on earlier in the article.

This is due to jinn being mentioned 29 times in the Quran with Muhammad being sent to be the profit of both the jinn and the humans.

In addition to this, even before the Quran, there are various stores of jinn and their existence with a jinn often being used to describe something that humans are not able to explain.

In the western world, people who own cats often attribute their sometimes erratic behaviour to the cat interacting with a jinn.

Although people do tend to be stretching with this belief, it is more likely that the cat has an excess of energy and is just playing to burn the energy off and to remove some of its frustration.

This can be particularly true for an indoor cat that is not let outside of the house to burn off its every and is left to play and burn off its excess energy in front of you in the home.

Are Cats Looking At Jinn When They Stare At Nothing?

Some cats will randomly just start to state at nothing even if there is something present for them to interact with in the same room.

This seemingly random behaviour has also led to people believing that this could be the cat looking at a jinn and that is why cats can randomly become transfixed on something that we are not able to see.

In reality though, it is more likely that your cat is just staring at nothing as it is focusing on its ability to hear due to your cat playing and then randomly hearing a sound of interest that it is trying to hear again.

There has been a small amount of research into how cats behave when hearing an interesting sound and there is a correlation with the cat stopping what it is doing and trying to stay still while it listens for the sound again.

This can be similar to humans if we are listening to music and we just randomly stare off at nothing.

It is due to our brain focusing on the input from our ears rather than our eyes to focus as much energy as possible onto the sounds that we are hearing and we tend to believe that this is all that is happening for your cat too.


That brings our article going over if cats see jinn to an end. Although we don’t believe that cats have the ability to see jinn or any other magical being, it is no possible to know for certain so this will usually come down to your own personal beliefs. As we touched on earlier in the article, even in the regions of the world in North Africa and the Middle East that have larger portions of the community that believe that cats can see jinn, the majority are sceptics and do not believe in this.