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Can A Furminator Damage The Skin Of Your Pet?

The Furminator has one of the best reputations within the pet keeping community and it just keeps on going from strength to strength amongst pet owners all over the world.

Not only is the Furminator cheap, easy to use, and offers quick results but it has been designed with safety in mind to try and reduce the potential problems that it can cause with your pet’s skin or coat during the grooming process.

That said though, we have seen some people asking if a Furminator can damage the skin or coat of their dog or other pet during use recently.

As we have seen more and more people asking about any potential damage from a Furminator to their pets, we wanted to publish a dedicated article on the topic.

Due to the success of the Furminator, a number of cheap alternatives that look very similar have made it into the market in recent years that sometimes even illegally have the Furminator branding and logo, please note, we are specifically talking about the official Furminator in this article.

Can A Furminator Damage Your Pets Skin?

When used correctly, following the very easy to follow instructions that come with your Furminator, the chances of your Furminator grooming tool damaging your pets skin really is minimal.

The tool has been designed to be as safe and user friendly as possible for your pets skin and to offer a quick and pain free grooming experience.

Even if your dog has a pre-existing skin condition such as a rash the Furminator should not cause any problems with the skin of your pet when grooming.

The excellent reputation of the Furminator tool within the dog keeping community reflects this too with a huge number of dog owners all over the world choosing the Furminator as their tool of choice when looking to groom their pet dog safely.

As we mentioned above, there are a number of cheap, fake alternatives to the Furminator on the market that can look very similar to the real thing so always be sure to purchase your Furminator directly from Furminator or from a registered dealer.

This will remove the risk of you accidentally getting one of the cheaper alternatives that may pose a risk to the skin of your pet.

Can A Furminator Damage A Dog’s Coat?

Provided that you have followed the instructions on how to use your Furminator to groom your dog, you really shouldn’t be having any problems with grooming your pet dog’s coat.

This includes trying to remove any dirt that is in the coat of your dog or other pet prior to trying to use the Furminator on them.

Although the Furminator may be able to help you de-shed your pet even if there are tats and dirt in the coat of your pet, it is best to try and remove any potential problems with things like that as soon as possible prior to starting the grooming process.

This really doesn’t take long either so a quick minute or two checking your dog’s coat for any potential issues before you start to use your Furminator tool should be enough to help remove the chances of your Furminator causing damage to your dog’s coat.

The condition of your Furminator will also come into play too, we have seen some people on social media report that they had issues with their Furminator but when they posted photographs of their tool, it had clearly been damaged in an obvious way and they should never have tried to use the tool on their pet dog.

Can You Overuse The Furminator?

Yes, you can actually overuse the Furminator and this will lead to potential damage to your pets coat and skin.

This is why it is so important that you take care when using the tool and don’t try to go too crazy with how often you use it on your pet dog or other animal.

Again, the condition of your Furminator will come into play here too with a damaged or old Furminator more likely to cause issues than a brand new one that has been looked after properly.

The bottom line is that as long as you use the Furminator sensibly and follow the instructions, you shouldnt have any problems with damaging your pets coat or skin when grooming them.

Can You Use The Furminator Everyday?

No, we wouldnt recommend using the Furminator every day on your pet dog or other animal as this could lead to potential damage to their coat and skin.

The best way to use the Furminator is around once a week or fortnight and this should give you plenty of time in between grooming sessions to avoid any potential problems.

Of course, if you feel that your pet needs more frequent grooming then you can increase the frequency but we would always recommend erring on the side of caution to avoid any potential problems.