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Can I Use Pantene Shampoo And Conditioner On My Dog?

The number of people who are using various cleaning products on their dogs is sky-rocketing and this is great to see as it helps to reduce the chances of dogs having issues with parasites, bacterial infections, and even fungus.

Although there are a ton of excellent dog shampoo products available these days, many people try to use their human hair products on their dog to reduce costs.

Every month we see a large number of people reaching out about using various hair products intended for human use on their dogs with a recent spike in people asking if they can use Pantene shampoo or conditioner on their dog.

Although some products that have been designed for use on human hair should never be used on dogs, there are a number of exceptions where a human shampoo or conditioner can work on your dog.

With so many people reaching out specifically about using Pantene shampoo or conditioner on their dogs over the last couple of months, we have decided to publish our own dedicated article on the topic.

Our hope is that we are going to be able to help as many of our readers as possible keep their dog as clean as possible while keeping your budget as low as possible too.

Can I Use Pantene Conditioner On My Dog?

Using Pantene conditioner on your dog is an off-label use but a large number of dogs do use Pantene conditioner on their dogs and get excellent results.

Dogs with longer hair such as a Havanese is a great example of a dog breed that commonly has Pantene conditioner products used on it to maintain a healthy coat without having any problems.

Keep in mind that we are specifically talking about using Pantene products on a healthy dog that does not have any diagnosed skin or coat conditions that may require a specialist shampoo.

Although we specifically mentioned the Havanese breed above, it is just an example of a dog breed whose community commonly use Pantene conditioner on the dog to maintain its coat.

There are a huge number of people who use Pantene conditioner on other dog breeds without having any problems.

Although you can probably get better results by using a specialist dog shampoo, many people will already have the Pantene products in their home for personal use anyway.

Not only does this offer a convenient product that you already have access to in your home but it also can work out to be cheaper than a dog shampoo in some conditions too helping to keep your costs slightly lower.

Can I Use Pantene Shampoo On My Dog?

Many people do use Pantene shampoo on their dogs when washing them without issue but this can remove the natural oils from the coat and skin of your dog and potentially result in some mild health conditions moving forward.

You can reduce the chances of this happening by washing your dog less frequently but some dogs will still need to be wash frequently if they go for walks in muddy areas.

When it comes to the shampoo product for your dog, we would always specialist dog shampoo rather than a product designed for use with humans though.

The dog shampoos are less harsh to the skin and coat of your dog with some of them removing less of the natural oils that your dog produces.

As we mentioned though, if you don’t need to wash your dog on a regular basis, you can use Pantene shampoo on your dog as its natural oil will recover between washes.

Different dogs usually produce their natural skin and coat oils at a different rate too making it difficult to workout how frequently you are able to use a human shampoo on your dog.


That brings our article going over if you can use Pantene conditioner on your dog to an end. We hope that we have been able to help as many of our readers as possible better understand when you can and can’t user human hair washing products on your dogs. Keep in mind, Pantene also have a range of products in their conditioner and shampoo range too so some products may not be suitable for use with your dog where as others can be totally fine.