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Can Parrots Eat Edamame?

After publishing our article going over if parrots eat worms, we noticed a number of people reaching out and asking various questions about if parrots eat edamame or not.

Although a less common food source for parrots, edamame is becoming increasingly popular due to it becoming readily available in many stores while also having a cheaper and cheaper price tag with each year that goes by.

The majority of parrots can and will eat edamame provided it has been cooked correctly with many parrots really enjoying edamame as a treat food.

Edamame is also nutritionally dense and a good source of protein for your parrots so when used in moderation as a small part of a well-balanced diet, edamame can be an excellent addition to your pet parrot’s diet.

Please keep in mind that even if you do choose to add edamame to your pet parrots diet, it should only make up a maximum of ten percent of their total calories with some people not going above five percent.

The remainder of your parrots diet should be made up of a high-quality mixed parrot food that contains a range of food types to help keep your pet parrots diet as nutritionally complete as possible.

Is Edamame Safe For Parrots To Eat?

Correctly cooked edamame is perfectly safe to feed to your pet parrots but you should only ever use edamame as a treat food that makes up a small part of their diet.

Too much edamame can cause minor problems in parrots due to its higher than average protein content as well as edamame not being a nutritionally complete food so it should be a small part of a well-rounded diet.

You can cook edamame for your parrots in the exact same way as you would cook it for yourself but be sure to avoid adding any spices, salt, or pepper to the edamame when cooking it.

This can be a common problem that we see people make time and time again when trying to get their pet parrots to eat a range of vegetables as they will add herbs, spices, and other condiments that can be bad for your pet parrot to eat.

Please note that raw edamame can be poisonous if eaten due to it being a soy-based product and it must be cooked prior to being eaten.

We have seen some people on social media ask about giving their parrot raw edamame with some people replying saying that it is fine with the logic being that parrots eat raw food in the wild.

All soy-based foods do require cooking prior to being eaten so never give your pet parrot any raw edamame.

Will Parrots Eat Edamame?

The majority of parrots will happily eat properly cooked edamame without issue with some parrots seeming to really enjoy the taste and texture of the edamame.

Depending on the rest of your parrot’s diet, adding some edamame as a treat food can be a great option as it contains a large amount of nutrients relative to its size but as a stand alone food, it edamame is not nutritionally complete for parrots so should not make up a large part of the birds diet.

Even though most parrots will happily eat edamame, some parrots refuse to touch it in a similar way to how humans have foods they prefer to eat and foods that we will avoid.

This does seem to be a minority of parrots though as the majority will at least try to eat any edamame that you give them but it can be a good idea to try a small amount of edamame with your parrots to see if they actually like the food prior to purchasing a large amount and potentially wasting money.

One thing that we would like to add is that many parrots prefer foods that have a little crunch to them. As we covered in our article going over feeding parrots chickpeas, you can often leave food in the oven to cool to crunch it up a little.

In some situations, this may be able to help encourage your parrot to eat the edamame and may even be enough to get a parrot who is refusing to try eat the edamame you have gave it to at least take a couple of bites.

Is Edamame A Good Protein Source For Parrots?

Edamame contains a higher than average amount of protein so it can serve as a good source of protein in your pet parrots diet.

The problem is that the majority of domesticated parrots really don’t need much protein in their diet and the commercially available parrot food products on the market have been specifically designed to contain all of the protein your pet parrot requires.

As we covered in our article on giving your parrot cheese and giving your parrot mealworms, the majority of people should be focusing on making sure that the bulk of their pet parrots’ diet is based around a decent mixed parrot food.

Not only do these usually workout to be much cheaper than custom diet options but they are also usually excellent options offering a nutritionally balanced diet at both a vitamin and mineral level as well as a macronutrient level.

You can then supplement your parrots diet with treat food options like edamame to add a little variety to what your pet parrot is eating but even then, this is not essential.

Most of the commercially produced parrot food options contain a wide range of food options for your pet parrot so they often contain a nice variety of food that your parrot will enjoy eating.


That brings our article going over if parrots can eat edamame to an end and we hope that we have been able to help you. Most parrots will happily eat edamame but you have to cook it prior to giving it to your pet parrot. We know that there are people on social media saying that raw edamame is safe for parrots but this is not correct and you should always cook it prior to offering it to your parrot as food.