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Can Rabbits Drink Apple Juice?

Pet rabbits are making a come back due to being a relatively low maintenance pet that is cute and cuddly with some rabbits being surprisingly affectionate.

Depending on the specific building regulations, rabbits can sometimes be kept as pets in apartments where other pets such as cats and dogs are prohibited too further increasing the number of people adding a pet rabbit to their family.

With there being such a high number of first time rabbit owners out there right now, we have seen a spike in the number of people reaching out to ask questions about how they should go about taking care of their pet rabbit.

Without a doubt, the most common sets of questions that we see asked time and time again from first time rabbit owners are based on what you can and what you can’t feed your pet rabbit.

There have been a number of people asking if rabbits can drink apple juice recently too with the number of people who have been asking about giving a pet rabbit apple juice steadily increasing too.

Now, this is not a direct yes or no answer as there are a number of variables that you have to factor in when trying to give your pet rabbit any apply juice to drink so we felt that we should publish our own dedicated article on the topic to try and go into as much detail as possible.

Can Rabbits Drink Apple Juice?

Rabbits can and will drink apple juice if you give it to them and most rabbits tend to really enjoy drinking apply juice but you have to be responsible as too much apple juice can actually make your rabbit sick.

Chemical based apple juice rather than all natural apple juice can also sometimes make your pet rabbit sick too so always be sure to stick with natural apple juice if you do intend to give some to your rabbit.

Natual apple juice contains plenty of sugar already so there is no need to give your pet rabbit an apple juice product that has added sugar in it as too much sugar will definatley result i problems with your rabbit.

Different brands mark their apple juice up in different ways but you are generally going to be looking for something that says it is “all natural and sugar free” to try and make sure that the apple juice is rabbit safe.

You also should take into account the other treats and foods that you have been giving your pet rabbit recently too as too much sugar across the full diet of your rabbit is a bad thing so always try to stick to a high-quality rabbit food and then add treats on top in moderation.

Try not to give your pet rabbit apple slices and apple juice on the same day too as they push the calories and sugar of your rabbit’s diet up for the day while having an over lapping vitamin and mineral content too.

How Much Apple Juice Can Rabbits Drink?

It is difficult to recommend how much rabbit juice you should be giving to your rabbit as different species are of different sizes but the general recommendation is to try 0.25ml of apple jucie and then see if your rabbit will finish all of the apple juice that you give it.

Most people would recommend against going over this amount of apple juice though as it really is calorie dense and full of sugar.

We know that most rabbits do absolutely love drinking rabbit juice but you, as the rabbit owner have to be responsible and realize that too much of a good thing is bad as your rabbit is not able to work this out for itself.

Try to stick to giving your pet rabbit no more than 0.25 ml of apple juice per serving no more than three times per week and only use apple juice as a part of a vairied and blanced diet for your pet rabbit.

Some rabbits may not actually like apple juice and refuse to drink it though but the majority of rabbits really do love it. If your rabbit does refuse to drink the apple juice then there are penty of other treats that rabbits tend to enjoy that you are able to use instead if you do want to mix your pet rabbits diet up a little bit.


That brings our article going over if rabbits can drink apple juice or not to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand that you can give your pet rabbit some apple juice provided that it is in moderation without issue but that you really should limit the amount of apple juice your pet rabbit has access too. The sugar and calorie content is simply too high while the vitamin and mineral profile is too low for your rabbit to have apple juice as a regular treat.