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Can Snakes Get Fleas? (How To Deal With Snake Mites)

As the popularity of corn snakes and ball pythons sky rocketing right now as well as the popularity of various other types of snake also increasing, we have been seeing more and more people asking questions about keeping pet snakes.

We have covered a number of snake related questions recently but one question that we have seen people asking over and over again recently is about if snakes can get fleas or not.

This can cause some confusion, especially for people new to keeping pet snakes so we wanted to publish our own dedicated article on the topic to try and help as many people as possible.

It doesnt matter if you are curious about snakes getting fleas due to another pet in your home such as your dog currently having fleas or if you are just generally curious, this article should easily be able to help you.

Can Snakes Get Fleas?

The short answer to this question is no, snakes cannot get fleas.

This is because fleas are ectoparasites and they need a warm-blooded host in order to survive and lay their eggs.

Snakes are not warm-blooded so they do not provide the perfect environment that fleas need in order to thrive which is why you will never see a snake with fleas.

However, this does not mean that your snake is completely safe from parasites.

There are a number of different types of parasite that can affect snakes and some of them can be quite dangerous if they are not treated quickly.

The most common type of parasite that affects pet snakes are snake mites.

What Are Snake Mites?

Snake mites are tiny parasitic creatures that feed on the blood of their host and they can cause a lot of problems for pet snakes if they are not dealt with quickly.

Mites are most commonly found near the vent area of the snake which is why it is important to check this area regularly when you are cleaning your snake’s enclosure.

If you do find mites on your snake then you will need to treat them quickly as they can spread very quickly and cause a lot of damage to your snake if they are not dealt with.

Are Snake Mites Normal On Snakes?

No, snake mites are not normal on snakes and if you find them then you will need to take action to remove them.

That said though, just because snake ,mites are not normal on snakes, they are quiet common and are definatley one of the more common parasites found on snakes.

If your pet snake does have mites then it does not mean that you are a bad snake owner, just that something is wrong and even experienced snake owners have problems with snake mites.

Mites can cause a lot of problems for your snake such as anemia, weight loss and even death in some cases so it is very important to deal with them as quickly as possible.

How Can You Tell If A Snake Has Mites?

There are a few different ways that you can tell if your snake has mites.

The most common way is to simply look for them on your snake’s body, especially around the vent area.

Mites are very small so they can be quite difficult to see but if you look closely then you should be able to spot them.

Another way to tell if your snake has mites is by looking at its feces.

If you see small black dots in your snake’s feces then this is a good indication that it has mites.

The third way to tell if your snake has mites is by looking at its behavior.

If your snake is acting strangely then this could be a sign that it has mites.

For example, if your snake is usually very active but suddenly becomes very lethargic then this could be a sign that it has mites.

If you think that your snake has mites then you will need to take action to remove them as quickly as possible.

How Do Snakes Get Snake Mites?

There are a few different ways that snakes can get mites.

The most common way is for them to pick up mites from their environment.

Even the optimal vivariam that is cleaned on a regular basis can eventually get mites due to the conditions literally being a havan for snake mites.

You can do your vivarium maintinance once per week or once per month and the chances of you getting snake mites in your vivarium are around the same.

If you do your vivarium maintiancne less than once per month then the chances of having problems with snake mites does start to drastically increase though.

It can also happen if you buy a snake from a pet store that has mites.

This is not very common but it can happen and it is one of the reasons why you should always inspect a snake before you buy it.

The best way to avoid getting mites is to buy your snake from a reputable breeder who takes good care of their animals.

Another way that snakes can get mites is if they are in contact with other animals that have mites.

How Do I Get Rid Of Snake Mites On My Snake?

The best way to get rid of snake mites is to use a product that is specifically designed to kill them.

There are a few different products on the market that will do the job but you need to be careful as some of them can be quite toxic to snakes.

The best thing to do is to ask your vet for advice on which product to use.

Once you have got the product then you need to follow the instructions carefully.

You will usually need to treat your snake’s enclosure as well as your snake itself.

This is because mites can hide away in small cracks and crevices and if you don’t treat the enclosure then they will just keep coming back.

Once you have treated your snake and its enclosure then you need to keep a close eye on your snake for the next few weeks to make sure that the mites are gone.

If you think that your snake still has mites then you will need to treat it again.

There are a number of different types of bath you can give a snake with mites and although these can work, they are slow to act and can be difficult for someone new to setup correctly so we usually recommend that you go with a standard treatment.

How Can I Protect My Snake From Mites In The Future?

There are a few things that you can do to protect your snake from mites in the future.

The best thing to do is to keep its enclosure clean and free from clutter.

This will make it easier to spot mites if they do appear and it will also make it harder for them to hide away.

Another thing you can do is to treat your snake on a regular basis with a mite repellent.

This will not kill existing mites but it will stop new ones from appearing.

You can also buy special covers for your snake’s enclosure that will prevent mites from getting in.

Can Humans Get Mites From Snakes?

Mites are not known to cause any problems in humans but there is a small risk that you could catch something from your snake if it has mites.

For this reason, it is always best to wash your hands after handling a snake that has mites.

You should also avoid letting the snake come into contact with any open wounds or cuts that you have.

If you are worried then it is best to see a doctor.