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Can You Eat Peacock Eggs?

Due to the recent viral trend on social media of eating exotic foods, we have noticed a spike in the number of people reaching out to ask if you can eat peacock eggs recently.

Due to the exotic nature of peacocks, it was natural that people would start sharing their reactions to eating peacock eggs on social media and this has resulted in more and more people wanting to try them.

With the spike in people reaching out about eating peacock eggs, we have decided to publish this dedicated article going over the subject.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers get their peacock eggs cheaper than they would pay without having read our article as their prices are skyrocketing in stores right now.

On top of this, we also want to share some ideas of the best way to eat peacock eggs too.

Although they do tend to taste richer than a chicken egg, especially the yolk of the peacock egg, many people simply boil them when they could do so much more with it to make a delicious treat with the egg.

Can You Eat Peacock Eggs?

You can eat peacock eggs and there are actually a number of delicious Asian meals that specifically require a peacock egg as the main protein source of the meal.

Many people in the west use peacock eggs as a one for one replacement for a chicken egg though as you are able to switch a peacock egg for a chicken egg in many popular meals.

Due to the spike in popularity of eating peacock eggs, there has been a spike in the number of farmers adding peacocks to their farm to sell their eggs.

This has added a way for people in Europe and North America to have access to edible peacock eggs without having to import them from Asia helping to save some costs and get the egg a little cheaper than they otherwise would be able to.

One thing to watch out for with peacock eggs is that they may not be part of the stamping system in most North American and European countries require for chicken eggs to help protect against salmonella.

A quick check of your local regulations will be able to help you find out if peacock eggs intended for eating are included in the system but even un-stamped eggs can be eaten provided you cook them correctly with the risk of salmonella being minimal.

What Does A Peacock Egg Taste Like?

Peacock eggs tend to taste richer than regular chicken eggs in a similar way to duck eggs with peacock eggs having a unique, pleasant after taste.

Peacock eggs tend to go well with most of the popular western spices and sauces too and can go particularly well as a part of a spicy dish if you do like hot, spicy food.

For the average western palette, a peacock eggs taste is surprisingly difficult to describe due to its uniqueness. Just like a chicken egg, the majority of the taste is in the yolk of the egg with the albumen (egg white) tasting similar to a chicken’s albumen.

For some dishes, people do try to separate the albumen of the egg from the yolk due to it containing the majority of the taste for a peacock egg. They will then throw the albumen away and only use the yolk for their meal to maximise the taste but minimise the total calorie intake.

What Do You Do With Peacock Eggs?

There is a wide range of meals that you are able to use a peacock egg in with many people using them as a one for two swap for chicken eggs in many dishes.

This is due to a peacock egg being around twice the size of a chicken egg so a one for two swap of one peacock egg to two chicken eggs offers you around the same amount of volume in your meal.

In our opinion, the best way to eat a peacock egg is to follow the traditional Asian recipes for them with there being a large number of recipe guides online.

A popular option in North America is to scramble peacock eggs and add various herbs, spices, and a little butter as a delicious breakfast meal.

Some people make peacock egg omelettes and add Canadian style bacon to the omelette with the two going together very well.

Although you can add American bacon, the higher fat quantity can grease your mouth and take away from the taste unless you counter it with other ingredients in the omelette.

How Much Does A Peacock Egg Cost?

Depending on the type of peacock egg you want, you may be looking at paying around $25 per egg plus shipping but you are able to get more common peacock eggs for around the $10 per egg mark.

There are some very rare peacock eggs that can costs as much as $50 but these are hard to come by due to high-end restaurants having buy orders with the breeders to purchase every egg their peafowl produce.

For example, Indian blue peacock eggs and black-shouldered peacock eggs tend to retail at around $25 per egg, Spalding peacock eggs come in at between $30 and $35 depending on your location, and White peacock eggs can be as much as $40 per egg.

Although rare, you may be able to find opal peacock eggs for $50 or more depending on the demand.

This is why there is such a spread on the prices of edible peacock eggs and there not being any set price due to there being different types.

If you are going to shop for your peacock eggs online then be sure that they are edible peacock eggs and not fertilized peacock eggs for hatching that you purchase.


That brings our article going over if you can eat a peacock egg to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you and that we have been able to answer any questions you have about edible peacock eggs. Although eating a peacock egg is a tasty experience, it is an expensive one due to the prices of a peacock egg being so much higher than that of a chicken egg so for many people, it will simply be a one-off experience so be sure to enjoy it.