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Can You Get A Corgi With Long Legs?

It is possible to get a corgi with long legs. You can get a corgi with long legs by crossbreeding a regular corgi with a dog that is much taller, such as an Australian shepherd dog, or by the random chance of genetics that could mean that your corgi is taller than most.

However, certain dog breeding societies might not consider your corgi to be an official corgi if it’s too tall.

The name “corgi” comes from the Welsh words “cor” and “gi” which mean “dwarf dog” in English. If a corgi becomes too tall, certain dog breeding societies, as well as corgi organizations, might not recognize that particular dog as an official corgi.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t have the personality and adorable looks that we’ve come to associate with this breed of dog.

Your average corgi is short because it was bred to be a shepherding dog that could easily dodge the kicks of cattle and other livestock. Corgis became so short because of a genetic condition known as chondrodysplasia.

It’s also possible for the genetics of a particular Corgi to make it way taller than the average, short member of this breed of dog. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about finding a corgi with long legs.

Can You Get A Corgi With Long Legs?

There are several ways that you can find a corgi with longer legs than your average corg. Corgis have such short legs but it’s of a condition known as chondrodysplasia which is a genetic condition that shortens the legs of this type of dog.

There are corgis that are mixed with other breeds of dogs, especially dogs known for having longer legs, that allow corgis to stand taller than most members of their breed. In order to find a corgi with long legs you need to either look for a specialty breeder or search the internet for dogs and rescue shelters.

The reason that corgis have such short legs comes down to their genetics. A genetic condition known as chondrodysplasia causes corgis to have shorter legs than other species of dogs, but this condition wasn’t just random genetic mutation.

Corgis were originally bred for their short legs as herding dogs because being so short allowed them to duct underneath the kicks of cattle and other livestock. This doesn’t mean, however, that having short lights doesn’t come without its trade-offs.

There are a lot of conditions that corgis face because of their short legs. One of the most prominent of these conditions is chronic back problems that are caused by having such short legs.

Corgis can also have trouble getting around the contemporary household, especially stairs and other obstacles, because they’re short legs don’t give them the same kind of mobility that longer legs give other breeds of dog.

Regular check-ups with your vet are the best way to make sure that your corgi has a healthy body.

Can Corgi Mixes Have Long Legs?

There’s a good chance that a corgi with long legs actually mixed with other breeds of dogs. This is one of the factors of corgis that can make them a lot taller than average members of their breed.

Part of the difficulty in determining what kind of breed your dog is coming down to the fact that it can be hard to tell a 100% purebred corgi from a corgi that is 70 or 80% purebred. Here’s how we’re having a mixed breed Corgi can change its size.

Corgis were bred to be shorter shepherding dogs, but there are actually a lot of shepherding dogs that are about the size of your average household pup. One of the common mix breeds for corgis is by breeding corgis with Australian shepherd dogs.

This creates a dog that looks a lot like a corgi, but is about as tall as the average pet dog. Intentionally cross breeding corgis with taller dogs is a well-established way of having a corgi with longer legs.

There’s also a lot of random chance and genetics. It’s very hard to tell when a dog is a purebred member if it’s breed.

There can be distant relatives, or indeed very close relatives, of that dog that can shape its genetics and surprising ways. It’s entirely possible to have a breeding pair of corgis that have a few pups that are considerably taller than the average corgi puppy.

Why Are My Corgis Legs So Long?

It is possible to find a corgi with longer legs than most members of this breed. There are two major reasons why your corgi can have longer legs than most of the other corgis that you see when you take your dog out for a walk.

The biggest reason is that your corgi, despite looking like a purebred Corgi, is actually mixed with other breeds of dog.

The other reason is that there is some natural variance in the length of legs in corgis and your dog just might be on the taller side. Look a little more in-depth for these two reasons your corgi can be taller than most.

It can be very difficult to tell the breed of a given dog especially when they have traits that start to deviate from the norm for their particular breed.

The biggest secret in determining the breed of a dog is that it really does come down to personal judgment and a few major physical qualities.

Your corgi might have come from a long line of apparently purebred corgis, but they could have been hiding some genetic traits that only came out in your pup.

The genetic condition that makes the legs of a corgi so short isn’t set to an exact height. This means that even purebred corgis are going to have some deviation and how tall or short they become when they’re fully grown.

You just might have gotten lucky and happened to get the rare corgi that winds up being about as tall as your average dog rather than experiencing the dwarfism that most corgis display. At the end of the day, genetics is a bit of a lottery and your corgi just might have come out taller than most.


You can easily find a corgi with long legs in a specialty dog breeder or by looking online at animal rescue shelters. Corgis can have long legs thanks to being bred with dogs that are taller than your average corgi. There’s also some genetic variation in the height of corgis which means that some might be a lot taller than your average corgi.