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Can You Use A Bin Cage For A Hedgehog?

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, although many folks tend to gravitate towards dogs, cats, birds, and even fishes.

Of course, those are not the only options you can choose from if you want a pet. Caring for a more exotic animal is also an option and you may find that a hedgehog is a suitable pet for you.

Hedgehogs are not the easiest animals to care for as they require a good amount of dedication from their owners.

You must be willing to invest significant amounts of time and resources into caring for your pet hedgehog because that’s what they need to feel comfortable inside your home.

An important aspect of properly caring for your new pet is finding the type of housing that suits them best.

So, will a bin cage for hedgehogs suffice or do you need to consider other shelter options for your exotic pet?

You may need some guidance regarding that matter and we are here to provide that. Continue with the rest of this article so you can learn more about the cage options for hedgehogs and also identify the best one in your case.

Should You Use a Bin Cage for a Hedgehog?

While sorting through the housing options for your new pet hedgehog, you may find that bin cages are often mentioned as items that can be potentially used for that specific purpose.

That may seem like a strange suggestion at first, but there are real reasons to favor a bin cage over the other options that you could give to your hedgehog.

The benefits that come from housing a hedgehog in a bin cage will also be helpful to you and your pet.

Bin cages are good for hedgehogs because they have solid bases that will not accidentally trap your pet’s feet and cause injury.

The abundance of space inside a typical bin cage is also ideal because you can put an exercise wheel inside of it that your hedgehog can use to stay active.

Compared to other shelter options, bin cages are also relatively easy to heat and that means your hedgehog can stay nice and warm as they relax.

As a pet owner, you will like bin cages because they serve as comfortable homes for hedgehogs while remaining very affordable. You can also customize a bin cage fairly easily so feel free to tweak it and make it more accommodating to your pet hedgehog.

Bin cages also make monitoring easier because you can just see through the transparent walls of the container and note what your pet hedgehog is doing at any given time.

The fact that bin cages can be found just about anywhere is also another reason why you should consider using them.

Are Bin Cages a Good Option for Hedgehogs?

Choosing the right housing for your pet hedgehog is essential so you must consider all the options that are available to you.

We’ve already talked about bin cages and it’s clear that they can double as good homes for hedgehogs because of how safe and spacious they are. It also helps that bin cages are very easy to use because you can just adjust them as your hedgehog’s needs change throughout the year.

C&C cages, otherwise known as cubes and coroplast cages, are also regarded as good homes for hedgehogs because they are solidly built and customizable.

Unfortunately, those C&C cages are difficult to heat and they are harder to accommodate because of that.

The distribution of heat throughout the C&C cage could be uneven and that can be an issue long-term. If you’re concerned about heating, you should stick to the bin cage.

Wire cages and aquariums are also housing options you can select for your pet hedgehog. Some hedgehog owners like wire cages because they are easy to clean and move around, but they have to be tweaked so hedgehogs don’t climb all over them.

As for aquariums, maintaining them can be a challenge and that’s a real problem because you need to keep your hedgehog’s home clean. Compared to wire cages and aquariums, you can argue that bin cages are better for hedgehogs.

Can You Use a Plastic Bin for Hedgehogs?

Choosing to house your pet hedgehog in a bin cage is a good idea and it warrants serious consideration on your end. Still, you may be wondering about what kind of bin cage to pick up since there are numerous options to choose from within that category.

You don’t have to worry too much about what kind of bin cage to get for your pet hedgehog because even a container made out of plastic will work just fine.

Plastic bin cages work great for hedgehogs because they are sturdy and they present minimal injury risk as long as you keep items away from the walls.

Use a large plastic bin so you can fit the items you need in there while also keeping the top edge away from your pet’s reach.

Those plastic containers also prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacteria thus making them safer to use for you and your pet.

If you decide to use a plastic bin cage, make sure you take the time to create a good heating setup. Arrange the heaters so they reach your hedgehog without making too much contact with the plastic walls.

Ventilation can be a bit of an issue with plastic bin cages, but there is also an easy solution for that. Instead of a plastic lid, use wire mesh to cover the plastic bin so air continues to flow easily throughout the container.


If you’re interested in caring for a hedgehog as a pet, you must pay close attention to their shelter-related needs because they are very different from cats and dogs. When choosing housing for your new pet, remember to check out plastic bin cages because they possess all the characteristics you need from an ideal hedgehog home. Customizing the plastic bin for your hedgehog is also an option so go ahead and transform it into the best possible place of shelter for your animal companion.