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Can You Use Pimafix For Ich?

With Pimafix being one of the most common treatments on the market for a large range of different issues in fish, we constantly see a wide range of questions being asked from the community about what they can and can’t use Pimafix on with their fish.

We constantly see people either asking if they are able to use Pimafix for ich or asking why Pimafix did not help their fish with ich after already using it so we wanted to publish our own article going over the topic.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand what they can and can’t use Pimafix for as well as what they should really be doing to treat ich in their fish.

There is a huge amount of incorrect information about what Pimafix can and can’t treat in your fish on social media too making the situation worse.

We have decided to answer the three most commonly asked questions about using Pimafix for ich in this article.

Our hope is that we will be able to help as many of our readers not only better understand the limitations of Pimafix and its active ingredient, West Indian Bay Tree extract but also what they should be doing to actually treat ich in their fish.

Can You Use Pimafix For Ich?

Although many people do recommend Pimafix as an ich treatment for fish, Pimafix was never actually designed for use with ich and although it may help with some weaker ich infections, Pimafix is clearly labeled stating that it is not a primary ich treatment.

There are plenty of specialist ich treatments on the market that you are able to use to treat your fish though so there shouldn’t be an issue treating your fish.

As we covered in our Pimafix vs Melafix comparison article, API clearly state that neither Pimafix or Melafix have been primarily designed for use as a treatment for ich though.

Although many people on social media will constantly recommend that you use something like Pimafix to treat ich in your fish, this is due to them not understanding the limitations of the treatment and it can, unfortunately, lead to the ich getting worse in the fish.

You should be using something like Super Ich Cure for any ich breakouts where you can quarantine the fish or the tank has no sensitive corals or live plants in it as it will rapidly treat most types of ich.

There are some situations where you are not able to use Super Ich Cure though due to the fish having sensitive tank mates or there being sensitive coral or live plants in the tank too.

What Should You Use To Treat Ich?

Super Ich Cure is an excellent treatment for ich in most types of fish and it can usually treat the ich breakout within a week or so of starting the treatment with the correct dosage.

In some situations, you may have to use natural treatments that can work with sensitive fish and corals in the tank though but these do tend to have a lower success rate of treating ich.

In our opinion, if possible, you should always be trying to use Super Ich Cure to treat an ich breakout.

You can also try garlic infused fish flakes or garlic infused seaweed as a way to treat ich in fish in a reef tank with sensitive corals with there being some evidence to suggest that this can work well with some types of ich.

The issue is that these garlic infused foods are designed to be used as a preventative measure to ich rather than a reactive measure for ich.

They may work in some situations but they may not work in others depending on how bad the ich parasites have become on your fish. In some situations, you may have to choose to sacrifice your sensitive coral if you are not able to separate it from your fish with ich to treat it with something like Super Ich Cure though as most people will value their fish more than their corals.

Can You Use Pimafix And Super Ich Cure Together?

There is generally no need to use Pimafix and Super ich Cure together to try and treat an ich breakout in your fish as Pimafix will usually do little to nothing to treat ich.

Due to this, you can focus on just using Super Ich Cure to treat the ich breakout in your fish as quickly as possible without even trying to integrate Pimafix.

This is why we always tell our readers to ignore the people commenting on social media recommending that you use Pimafix to treat ich and just stick with Super Ich Cure.

The longer you leave the ich to develop in your fish the worse it will usually become and the harder it will be to treat even if you switch to a suitable treatment.

We have lost count of the number of people that we have seen unfortunately lose fish due to trying a treatment that is not even labelled as being able to treat ich like Pimafix due to following advice on social media.

Always check the labels for the treatments you want to try with your fish as this simple step can easily help you find a suitable treatment and prevent you from accidentally losing your fish due to using an unsuitable ich treatment.


That brings our article going over using Pimafix for ich to an end. Although we know it is commonly recommended on social media, we would really not recommend that you try to use Pimafix to treat ich in your fish as it was never designed to be used as a treatment for ich. API clearly say this in their marketing for Pimafix and recommend their Super Ich Treatment instead that has been designed for use as an ich treatment.