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Can You Use Prazi Pro For Ich?

Ich really is the bane of people within the fish keeping hobby with it being a huge problem for beginners and experienced fish keepers alike.

Due to being such a problem, we constantly see people reaching out and asking various questions about how they are able to treat ich within their aquariums.

This results in a number of common treatments on the market being touted for ich usage and we have recently seen people asking about using Prazi Pro for ich on fish.

Although people do recommend Prazi Pro for treating ich on fish in various social media groups, Prazi Pro does not treat ich and has never been designed for use in treating ich in fish.

Prazi Pro does an excellent job of treating a number of other common problems with fish but it is essentially a total waste of time for trying to treat ich.

In our opinion, Prazi Pro has fallen victim to the same problem that other popular treatments have where it does such an excellent job of treating the conditions it has been designed to treat that people presume it can work just as well with various other problems too.

We have similar articles to this one going over using Melafix for ich and Pimafix for ich due to people often asking similar questions about them too.

What Does Prazi Pro Cure?

The primary use for Prazi Pro within the fish keeping community is to deal with conditions caused by various parasites such as flukes.

Prazi Pro is also very effective at treating problems caused by other parasites such as tapeworms, flatworm, and turbellarians too with it being one of the best products in its niche.

As we touched on earlier in the article, the curse of Prazi Pro is also its main strength, it is an excellent option for treating these issues within the fish keeping hobby with the product offering outstanding performance with a low price tag.

This has resulted in a surprisingly high number of people simply presuming that Prazi Pro can work miricals and treat conditions such as ich even though it has never been designed for treating ich in any way.

The same thing has happened for a huge number of common products within the fish keeping community that have been successful for treating various fungal issues, fin rot, tail rot, bloat, and a range of other problems.

For whatever reason, people just presume that because the product does its job well, it much be able to treat ich when it can’t an was never intended to and people on social media end up recommending these products for treating ich.

Does Prazi Pro Kill Ich?

Prazi Pro does not kill ich and will have no effect on an ich parasite breakout in your aquarium so suitable treatments designed for treating ich should always be used in its place.

Prazi Pro does NOT claim to be able to treat ich in its marketing or on its label and the recommendations for using Prazi Pro to treat ich come from members of the fish keeping community who misunderstand what Prazi Pro is designed for.

We just wanted to make that clear as we have seen Prazi Pro getting some negative feedback on social media because of people using the product for ich when it was never designed to treat ich.

Thankfully, if you are reading this article, you have taken the time to do you research prior to trying to use Prazi Pro to treat your fish as it is essentially a waste of money and time when it comes to ich and just lets the ich parasite set in.

There are plenty of suitable treatments on the market that work very well for treating ich breakouts in aquariums that can be used.

Unfortunately, many people end up wasting valuable time trying to treat ich with Prazi Pro that can actually increase the fatality rate of your infected fish as the ich parasite just gets stronger and more difficult to treat in the future.

What Should You Use To Treat Ich?

The best treatment for most cases of ich has to be super ich cure due to how quickly it can treat and ich outbreak in your tank as well as how cheap it is.

In some aquarium setups, you are also able to increase the water temperature of your tank to prevent the ich parasite from developing too with this also being very effective.

Just keep in mind that depending on your exact setup, neither of these may be suitable for you due to having sensitive fish, corals, and anemones in your tank.

There are alternative treatments for ich available such as garlic infused fish food that leverage the natural healing ability of garlic as well as its anti-parasitic properties to deal with the ich breakout.

If you have accidentally used Prazi Pro to try to treat your ich and added a couple of weeks on to the development time for the ich breakout in your tank then it may be difficult for any ich treatment to work quickly.

We have a dedicated article going over what to do if your ich treatment is not working though that may be worth reading in this situation that can potentially help you out.


That brings our article going over using prazipro for ich treatment in your aquarium to an end and we hope that you have found our article helpful. In our opinion, you should always go with a specialist ich treatment that is suitable for your tank setup when trying to treat ich as it really can be a problem and cause long term problems with your fish and even fatalities in some cases.