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Could A Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix Be The Right Dog For You?

Caring for a new dog is an exciting idea, but it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you take the plunge.

Dogs are not all the same because they may differ in terms of the food they prefer, the training they need, and their personality. You need to pick the right breed if you want to live happily together with your pet.

Of course, choosing the right breed is also easier said than done due to the sheer volume of options. Identifying the specific dog breed that will mesh best with you and your style of raising can be difficult because you may be overwhelmed with choices.

To make things just a bit easier for you, we’re going to use this article to focus on a specific dog breed known as the Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix.

A Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix may seem like a strange combination at first, but many folks have already fallen for its charms.

You may soon count yourself among the lovers of Chihuahua Saint Bernard dogs after you learn more about them. Continue with this article so you can learn more about that specific breed.

What Is A Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix Like As A Pet?

The different dog breeds possess unique characteristics that separate them from one another and that’s why you need to put real thought into which one you choose as a pet.

Among those many dog breeds, the Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix stands out because it’s such a unique combination.

What you’re getting from that combo is a dog that can grow up to 1’ 5” tall that also tips the scales at around 70 to 80 pounds. It’s clearly bigger than a Chihuahua, but it doesn’t quite stack up to a typical Saint Bernard.

With Chihuahuas, you have to worry about specific health issues and chief among them are the ones that affect the eyes. Thankfully, eye issues are not that great of a concern for Chihuahua Saint Bernard mixes.

Many of the dogs born from that combination do not feature protruding eyes that are prone to injuries so their level of risk is minimized in that regard.

However, the heart issues that are known to plague Chihuahuas can still affect Chihuahua Saint Bernard combos so you must watch out for them.

Joint issues are fairly common in Saint Bernard because of how big they are. As we noted earlier, Chihuahua Saint Bernard combos tend to be big, but not quite as big as pure Saint Bernards.

Because of that, they have a greater chance of avoiding the joint issues that may have plagued their parents.

What Should You Feed A Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix?

Finding the right food for your Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix is absolutely crucial. That can be a tricky task because Chihuahuas and Saint Bernards have very dissimilar body types and different needs when it comes to nutrition.

For this particular hybrid, you need to remember that you’re feeding a dog that can grow up to 80 pounds. That means you should follow the template for feeding a Saint Bernard more closely.

Many experts recommend feeding a Saint Bernard puppy giant-breed dog food, but that will not be necessary here. Giant-breed dog foods may contain a bit too many calories for Chihuahua Saint Bernard combos so select an option just a rung or two below that.

By doing that, you can ensure that your dog still gets the nutrients they need to fill out their frame, but you also avoid having them grow overweight.

The ideal option for your Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix would be custom dog food, but that’s not exactly easy to find for most pet owners. The good news is that there are still great alternatives available on the market.

Look for “a Taste of The Wild” dog food the next time you go shopping because it will supply all the nutrients that your Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrid will need.

Is It Easy To Train A Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix?

Training your dog properly is a must if you want to be a responsible pet owner, but accomplishing that is often easier said than done. Different dog breeds may vary when it comes to how receptive they are to training so account for that when choosing your pet.

As someone looking for a new pet, you may be wondering if a Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix is a breed you can train properly. You’ll be glad to know that they are indeed highly trainable dogs.

To better understand why Chihuahua Saint Bernard combos are easy to train, you must look at their parents first. Chihuahuas are known for being very trainable because of their wits and just how generally obedient they are to their masters.

They can pick up on commands fairly quickly and they can even pull off some difficult tricks as long as you take the time to teach them.

Saint Bernards are also famous for being highly trainable pets, although they don’t learn as quickly as Chihuahuas do. The trick with Saint Bernards is to develop a workable training routine early on so your pet can follow along as they grow into their large body.

You can also enlist the help of a professional so the two of you can come up with a good dog training course for your Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix.

Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix Temperament!

When deciding whether or not to adopt a certain breed of dog, you shouldn’t disregard the kind of behavior they often display. You must know more about the defining personality traits of a Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix so you can understand if that breed fits you.

With regards to that aforementioned breed, the characteristics you’ll notice the most are how energetic they are, how intelligent they are, and how open they are to socialize.

The energetic side of a Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix can be very endearing and it’s one of the reasons why that breed is growing in popularity.

If you’ve always wanted a pet who’s always open to playing and heading out for fun, you will love caring for a Chihuahua Saint Bernard combo. Proper training is also crucial for a dog like this because you want them to use all that energy in a healthy and productive manner.

The intelligence level of Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrids is evident in how easy they are to train. Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of their friendly nature to socialize them faster with other animals.

You’ll have greater success socializing your Chihuahua Saint Bernard if you get an early start on that. Let their friendly nature take hold early on so they can be around other animals without any issues.

Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix Exercise Requirements!

Exercise is critical to keeping dogs healthy and that remains the case for Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrids. So, how much exercise will this specific breed require to stay in good shape?

Once again, you will need to take cues from the established routines for Saint Bernards if you want to care properly for your new pet. Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrids must get around 40 to 50 minutes of exercise per day once they reach adulthood.

The exercise routine for Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix should include at least one long walk per day. Shorter walks are also recommended for that particular breed so try to take them outside multiple times in a single day as much as possible.

Playing with your pet is also a good alternative to exercising so go with that if it’s raining or snowing outside.

Do not worry about the possibility that your Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix is up for that kind of routine.

Because of how high their energy reserves are, they will be more than willing to go outside with you. You should have no trouble getting your pet to exercise given their inherent characteristics.

Is A Chihuahua Saint Bernard Mix A Good Family Dog?

Dogs are widely considered as family pets so they need to be compatible with everyone. Are you worried that a Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrid will not mesh well with your entire family? Don’t worry because they happen to be excellent family dogs.

That probably comes as no surprise given the way we’ve described them up to this point. Since Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrids are known for being energetic, intelligent, and friendly, it will be easy for them to blend into your family.

You will have an easy time caring for them and there’s a good chance that your kids will absolutely love them as well.

Getting your entire family to care for your Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix may even be the right approach. Give everyone time to either walk or play with the dog. That will ensure that your pet always gets the right amount of exercise.

Turning your dog’s walks into a family affair will lead to everyone being happy with the arrangement.


Identifying the dog breed that will be best for your family is not an easy task because there are simply so many options to consider. However, there’s a real case to be made for the Chihuahua Saint Bernard hybrid because their energetic, intelligent, and friendly nature is so easy to work with. Give training a Chihuahua Saint Bernard mix a try because there’s a great chance you will end up falling in love with that breed.