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Cuckoo Maran Vs Barred Rock Comparison!

Identifying chickens accurately can be a challenge at the best of times, and if you are looking at a Cuckoo Maran vs a Barred Rock, you might be feeling a little stumped, because these two birds can look similar.

However, it is a good idea to work out what the differences are, because this can have an impact on other areas, such as egg laying, what the bird can/should mate with, and the behavior that you can generally expect from that kind of chicken.

Don’t neglect to do this just because it can be challenging; it does matter.

Different kinds of chickens tend to have significantly different temperaments, and understanding what sort of bird you are getting will help you understand how to look after it.

If you don’t know what type of chicken you have, you should seek advice from an expert, or ask the person that you purchased it from to confirm its parentage if they can.

You may be able to tell the difference between these two breeds by looking closely, although they do share quite a few similarities in terms of their appearance.

Many people keep chickens for fun and do not take a great deal of interest in the breed or breeds that they have.

This is fine, but understanding what your chickens are, how this is likely to affect them, and which can be bred to produce which characteristics can be useful.

What Is The Difference Between A Cuckoo Maran And A Barred Rock?

There are a few noticeable differences between these two kinds of birds if you know what you should look for, both in terms of physical appearance and behavior.

Cuckoo Marans and Barred Rocks can look quite similar because they both have a barred feather pattern, with a white base coat underneath dark gray and light gray bars.

However, the Barred Rock will have more distinctive and clear barring, whereas the Cuckoo Maran’s barring tends to have lighter and more scattered bars.

A Cuckoo Maran has white legs, whereas a Barred Rock will have yellow, which helps if you need to differentiate between them at a distance.

If the hens are laying, you should also be able to distinguish which is which by looking at the egg color; many Cuckoo Marans lay dark or chocolate colored eggs, while a Barred Rock will lay a much paler egg.

However, this may not help much if you are trying to determine which kind of bird you are buying.

The two birds are close in size and you may not be able to tell them apart based on this, but in terms of behavior and personality, there are a few differences.

Barred Rocks tend to be very curious birds, with a keenness to investigate and explore any new spaces or items. Cuckoo Marans tend to have milder, more placid personalities, and are pretty happy even if they are not allowed to free range.

Is A Cuckoo Maran Or A Barred Rock Easier To Keep?

Which is easier to keep will depend on your setup, as Cuckoo Marans are more likely to handle being cooped up and do not need to be free ranging, whereas a Barred Rock prefers to have the freedom to range around and forage for itself.

That means that Cuckoo Marans are easier to keep if you aren’t able to give your chickens any freedom, although they do still very much appreciate being allowed to roam, and will need a large enclosure if they are caged.

A Barred Rock that is not allowed any roaming space will often be restless and unhappy.

If you have Cuckoo Marans with feathered legs, you may need to spend a bit more time keeping the coop and house clean and occasionally cleaning the birds up if they get messy, while Barred Rocks have unfeathered legs and may therefore need less maintenance and cleaning out.

Both breeds are generally easy-going and friendly around other chickens, other pets, and people, making them pleasant birds to keep, and even reasonably easy to handle.

Both kinds of chickens will need a warm, secure house, and regular inspections for things like mites. Cuckoo Marans should also be checked over for ingrown feathers on their legs; you can do this while you are cleaning their feet.

Both birds are somewhat vulnerable to frostbite, but are generally considered hardy against other kinds of illnesses, so overall, they are very comparable in terms of how easy they are to look after.

Is A Cuckoo Maran Or A Barred Rock Quieter?

Noise can be a big factor in choosing a chicken, but you don’t need to worry about the “cuckoo” part of the Cuckoo Maran’s name; this does not refer to the noise the chicken makes, but only to its feather pattern.

In an urban environment in particular, you will probably want to choose chickens that do not make a lot of noise, and this could be a big factor in choosing which of these two birds to own. However, they are roughly on a par with each other.

Both Cuckoo Marans and Barred Rocks are considered about average for noise levels; they are neither quiet birds nor loud ones. You will hear them at times, particularly for the “egg song,” but they are not constant chatterers.

Of course, this will also vary between individual birds. Many people report having a particularly noisy one from either variety, but on the whole, these are fairly standard birds and will not make excessive amounts of noise, or be notably quiet.


It can be hard to compare a Cuckoo Maran vs a Barred Rock, because these birds share a lot of characteristics, including their temperament, their looks, and their preferences. If you aren’t able to give your birds any free roaming space, you will find that Cuckoo Marans will cope better with being caged, but both like to free range at times. They are hardy birds, with beautiful feathering, although Barred Rocks may have more distinctive and hard “bars” on their feathers than Cuckoo Marans do.