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Do Birds Eat Lettuce?

Although lettuce is rarely used as a primary food source for pet birds, it can be used now and then as a way to try and diversify the different types of food that your bird eats.

When it comes to wild birds, some species such as sparrows and starlings will often happily eat large amounts of lettuce from your vegetable patch.

We have seen so many people thinking that it was slugs or snails eating their lettuce and reaching out to ask if birds eat lettuce in a bid to try and work out what was eating their veggies only to find out that it was wild birds looking for an easy meal.

This then resulted in more and more people who keep various types of pet birds reaching out and asking about feeding their own birds lettuce so we wanted to publish our own dedicated article on the topic.

Now, due to there being so many different bird species out there, it is very difficult to give specific advice on things like this for birds in general. Suitable foods for one bird may not be suitable for another so it is highly recommended that you do specific research to for the specific type of bird that you have.

With wild birds, it is a little different as they will often try a wide range of foods without you having any control so you may have to just take steps to protect your vegetable patch from them.

Do Birds Eat Lettuce?

Some birds will happily eat lettuce without issue with some species of bird such as sparrows and starlings actually raiding vegetable patches for the lettuce.

Pet birds who are used to a seed-based diet will often pay lettuce little to no attention though as they are often smart enough to realize that if they just wait long enough, you will give them their normal food.

That said, plenty of bird owner do use lettuce as a part of a balanced diet for their pet birds without issue and some birds do tend to take to eating lettuce.

One thing that we have seen a number of bird owners ask about if is their pet birds actually enjoys eating the lettuce or if it just enjoys ripping it up and in all honesty, we really don’t know but plenty of birds will eat at least some of the lettuce that you give them.

Some birds, especially pet birds do seem to prefer to just shred the lettuce into small parts but they will sometimes eat it in the smaller ripped up leaves rather than attempt to eat the larger leaves.

If you do try to give your pet bird some lettuce and it instantly starts to just rip it up into smaller parts, it may be doing it for fun or it may just be making the lettuce leaves smaller and easier for it to eat.

Nutritional Benefits Of Lettuce For Birds!

Most people usually think that lettuce is low in essential nutrients but it is actually a good source of fiber, iron, folate, and Vitamin C while also having a wide range of other trace vitamins and minerals too.

Depending on their diet, birds can be particularly deficient in iron and Vitamin C so this may be why some wild birds will pick at the lettuce that you are growing in your vegetable patch.

Another common reason that people think that wild birds will pick at lettuce in a garden or vegetable patch is due to it having such a high water content.

On a hot summers day there may not be many water sources available in your area for the wild bird population so they may have to resort to whatever they are able to get water from with some types of lettuce often being a good source of water.

When it comes to pet birds, the majority of the vitamins and minerals in your pet birds diet should really be coming from a high-quality bird food with most pet birds usually doing better with a seed based primary food source.

This should help to ensure that the diet of your pet bird is as close to being nutritionally complete as possible without any real need to nutritional supplementation via treats such as lettuce.


That brings our article going over if birds eat lettuce or not to an end. Although plenty of wild birds will raid the lettuce in your vegetable patch, most pet birds will usually ignore your lettuce due to knowing that you will probably provide them with a food that they prefer if they hold out for long enough. In addition to that, many birds seem to play with the lettuce by ripping it up rather than actually trying to eat it.