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Do Budgies Like Music?

Have you ever wanted to flick the radio on or fire up your music player, but then hesitated because you’ve got your birds in the room, and you aren’t sure whether they will enjoy the noise?

Lots of people ask the question “do budgies like music?” because nobody wants to inflict something unpleasant on their birds, and it may not be instantly obvious.

After all, music is not something that birds would encounter in the wild, and it could make them nervous, because it might stop them from hearing a predator approaching.

However, you may also have seen budgies that chatter and bob when music is played in the same room, and this could lead you to wonder whether it’s okay to flick your music on from time to time, and if your birds will enjoy it.

Many budgie owners seem to say that their birds do, which might encourage you to try it out. However, if you have just got budgies, you may wish to wait a while so that they can get settled into the new place first.

Many parrots are known to enjoy music and it seems to be something that appeals to this intelligent species, but can you share your love of music with your budgie, or will you upset it? Let’s find out!

Do Budgies Like Music?

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that budgies love listening to music, and a whole range of music too – not just one genre.

They will bob, dance, chatter, and possibly even mimic the tune, even when the music isn’t playing, if they like it enough.

Budgies seem to enjoy music that is quite loud (not deafening) so that they get the full enjoyment of the sound, so don’t be afraid to turn on your favorite tunes and share them with your birds.

However, it’s important to exercise a little bit of caution, because budgies don’t love all music, and some kinds may frighten them or stress them out. In general, most budgies dislike music that is jarring or intense, such as heavy metal and electronic music.

This is not a hard rule, however; some budgies will enjoy this sort of music, but it’s worth being aware that many will not, and that you should introduce it gently, and avoid playing it if your birds seem unhappy.

Budgies also seem to enjoy live music, so if you can play an instrument, you may find that this is a great way to bond with your bird; you can play songs for it, and watch it dance along to them, particularly if you are good at it.

However, there are some reports of people whose budgies scream when they make mistakes, so clearly, they even have a sense of what “bad music” is!

How Do I Know If My Budgie Likes Music?

You should be able to tell if your budgie is enjoying the music by its behavior; budgies that are happy with the sound will dance, bob their heads, and possibly even whistle or cheep or twitter with excitement.

They may dance with their partners or, if they are not in their cage, with you. If you stand in front of the cage, you might be able to encourage them to bob along in time with you and the music, and all of these are clear signals that they are appreciating the sound.

If your budgie does not appreciate the music, it will not dance to it, but may start to shriek, flap its wings, or hide in the corner of its cage.

Your budgies may also fight among themselves if they don’t like the music, or a bird might retreat to the bottom of the cage, start tearing out its feathers, refuse to eat, or become totally silent.

Budgies will give you a clear signal if they don’t like the noise, so make sure you pay attention and respond.

Remember that sound can be overwhelming for a budgie, and it is trapped and unable to do anything about it, so you should quickly turn off music if it is distressing the bird.

In general, budgies respond best to gentle, soothing sounds, and do not like loud crashes or other noises that could indicate a predator approaching.

Can I Play Music Around My Budgie?

Yes, you can play music around your budgie, but it’s a good idea to introduce it slowly, and to try different genres to see what your budgie enjoys, and whether anything frightens it.

You can even buy budgie music if you want something gentle to do a test run with first, and then move on to classical music or other soothing sounds. If you want to try one of the more intense genres, try to select some songs that are tame for that genre, and work your way up from there.

If you are going to play an instrument near your budgie, make sure it isn’t too loud, and stop if your bird seems distressed by it.

You may also want to try dancing with your budgie while you play, as this could encourage it to join in.

Budgies love feeling like they are part of a flock, so if you are bobbing around and moving, it is more likely to do the same.

Your enjoyment of the music should help to reassure the budgie that the music is a safe, happy thing, and it will open up a whole world of bonding with your bird. Find tunes that you both love, and enjoy them together.


The quick answer to “do budgies like music?” is that yes, many budgies love it when you play songs and tunes for them, and they will happily dance along to most music. They will generally have strong preferences and as you learn about these, you can find songs that your bird will enjoy, and steer away from genres that it doesn’t like so much. Do be sensitive about your budgie’s tastes in music, as loud and stressful music could make it unhappy.