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Do Corn Snakes Like To Climb!

Due to the relative ease of keeping corn snakes and their bright colors, they are definitely one of the more commonly kept snakes with a large number of beginners to snake keeping starting off with corn snakes.

On top of this, various corn snake morphs have gone viral on social media within the reptile keeping communities recently resulting in a spike in the popularity of keeping corn snakes.

This means that there are a large number of snake keepers with varied levels of experience currently caring for corn snakes with many of them reaching out to ask various questions about how they are able to care for their corn snakes as well as their strange behaviors relative to other snakes.

We already have an article going over if corn snakes like to burrow but a very common question that we have seen people asking recently is based around if corn snakes like to climb or not so we have decided to publish our own article going over the topic.

Many people new to keeping corn snakes are actually surprised by just how much their corn snake loves to climb and for the most part, all you need is a couple of climbing branchs in their tank and your corn snake will climb around and have fun.

There are a number of different ways that you are able to allow your corn snake to climb in its tank though and we will cover them in the article below.

Do Corn Snakes Like To Climb!

Most corn snakes love to climb with people new to owning corn snakes often being surprised with how much their corn snakes enjoys climbing around in their tanks.

Some corn snakes will even try to hide while climbing on their branches or vines in their tanks too or use them to relax or as a way to get some enrichment by going on a little adventure.

Compared to some of the other commonly kept snakes, corn snakes do tend to enjoy climbing more and this can work to your advantage as it presents a quick, easy, and cheap way for you to offer some mental stimulation for your corn snake too.

A popular thing to do is to hide some of your corn snake’s favorite treats up in its branches as a way to offer it a reward for climbing up in its branches.

Most corn snakes will happily climb around in their tank anyway though without you having to give them any reward.

Just keep in mind that the larger your corn snake gets, the more it will weigh and the stronger its climbing branches will have to be.

This will prevent the branches from giving way when your corn snake is climbing on them and ensure that your corn snake is able to climb without a fall risk.

Accessories Your Corn Snake Can Climb On!

There really are a large number of accessories that you are able to add to your corn snakes tank for them to climb on but the most common one by far has to be a climbing branch with some corn snake owners adding multiple climbing branches depending on the size of their tank.

Other options include vines or other climbing obstacles either designed to look like either natural objects a corn snake would climb on or with an artificial design, most corn snakes don’t seem to care much either way.

The vast majority of our readers will do well to add at least one climbing branch and maybe a couple of climbing vines to their corn snakes enclosure though.

They really are great climbing accessories with the majority of corn snakes loving to climb around in them with the potential fall risk for both options being low.

We have seen some excellent tank designs for corn snakes on social media that offer plenty of climbing options tough helping to offer some physical and mental stimulation to your pet corn snake while it is in its tank.

We would recommend that you have at least one primary climbing accessory though and then if you notice that your corn snake does take to climbing, slowly start to build the climbing accessories up by adding more and more options.

Why Do Corn Snakes Like To Climb?

Corn snakes tend to climb as a way to get some physical exercise in their tanks as food tends to be a low motivator for them due to usually being on a relatively strict feeding schedule.

Still though, some corn snakes may climb around in their tanks as a way to hunt and this is why some corn snake owners will put food sources in the climbing branches of their snake’s cage.

As we touched on earlier in the article, a number of corn snakes will often rest and hide in their climbing branches too rather than going back to the substrate in their tanks. It really does depend on the personality of your pet corn snake as well as the other options it has available to occupy its time.

If you let your corn snake out of its tank on a regular basis then climbing can be a great way for your corn snake to explore too. Just keep in mind that a corn snake can fit into a tiny space with ease to try and corn snake proof the room you let your corn snake out in to prevent it from getting into your walls or out of your home via a window.


That brings our article going over if corn snakes like to climb to an end. We hope that we have been able to help our readers better understand what they should be trying to add to their corn snakes tanks to help encourage that the climb. The majority of corn snakes really do love to at least have the option to climb with many of them climbing on a regular basis too. A single climbing branch can often be a cheap way to test if your corn snake likes to climb or not and we would highly recommend that you give them a try.