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Do Deer Eat Celery?

Due to the various wild deer populations in North America and Europe coming closer and closer to our towns and cities with some deer herds actually starting to enter some towns and cities, the number of people having direct interactions with deer is starting to increase.

Some areas even have their own deer feeding initiative projects organized on social media where people will try to make sure the local deer have plenty of food available to them during the winter months to help get them through.

This has resulted in a correlating spike in the number of people reaching out and asking questions about caring for the local deer in their area with a specific increase in the number of people asking what they can feed their deer.

Some kitchen scraps are suitable for use as deer feed but the majority of the time, using an actual deer feed will be a much better option for the majority of deer species due to how their digestive system works.

One of the questions that we have noticed more and more people specifically asking is if deer eat celery or not due to celery commonly being a left over food in our kitchens that people want to put to good use.

As we have seen so many people asking about feeding celery to deer as well as if celery is actually good for deer to eat, we have decided to publish our own article on the topic.

Our hope is that this article will help our readers who are trying feed the local deer populations in their area better understand their nutritional requirements and what you should be feeding wild deer.

Do Deer Eat Celery?

Although deer will eat celery if you give it to them, it is not very calorie or nutrient-dense with there usually being much better food options available in the majority of situations that you are able to feed your pet deer.

Due to its unique smell and taste, some deer may not even eat the celery that you offer them and instead ignore it and look for other food options that they are able to eat.

The chances of the local deer eating celery is often increased in the colder months as the natural wild food sources available to the deer are not as plentiful meaning that most deer will eat a wider range of foods.

That said though, the benefits of deer eating celery really are minimal, especially if they have very few other food sources available so it is generally better to try and get some cheap deer feed to actually supply the deer with some calories, vitamins, and minerals.

Still, if you don’t have much to hand to feed your local deer and they are close to your home then you are able to give them celery if it is the only option you have available.

That said though, if you are wanting to feed your local deer on a regular basis then getting some actual deer food or skimming over our article on the best inexpensive ways to feed deer may be worth it.

Will Deer Eat The Celery That I Grow?

In some areas, deer can and will raid your vegetable patches and eat large amounts of what you grow.

Just because the wild deer in your local area raid your vegetable patch does not mean that they will eat everything and it is actually quite common for deer to leave the foods that they tend not to prefer with celery being included in that.

Even a hungry deer has a limit to what it is able to eat so it is far more likely that a deer raiding your vegetable patch will focus on the other foods that deer tend to prefer before resorting to eating the celery that you are growing.

You also have to remember that deer don’t see your garden in the same way that you do and they will often eat your vegetables and plants indiscriminately with some types of plants being preferred by some deer species.

This has actually become a problem for some people due to how close wild deer are now coming to our major towns and cities as deer raids can be common on their gardens and vegetable patches.

Although some people on social media do suggest that there are some foods that you are able to grow to discourage deer from raiding your garden, this is not always totally accurate and these plants can often do little or nothing to discourage deer from coming into your garden.


That brings our article going over if deer eat celery or not to an end. Although some species of deer may eat celery in some situations when it is difficult for them to find food, this does tend to be rare and the majority of deer will usually choose to eat other food sources available. As we mentioned above, it is usually best to get some actual deer feed if you do want to feed wild deer on a regular basis as it is better suited for their needs and digestive system.