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Do Dogs Like Blankets?

With more and more people starting to add a dog to their family, we have seen a spike in the number of questions about offering dogs the best care possible over the last couple of months and we only expect this trend to increase in the future.

Although we do see a huge range of different questions about looking after dogs, we have noticed a large number of people asking if dogs like blankets recently so we have decided to make this the main focus of today’s article.

As we have seen so many people asking about dogs and blankets recently, we have decided to publish this article going over the various topics that we often see people asking about when it comes to blankets and their dogs.

Although we know that it sounds like an obvious answer, there are actually some things that you have to factor in and so many people give their dog the wrong type of blanket instead of an actual doggy blanket too so we hop our article helps as many of our readers as possible.

Due to seeing a few slightly different questions about giving blankets to your pet dog, we have decided to add a table of contents to our article below.

This should make it as easy as possible to skip directly to the specific sections of the article that you need without you having to skim the full article.

That said though, if you do live in a cold area then at least skimming over the whole article may be worth the time to ensure that you get the right blanket for your pet dog and that it is set out in a way that it will benefit your dog.

Do Dogs Like Blankets?

Most dogs do tend to like the snugness of blankets and having the feeling of something laying over them but for the most part, dogs will happily go about their day without a blanket without issue.

If you do liv in a particularly cold area then it can be a good idea to make sure that your pet dog does have access to a suitable blanket though as it can be a quick and easy way to help them warm up and dry off.

This is where the doggy blanket comes in as they have been specifically designed for use with dogs that may be wet, cold, and dirty after a walk in poor weather so they are built to much higher standard than normal blankets.

In addition to that these especially doggy blankets are also built to help dry your dog off as quickly as possible as it lays on it so if it does end up jumping up on your furniture, there shouldn’t be an issue of your dog ruining it either.

Although many people do use a regular human blanket for their dogs, just keep in mind that you should be washing them on a regular basis.

Washing the blanket at least once a week to keep it as clean as possible is usually the best option but you can also add various anti-bacterial sprays to them too in a bid to prevent your dogs blanket from becoming a germ haven.

Why Do Dogs Like Blankets?

Dogs seem to like blankets for their unique texture and ability to dig under the blanket to get snug when they want.

Other dogs seem to love “digging” on top of the blankets where as others love to get under the blanket and burrow around.

This versatility of such a simple item is able to keep a wide range of dog personalities happy with minimal effort from you making a blanket an excellent item to have for your dog.

It does seem that the size of your dog can totally change the way that it will play with the blanket too.

Smaller dogs tend to love getting under blankets and burrowing around where as larger dogs are generally happy just standing on top of the blanket and digging away. Dogs of all sizes seem to enjoy laying under a blanket though and just spending time with their family.

With more and more people adopting dogs from rescue shelters that may have issues with their stress or anxiety levels, comfort blanket can be an excellent tool for you and your dog.

The blanket is essentially their property that they have control over and are able to use how they like helping them deal with their stress and anxiety. Washing these blankets can be a pain though due to how attached some dogs can actually get to them.

Do Dogs Like Blankets Covering Them?

Most dogs do enjoy having a blanket covering them at times, especially if their family have blankets covering them as it helps them feel like a part of the pack.

If you have blanket covering you, don’t be surprised if your dog forgets all about personal space and tries to get into your blanket rather than its own though.

If your dog does keep trying to get into your blanket with you and your partner then a doggy blanket can be a great investment.

Not only will a doggy blanket have a better texture that your dog is more likely to enjoy but it is also your dogs own blanket that it can get used to using.

So many people will give their dog a blanket and then wash it and use the same blanket for themselves sending mixed signals to their dogs on what it can and can’t play with.

This is why either getting a doggy blanket or giving your pet dog their own blanket that is theirs and you won’t use again is important.

Why Do Dogs Like To Burrow Under Blankets?

Smaller dog breeds do tend to really enjoy burrowing under blankets as if they are hunting.

With many of the breeds that like to burrow under blankets being terriers, we would guess that this is due to their natural instinct to hunt for rats and other small animals as most terrier breeds have a high prey drive.

Although medium and larger size dog breeds may burrow under a blanket now and then, it tends not to be anywhere near as often as the smaller dog breeds.

One thing that you are able to do to make burrowing under blankets even more fun for your dog is to get a Kong toy and hide it inside of the blanket for your dog to find.

You will be able to tell how much fun your dog is having by how quickly it scratches and more often than not, your dog will get so excited that it will bark as it burrows under the blanket looking for the Kong toy.

Other toys can work well too but toys based around food and treats definitely do seem to work better for this type of game with most dogs.

Does My Dog Need A Blanket At Night?

The majority of dogs won’t require a blanket for warmth during the night due to their coat but if you do live in an area that is particularly cold then it can be a good idea to offer your dog a blanket at night.

On top of this, some dogs can do well to be offered a blanket as a form of comfort either to lay on or just to have with them as reassurance if you and the rest of the family sleep in different rooms.

Due to dogs being pack animals and seeing their family as their pack, it can be hard for a puppy to get used to being left alone at night.

This is where the comfort blanket idea of a doggy blanket just for your pet dog comes in as it has something familiar with it at all times to offer the dog reassurance.

Although it is just a blankt, it can work wonders and help puppies sleep through the night without crying or howling.

Although some people presume that thy will also have these problems with rescue dogs, it is surprisingly rare due to most rescue dogs being used to being alone in their crates at night.

Although rescue dogs may have other issues, sleeping through the night or needing a blanket for comfort at night is usually not one of them.

Do Dogs Need Blankets In Their Crate?

Dogs don’t actually need blankets in their crate but a thick blanket can be a nice addition to the bottom of a crate in many situations.

Not only does it offer a layer for your dog to lay on while in its crate but the dog can also wrap itself in the blanket too if it ends up getting cold.

Some of the more modern dog crate designs on the market these days do have a plastic base so your dog will not be laying on the metal of the crate when inside further reducing the need for a blanket.

That said though, even then adding a blanket and some toys to your dogs crate can still be a good idea to help ensure that your dog is comfortable.

As we touched on earlier, normal blankets will need to be washed on a more frequent basis than blankets specifically designed for use with dogs when used in your dog’s crate.

We constantly see dog owners making this mistake time and time again and then getting a shock when they discover mold growing on the blankets in their dog’s crate due to a wet dog laying on them.

Do Dogs Like Blankets Over Their Crates?

A large number of dogs will be fine in a crate but some dogs take to their crate much easier if you do add a blanket over the top as it adds a little privacy as well as blocks off the side, back, and top of the crate helping your dog feel safe.

Although humans understand it is just a thin blanket, this can be a great way to help reduce the anxiety and stress levels in your pet dog when in a crate.

There are a number of excellent covered dog crate options on the market these days that have some privacy built into the design of the crate so there is no need to lay a blanket over the top, back, and sides of the crate too.

If you have not purchased your craft for your dog or you need to upgrade due to your dog growing in size after getting it as a puppy then this can be a great option to take.

As most of our readers will already have their dog crate then the easist option will usually be to just lay a blanket over the crate and be done with it.

The majority of dogs don’t care that it is a simple blanket and will still have reduced stress and anxiety levels while in the crate if they were struggling to take to it.


That brings our article going over if dogs like blankets to an end and we hope that you have found it helpful. Although most dogs may not drag their blankets around with them, they do tend to like having access to a blanket at times for a number of different reasons. Smaller dog breeds tend to like burrowing under their blanket where medium and large dog breeds tend to like digging on top of their blankets. There are also a number of other use cases for blankets with dogs too that we touched on above such as helping a dog get used to being in their new crate making them a great addition to your dogs toys and accessories.