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Does Jungle Parasite Clear Actually Work?

Over the previous couple of years, more and more people have been getting involved in the fish keeping hobby and starting off their own aquariums and stacking them as they please.

Unfortunately, parasites can be a real problem within the fish keeping community, and even if you take all the necessary precautions to reduce the chances of parasites getting into your tank, there is still a high chance that you will eventually have problems.

The chances of you having problems with parasites in your aquarium are higher for beginners to the fish keeping hobby as they may not be as used to sticking to rigid, often strict procedures to try and reduce the chance of them having problems with parasites and their fish.

This is why we have noticed more and more people asking about the various parasite treatments on the market with a number of people specifically asking about Jungle Parasite Clear due to having problems in their tank.

Jungle Parasite Clear was one of the original commercial parasite treatments that was both effective at treating parasites while also being very budget friendly.

This resulted in Jungle Parasite Clear quickly gaining an excellent reputation amongst the fish keeping community for being a reliable treatment that works against multiple types of parasites common in fish tanks.

Can You Still Buy Jungle Parasite Clear?

Jungle Labs who produce the Jungle Parasite Clear fizz tablets are still in business and producing a wide range of products for the fish keeping hobby.

It is unclear if they are still producing the Jungle Parasite Clear product though but some retailers do still have it listed for sale at its standard retail price.

If you do prefer to use the Jungle Parasite Clear product then it may be worth picking the product up now as many retailers have it listed as unavailable or out of stock.

There have been issues with various supply chains recently and Jungle Parasite Clear can be affected by carcinogenic legislation changes as it does contain a carcinogenic chemical that is known to cause cancer with this being clearly labeled on the package.

You can use something like Tetra Parasite Guard as an alternative to Jungle Parasite Clear if needed though to get very similar results to the same types of parasites that the Jungle Labs product treats.

There are a number of other suitable alternatives to Jungle Parasite Clear that we will cover later in the article too but Tetra Parasite Guard is essentially a one for one swap due to the product’s use cases and prices being almost identical.

Does Jungle Parasite Clear Actually Work?

Jungle Parasite Clear has been proven to work very well as a cost effective treatment for gill mites, fish lice, flukes (both gill and body), and anchor worms.

It can also work for other types of parasites too but the treatment is usually less effective against other common parasites that may infest your fish.

Please note that Jungle Parasite Clear is NOT and ich treatment and has never been advertised as one.

A large number of people within the fish keeping community think that standard parasite treatments will be able to treat an ich breakout in their tanks but this is not the case and ich will require a specialist treatment such as white spot cure to quickly treat the condition.

Jungle Parasite Clear can work as a treatment for some internal parasites too but it definitely performs better in treating external parasites on your fish.

Depending on the exact problem, a garlic flake infused fish food can still be one of the best and cheapest treatments available for internal parasites in fish due to the natural anti-parasitic properties of garlic being able to quickly deal with most parasites but correctly dosing the garlic can be difficult.

What Are Some Good Alternatives To Jungle Parasite Clear?

The best alternative for Jungle Parasite Clear is probably Tetra Parasite Guard as both products are very similar in their use cases and price point making them great alternatives to each other if you are unable to find one in your local area.

There are also a number of other suitable alternatives to Jungle Parasite Clear such as Melafix too.

Our regular readers will know that we are huge fans of Melafix and feel that it is one of the best fish keeping products ever made due to how effective the product is against so many issues.

Melafix uses tea tree extract as its active ingredient allowing it to quickly and easily treat a wide range of problems common in fish including many issues with parasites with the product having a lot of cross over with Jungle Parasite Clear.

The main difference is that Jungle Parasite Clear uses a fizzing tablet delivery system where as Melafix is a standard liquid that you have to dose yourself.

Thankfully, it is very easy to correctly dose Melafix by using its cap as a dosing cup and following the instructions on the label of the product to correctly add enough of the treatment to your tank depending on water volume for it to be effective in treating parasites.


That brings our article going over Jungle Parasite Clear to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand that Jungle Parasite Clear is a solid product that rightfully has a great reputation amongst the community but that there are also some great alternatives on the market too. We would usually go with Melafix over Jungle Parasite Clear due to Melafix being such an effective treatment for such a wide range of common problems in your tank making it a much better option for most people within the fish keeping hobby.