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Does Orijen Dog Food Cause Diarrhea?

After publishing our article going over if Blue Buffalo dog food causes diarrhea in dogs, we have noticed more and more people asking various questions about other brands of dog food causing diarrhea.

We have decided to publish a dedicated article on the topic due to so many people misunderstanding why their dog is having problems with diarrhea and for today’s article, we are going to be going over if Orijen dog food causes diarrhea in dogs due to how popular Orijen dog food is right now.

Over half of all dogs have some sort of allergy to a common ingredient in dog food no matter what brand of dog food you use.

This is why you often see people on social media saying that Orijen dog food causes diarrhea in dogs when in actual fact, it is highly likely that the diarrhea is due to the protein source in the food and any brand with that same protein source would have cause diarrhea in your dog.

It is pretty well known that Orijen Dog Food is one of the most commonly used dog food brands in the world with a huge number of people using Orijen dog food as the primary food source with their own dogs without issue.

This is why we are confident in saying that if your dog does end up having diarrhea after eating Orijen dog food, it is more likely that it is due to your dog being allergic to the protein source in that particular food.

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea After Eating Orijen Dog Food?

Dogs can commonly have diarrhea after eating Orijen dog food as well as any other dog food brand due to the dog having allergies to the protein source in the dog food.

Over half of all dogs have allergies to either beef, chicken, pork, wheat, dairy, and fish with these ingredients commonly being in dog food no matter the brand.

For example, if you feed your dog Orijen original mix with the primary ingredients of chicken meat, chicken liver, turkey, flounder, and mackerel and your dog has diarrhea, it is likely that your dog is having allergies to the chicken and potentially the fish although only around two percent of dogs are allergic to fish.

You could then switch your dog over to eating Orijen regional red mix with the primary ingredients of beef, boar, goat, lamb meat, and lamb liver, your dog may be totally fine due to not having the chicken ingredient in it to trigger its allergies.

Both are Orijen dog food products, one triggers diarrhea in your dog and one doesn’t but this is due to the ingredients in the food mix.

Unfortunately though, some dogs can have allergies to multiple proteins and this could make around ten percent of dogs have diarrhea to both of the food mixes in our example above due to chicken and beef being the most common allergins for dogs and each mix having one of them in it.

This is why we feel that Orijen six fish mix is the best option as only two percent of dogs have allergies to fish and as the name suggests, the six fish mix gets its protein from six species of fish leaving out the more common protein allergins.

Does Orijen Dog Food Cause Diarrhea?

Dogs can have diarrhea after eating Orijen dog food but this is not due to any problems with the production process of Orijen with their food, it is due to your dog having allergies to the various proteins in its food.

In very sensitive dogs, you may have to move your dog over to a limited ingredient dog food to remove the majority of ingredients that may trigger allergies in your dog.

This can be problematic as the majority of limited ingredient dog foods on the market cost almost double or in some cases more than their regular dog food counterparts.

One little trick that you can try if you do have a dog that has a large number of allergies is to try your dog on a vegan dog food mix as they use plant based proteins that far fewer dogs have allergies to when compared to animal based protein sources.

Although vegan dog food mixes are still more expensive than a standard dog food option, they can be cheaper than the limited dog food mixes on the market helping to keep your dog diarrhea free.

Unlike cats, dogs are actually omnivores meaning that they can live a long and healthy life on a plant based diet with minimal issues so there is no need to worry about problems due to a lack of meat in your dog’s diet either.

Is Orijen Too Rich For Some Dogs?

Some Orijen dog food products can be too rich for some dogs but this is true for all dog food brands.

A rich dog food can cause a dog to vomit or have diarrhea and in some cases the dog may end up having problems with pancreatitis but this is not the case for all dogs and you won’t know how your dog will react to Orijen dog food until you have tried it with your dog.

The more common causes of these symptoms in dogs due to eating a rich dog food is the fat content in the dog food causing digestive problems.

This is a different issue than the allergies that we have covered above and far fewer dogs have problems with rich dog food mixes than have problems with allergies to the ingredients in some dog food products.

This is why the majority of dog foods should be fine eating a dog food mix that is too rich for a small number of dogs.

The more popular dog food brands are out to make a profit so it makes no sense for them to intentionally make their products too rich for a large percentage of dogs as their product would not sell.

There has been plenty of research into the fat content requirements for dogs so if your dog is having problems with Orijen dog food being too rich for it, there is a high chance that it will have the same problem with any brand of non-specialist dog food.


That brings our article going over if Orijen dog food causes diarrhea in dogs to an end and we hope that we have helped you understand the various things in dog food that may cause your dog to have problems with diarrhea. It is common to see people on social media posting saying that their dog has a problem with diarrhea due to a specific dog brand but it is almost always due to that dog owner having a lack of understanding about the common causes of diarrhea in dogs with some experienced dog owners not knowing that over half of all dogs have at least one allergin to a common ingredient in their food.