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Does Taste Of The Wild Dog Food Cause Diarrhea?

Taste Of The Wild is one of the more popular dog food brands that is seeing some excellent growth within the dog keeping community and their unique tastes and high protein content often means that most dogs love their food mixes.

With the rapid growth on Taste Of The Wilds product recently, we have noticed a spike in people asking various questions about the food mix with a number of people specifically asking if Taste Of The Wild dog food causes diarrhea in dogs or not.

Any dog food can cause diarrhea and the same goes for Taste of The Wild but this is not due to any problem with the food mix but due to allergies in your dog.

Over half of all dogs have an allergy to at least one ingredient in dog food, most commonly beef, chicken or pork but the less common allergies are fish, dairy, and wheat with either of these being able to trigger diarrhea in your dog.

This is why we see so many different questions about various dog food brands and we already have articles going over Orijen dog food causing diarrhea and Blue Buffalo dog food causing diarrhea but the problem is always the ingredients, not the brand.

In our opinion, Taste Of The Wild dog food is one of the better options on the market right now due to how they source their ingredients and how so many dogs seem to really enjoy their recipes.

Why Does My Dog Have Diarrhea After Eating Taste Of The Wild Dog Food?

If your dog has diarrhea after eating Taste of The Wild dog food then it is highly likely that your dog has allergies to one of the ingredients in the food mix.

This would happen no matter the food brand as the diarrhea is due to the actual proteins in the food source rather than something specific that the brand do to their food during production.

This does tend to be rarer than with other food brands due to Taste Of The Wild using more unique protein sources such as bison rather than the traditional beef, chicken, and pork that are common allergins.

This can actually help you narrow down the potential allergins that are causing the diarrhea in your dog as it can help you identify the problem as dairy, wheat or fish without having to focus on the other potential problems.

You can use a dog food intollerance test to tell you exactly what your dog has allergies to if you wish.

This will give you the best possible data set for moving forward and choosing future food options for your dog allowing you to avoid the ingredients that your dog has allergies to to reduce the chances of your dog having problems with diarrhea.

Can Taste Of The Wild Cause Diarrhea?

Taste Of The Wild dog food can technically cause diarrhea in your dog but you have to realize that it is almost always due to your dog having allergies to one of the ingredients in the food rather than anything specific that the brand has done during production.

This is why you can switch dog food brands but stick to the same flavor and your dog may still have problems with diarrhea as the allergin is still in their food.

Our regular readers will be aware that we commonly recommend Taste Of The Wild to our readers and its excellent reputation amongst the dog keeping community back us up on our recommendation.

As we touched on earlier in the article, the unique, non-traditional protein sources in most Taste of The Wild recipes drastically reduce the chances of your dog having diarrhea after eating their food but there is still wheat, dairy, and fish in some of their products that are less common allergins in dogs that can cause diarrhea.

You will often be able to switch between the different recipes within the Taste Of The Wild dog food range and find a food mix that your dog does not have allergies too and will not cause diarrhea.

If you are set on switching dog food brands then be sure to switch the flavor of your dog’s food to avoid the same allergin being in their new food from the new brand though.

If you don’t want to use Taste Of The Wild with your dog anymore then we would recommend you try Orijen six fish mix as only around two percent of dogs have allergies to fish making it the least common allergin in food by far.

Is Taste Of The Wild Too Rich For Some Dogs?

The richness of a dog’s food can cause diarrhea in some dogs due to the fat content being too high for their digestive system to process normally but it is not fair to say that this is specific to one brand as there are a number of variables at play.

In bad cases a dog may require a dog food with as little as only 5% fat to avoid issues with how rich their food is where as other dog breeds with fat sensitivities may be find with a 15% fat dog food.

There really is a wide range when it comes to diarrhea due to how rich a dog food is and we often recommend that you book a video call with a veterinarian if possible to have them offer their advice on the situation.

This is due to all dogs requiring a minimum amount of fat in their diet and the dogs who are more sensitive to processing fat often requiring specialist foods that a vet should be advising you on.

Dogs with minimal sensitivities to fat that often have diarrhea due to the richness of their food can sometimes be switched over to a vegan dog food due to them often having plant based fat sources that can sometimes help with the diarrhea.

Unlike cats that are obligate carnivores, dogs are omnivores and can survive on a plant based diet with this being a common recommendation in dogs who are ultra sensitive to fat in their diet but again, you really do need advice from a vet when it comes to problems with fat sensitivity in your dog.


That brings our article going over if Taste Of The Wild dog food causes diarrhea in your dog or not to an end. As we have covered in our article above, the two most common problems in dogs with diarrhea are actually due to having allergies to an ingredient in the food or being sensitive to a macronutrient in their food. The actual brand of dog food you use is irellivent and the problems could occur with any food from any brand that contains the ingredient or macronutrient ratio causing the problem in your dog.