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Everything You Need To Know About Flemish Giant Rabbit Poop!

With Flemish giant rabbits being able to grow to a weight of around fifteen pounds and a length of around two and a half feet, we see a number of questions from the community about the species each month as they are obviously an eye-catching rabbit species due to their sheer size.

Although we really do see a wide range of questions about Flemish giant rabbits, there has been a spike in the number of people reaching out with questions about Flemish giant rabbit poop recently.

As there has been a steady increase in the number of people asking about giant rabbit poop as well as the size of the poop from a Flemish giant rabbit often catching people who choose to add a flemish giant rabbit to their family off-guard, we have decided to publish our own article.

We hope that we will be able to help our readers better understand what to expect if they do add a Flemish giant rabbit to their family when it comes to the size and amount of poop to expect from their new pet.

We have our table of contents blow to try and make it as easy as possible to navigate the article as we want to focus in on three specific questions that we see people asking about Flemish giant rabbit poop each month.

We felt that this would be the best way to organise the article as it covers all of the commonly asked topics in a single article to help as many people as possible.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Poop Size!

Flemish giant rabbit poop pellets will usually be as large as three times the size of regular rabbit poop but depending on their diet, it can be as much as four or even five times the size of a regular rabbit pellet.

This means that in rare situations, a single Flemish giant rabbit poop pellet can be as large as two inches but will usually be just over an inch in diameter.

This often catches people who are used to other rabbit species off guard due to the poop of a Flemish giant rabbit being so much larger than that of other rabbits.

There is no need to worry about the size of your rabbit’s poop if it is usually around an inch in diameter per pellet as this is totally normal for Flemish giant rabbits and does not mean that there is anything wrong with your rabbit.

The majority of people will be feeding their Flemish giant rabbit a high-quality rabbit food that should easily be able to maintain a healthy poop pellet size for your rabbit while keeping its diet nutritionally complete.

The size of their pellets can increase due to some rare health conditions or due to certain food types being added to their diet though.

Do Flemish Giants Poop A Lot?

Flemish giant rabbits poop just as much as other rabbit species just with a larger pellet size meaning that a healthy Flemish giant rabbit adult can produce anywhere from 75 to 150 poop pellets per day that are around one inch in diameter.

Depending on their diet, this can increase to as many as 200 poop pellets per day but the conditions that increase the number of pellets the rabbit produces usually decreases the size of the pellets too.

Parasite infections can be a very common cause of your Flemish giant rabbit’s poop pellet size and frequency reducing but it tends to be easy to identify this as the cause as you will usually see parasites in the poop the bunny does produce.

The majority of parasites that can cause this are easy to treat but do require specific treatments depending on the parasite so a quick video call with a veterinarian is usually the best route to take to make sure you use the correct treatment.

We have seen some people report that peanut butter rabbit treats can also reduce the size of the poop pellets of a Flemish giant rabbit while increasing the number of pellets produced.

There have been a number of people who own Flemish giant rabbits report this occurrence in their own bunnies but we have also seen people try peanut butter treats with their own Flemish giant and report no change in their bunnies poop size or frequency.

Why Your Flemish Giant Rabbit Poop Is Clumped Together!

Flemish giant rabbits do seem more prone to having problems with their poop pellets ending up clumped together and potentially causing problems with the rabbits digestive system.

This is not due to the species or size of the rabbit but the diet of the rabbit and is usually due to it having either too much carbohydrates or protein and not enough fat and a lack of water in their diet.

Thankfully, this is very easy to fix as switching over to a high-quality rabbit food that has had its macronutrient profile specifically designed for rabbits as well as ensuring that your Flemish giant rabbit always has access to drinking water is usually enough to stop the clumping.

Provided you identify the poop pellets clumping in your rabbit early enough and start trying to switch them to a suitable diet, your bunny should not end up having any long term issues.

Poop clumping together can also be due to old age enough and if this is the cause of the clumping then it can be more difficult to treat as it is not due to the diet.

There are some medications that may help but seeking advice from a veterinarian on how you should move forward if you suspect your rabbits poop is climbing due to old age is probably the best route to take.


That brings our article going over the common Flemish giant poop questions that we see from the community to a close. We hope that we have been able to help our readers better understand what is considered normal for a Flemish giant rabbit. People new to keeping the species often are shocked by the size and amount of poop their rabbit can produce but this is normal for the species due to their huge size and amount of food that they will eat on a daily basis.