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Hamster Safe Glue – 9 Glue Products Analysed!

Due to hamsters liking to explore their cage and bite pretty much anything that they can find, it can be very common for a pet hamster to damage their cage to a level where it will require immediate repairs.

This results in people having to go out and look for a hamster safe glue product that they are able to use in their hamster’s cage without having to worry about problems with toxic glue.

We see a large number of people reaching out and about hamster safe glue each month so we wanted to publish our own article on the topic.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand what glues they should be looking to use in their hamster’s cage and the various risks associated with each option.

As we are going to be sharing our thoughts on so many different types of glue in this article, we have decided to add a table of contents below. Please keep in mind, we have chosen to feature the types of glue that we most commonly see people asking about using with their hamsters.

Just because a glue is featured in our article does not mean that it is safe to use with hamsters, we just wanted to include all of the options that we commonly see our readers asking about.

Can You Use Glue In A Hamster Cage?

You are able to use glue in your hamster cage with the only glue that is truly considered hamster safe being a homemade flour and water glue but this tend not to work as well as a commercial glue.

This is why the most commonly used glue in a hamsters cage is a non-toxic hot glue as it presents a minimal risk to your hamster but works extremely well at glueing surfaces together.

There are a number of suitable flour and water glue recipes that you are able to make at home but a standard flour and water glue usually encourages your hamster to eat it.

Some people will add salt to the mixture to discourage their hamster from eating it but this reduces its effectiveness as a glue and your hamster may still eat the flour and water glue with the higher salt in it too and have problems with excessive sodium in its body.

This is why our recommended glue for a hamsters cage is non-toxic hot glue with a cheap hot glue applier.

Not only will this stick almost any type of surface to each other but it tends to pose the smallest risk to your pet hamster and is usually the most commonly used glue product within the hamster keeping community.

is Hot Glue Safe For Hamsters?

Provided you use a non-toxic hot glue, it is generally considered safe for hamsters in the sense that it is non-toxic.

All glue products will pose a potential choking hazard to your pet hamster though so you also have to keep this in mind when thinking of using glue in your hamster’s cage.

There are a number of toxic glue sticks on the market for commercial purposes where they need to stick heavy surfaces to each other and these should never be used in your hamster’s cage.

Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap non-toxic hot glue sticks on the market that you are able to use in your hamster’s cage.

Keep in mind, if you do choose to take the hot glue route then you will need a cheap hot glue applier to actually use the glue sticks.

A cheap, entry-level $10 applier will easily be enough for the vast majority of our readers who are only wanting to use the glue in their hamster’s cage though so it is still within budget for most people.

Is Elmer’s Glue Safe For Hamsters?

The Elmers glue range contains a wide range of products with some of them being fine for use with hamsters while others should be avoided.

The Elmers Washable No-Run School Glue formula tends to offer the best mix of glueing strength and suitability for use with hamsters. It is non-toxic and should be able to meet most of your needs but it is still not as strong as hot glue.

Is Silicone Glue Safe For Hamsters?

Some silicone glue products are perfectly safe for hamsters where as others do present a risk due to their toxicity.

If you do want to use silicone glue for your hamster’s cage or toys then we would recommend you use something like an aquarium silicone glue product as they offer excellent glueing strength and are usually non-toxic.

Is Super Glue Toxic For Hamsters?

Most super glue formulas are toxic but there are a small number of non-toxic super glue formulas on the market now that may work with your hamster.

The main problem is that the non-toxic formulas that are considered hamster safe are nowhere near as strong as traditional super glue so it can be a pain to use due to it being much weaker.

Is Gorilla Glue Safe For Hamsters?

Gorilla glue is one of the best glue products on the market but it is not safe for hamsters due to it containing toxic ingredients.

We have seen some people use Gorilla glue in their hamster’s cage but it’s simply not worth the risk in our opinion as Gorilla glue has been designed for use as a high strength glue rather than for use with pets.

The Gorilla kids school glue does have a non-toxic formula but is not as strong as regular Gorilla glue so it may meet your needs in some cases.

Is PVA Glue Ok For Hamsters?

Some people do use the non-toxic PVA glue formulas with their hamsters without issue but the non-toxic PVA glue formulas tend to be weaker than other glue options.

Depending on what you need to glue, it may not be suitable for your needs and if your hamster does pick at it, the problem that you are trying fix with the glue will usually just happen again.

Is A Glue Stick Safe For Hamsters?

We usually recommend against using glue sticks for hamsters as the non-toxic glue sticks tend not to have much strength for sticking things together.

The glue sticks that are usually able to be used with plastic or wood can be toxic so it is usually better to go with a different glue product for your pet hamster that is safe.

Is Acrylic Glue Safe For Hamsters?

Acrylic glue does tend to be non-toxic but it is generally much weaker in glueing strength when compared to other glueing products.

This is why you should be looking to use a different type of glue for most tasks involving hamsters as there is a high chance that your hamster will nibble at the acrylic glue and break it down into small pieces.

Is Uhu Glue Safe For Hamsters?

Uhu glue is designed for commercial and industrial use so it has toxic ingredients in it to ensure that it offers you the absolute best levels of strength when glueing things together.

Due to this, we would not recommend that you use Uhu glue with your pet hamster as the toxic ingredient in the glue can present a potential risk.


That brings our article going over the various hamster safe glue products on the market to an end. Depending on your needs for the glue, there should be something featured in our article above that will be able to help you glue broken parts of your hamster’s cage back together.