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How Loud Are Budgies When Kept As Pets?

With budgies seeing another surge in their popularity as being kept as pets right now, we have seen a number of people who are considering getting themselves a pet budgie reaching out and asking various questions about keeping a budgie as a pet.

One of the more commonly asked questions that we have noticed people asking is about how loud budgies are as this can be a major concern for many people.

Budgies do give out a range of chirps throughout the day but they are generally not too loud for the most part.

Budgies tend to be easy to calm during the night too so they tend to be quieter than some other commonly kept species of bird during the morning and evening.

You have to keep in mind that for the most part, the information above will be accurate but the personality of your specific budgie will come into play.

Some budgies are louder than other budgies and you also have to factor in other pets in your home too as some budgies can be spooked and scared by cats and dogs and be louder than they would otherwise be in a home without other pets.

Will Budgies Make A Lot Of Noise?

Most budgies will make noise throughout the day but the majority of the time, they are not an overly loud species of bird to keep and many people find their sounds relaxing.

It is very unlikely that the sounds made by budgies during the day will cause any problems with your neighbors either as they are usually not very loud and the average dog bark will usually be louder than a budgies chirps.

Although rare, you may get what some people refer to as a “shy budgie” that will be very quiet if not silent for the majority of the day.

Some people often worry that there may be something wrong with their pet budgie if they do get a budgie that makes no noise but a small number of budgies are just naturally quiet and tend to make minimal noise.

On the flip side of that though, you can get some louder budgies who will actively chirp at a more frequent speed than the average budgie and these are a little more common than the shy budgies but they still tend to be rare in general compared to average budgies.

Even if you do get a pet budgie that does chirp at a more frequent speed than average, the actual volume of the sounds they make is normal so they tend not to be any louder than a budgie that chirps at a regular pace.

Are Budgies Loud In The Morning?

Budgies tend to be quiet in the morning and take a little time to wake up and start to chirp at their regular pace throughout the rest of the day.

Budgies are diurnal animals and have a very similar sleeping pattern to humans and unlike some bird species, they will often not wake up at sunrise, especially in captivity helping you sleep in the morning without been woken up by your budgie.

You can also get yourself a bird cage cover to put over your budgies cage during the night.

This can help to keep your budgie calm and relaxed and encourage the bird to sleep for longer periods of time helping to control when it will make sound and when it will be quiet.

Bird cage covers can also be used to help block the vision of any cats or dogs in your home from your budgie too if your budgie ends up getting spooked and is being louder than usual.

If you like to listen to the radio of TV in the morning when you first wake up then this can encourage your pet budgie to start chirping but this is usually not much of an issue for most people as the TV or radio is making sound anyway.

You can try to control the time that your budgie will go to sleep too but for the most part, this is generally a waste of time as many budgies will sleep throughout the day so the time they go to sleep through the night has less of an effect of when they will wake.

Are Budgies Loud At Night?

The majority of budgies tend to be quieter during the night but there are a small number of budgies that can have night frights that can cause them to be loud and erratic until the night fright is over.

Depending on the temperament of the budgie, the night fright can be set of by a small thing at dusk and in rare cases, night frights can last for an hour or more.

This does tend to be rare though and the majority of people will usually find that their budgie will generally be quiet during the night, especially if you use a bird cage cover to your budgies cage.

This will reduce the changes of something triggering your budgie and prevent it from being loud when it goes into its night fright helping to keep the bird quiet.

If you keep multiple budgies, especially in the same cage then one budgie going into a night fright can often be enough to trigger the rest even if there is no danger present to the birds.

This can become problematic in some situations at night so you should always try to avoid spooking your pet budgies during the night if possible to help keep them quiet.


That brings our article going over how loud budgies can be to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand the type of sounds and the volume that budgies will make. For the most part, they are definitely one of the quieter bird species to keep if you are new to keeping pet birds but you still do have to be a little careful around dusk to help keep the bird quiet.