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How To Care For A White Bubble Tip Anemone!

With more and more fish keepers deciding to either intergrate anemone into their regular salt water tanks or just start a new reef tank project from scratch, we are seeing a steadily increasing number of questions about the various types of anemone that people are able to keep in their tanks.

With the bubble tip anemone being one of the easiest anemone to care for, it is easy to see why so many people reach out for advice on how they are able to care for it.

All of the color variants of bubble tip anemone are great options for beginners and we already have an article going over how to care for a purple bubble tipped anemone due to seeing so many people asking for it.

Since then, trends seem to have shifted and we have noticed more and more questions about how to care for a white bubble tip anemone so we have decided to publish this article on the topic.

If you are new to keeping anemone in your tank then the white tipped bubble anemone really are a great option due to being so easy to care for while also working well in a wide range of tank setups too.

We have tried to collect all of the questions that we see from the community about keeping white tipped bubble anemone to answer them all here.

Are White Bubble Tipped Anemones Hard To Keep?

White bubble tip anemones tend to be very easy to keep making them a very beginner friendly option for people new to keeping anemones or who are looking to start their own reef tank.

Once set up and placed in the tank, they require minimal care and attention compared to some other popular anemones while also being more resilient to issues with their water parameters than other types of anemone too.

You can also get a white bubble tip anemone cheaper than most people think and we often recommend that people build their initial reef tank around bubble anemone and zoanthids as they can work great together.

If you are absolutely brand new to fish keeping then a zoa only tank can be a better option but the difference in care requirements between a tank with just zoanthids in it and a tank with zoanthids and a couple of fish really is minimal.

Even if you are brand new to fish keeping or anemone keeping you should easily be able to get your tank off to a solid start with minimal experience.

The main problem that we see with people who try their hand at reef tank keeping is that they will often try to keep the more sensitive anemone that drastically increases the fail rate of the tank even for experienced reef tank keepers so starting with something like a bubble tip anemone is always a great bet.

White Bubble Tip Anemone And Clownfish!

Although most clownfish speicies will never encounter a bubble tip anemone in the wild, they do tend to take well to them in captivity and most clownfish will happily host a bubble tip anemone.

Many people who keep clownfish will choose a white bubble top anemone due to it offering the advantage of your clownfish sticking out against the white anemone too making it easier to see the fish.

We have seen a number of people on social media incorrectly suggest that clownfish will not host a white bubble tip anemone due to it offering no camouflauge to the fish but this is not correct.

Clownfish host anemone due to their sting keeping potential predators away while the clownfish is immune to the sting rather than due to the anemone offering the clownfish optimal camoflauge or cover and a white bubble tip anemone can work just as well as any other color.

If you are specifically looking for an anemone just for your clownfish then we would highly recommend any bubble tip anemone.

We feel that the bubble tip anemone variants work so well as an anemone for a clownfish to host that we actually included it in our list of the best anemone for clownfish too.

If you are looking for anemone options for your clownfish then that article is well worth reading as it offers a number of different ideas than can work very well.

What Do White Bubble Tip Anemones Eat?

White bubble tip anemones will eat a wide range of foods with people often giving them food such as shrimp that were designed for human consumption.

Although this can work, it will often be nutritionally deficient for your anemone so we usually recommend that you try to feed them reef blizzard anemone food to offer a nutritionally complete diet.

One common mistake that people new to keeping anemones make time and time again is that they fail to realize that they even have to feed their anemone.

If you do fail to feed your anemone then it will often shrink down, expose its skeleton, and eventually perish with this being suprisingly common for people new to keeping reef tanks but thankfully, it is easily avoidable.

The second most common mistake that we see people have when keeping anemone is that they struggle to actally get the food to their anemone before their fish eat it.

This is where a anemone feeder kit comes in as it makes it quick and easy for your to get the food directly to your anemone without your fish being able to eat it first.

“Tomato clowns and bubble-tip anemone” by crumj is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit


That brings our artricle going over white bubble tip anemones to an end and we hope that we have been able to help you better understand how you are able to take care of your white tip bubble anemone while also helping it intergrate into your tank with ease. Bubble tip anemones really are one of the better options for anyone new to keeping reef tanks due to how easy they are to care for and they are relativley forgiving as far as anemones go.