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How To Cut Bully Sticks Easily!

With the switch from traditional dog treats over to bully sticks in full effect now, we have lost count of the number of questions we see each month from dog owners about giving their dog bully sticks.

Due to the prices of the high-quality bully sticks slowly sneaking up, we have seen more and more people reaching out and asking about how to cut bully sticks.

Cutting a 12 inch or even a 6 inch bully stick down into 3 inch sections can be a quick and easy way not still have a great treat for your dog but make your money stretch further.

If you are planning on trying to use this method then 12 inch bully sticks tend to be the better option as you get more bully stick for your buck and you are still able to cut them down to 6 inch sections.

As we covered in our article on bully sticks making your dog fat, the longer bully sticks tend to add more calories to your dog’s diet so cutting them down to 3 inch sections can be a quick and easy way to help prevent your dog from putting weight on too.

No matter the reason you need to cut your bully sticks, our method below should easily be able to help you cut your bully sticks down to size with ease.

What Can You Use To Cut Bully Sticks?

Although we often see people suggest that you use a powered hacksaw, powered bandsaw, or even a miter saw to cut your bully sticks down to size, they are not realistic options but most people will have pruning shears and they work perfectly.

Holding the bully stick firmly with one hand while you cut it with your pruning sheers held in your other hand is usually the best way to cut your bully sticks.

We know that some people may not have any of those tools available but you are able to pick up a pair of cheap pruning shears to get the job done.

Over the course of all of the bully sticks that you will cut down using them, they quickly end up paying for themselves by letting you use the smaller sections of the chopped bully stick to prevent you from having to purchase new packs of bully sticks as often.

There are a large number of other tools that you are also able to use to quickly and easily cut your bully sticks down to size but we really do feel that pruning shears are the best option.

If you are going to have to purchase a new tool specifically for cutting your bully sticks then we would highly recommend that you go with pruning shears due to their low price tag and great performance at cutting bully sticks.

A Bloodhound dog sitting with their Bully Stick treat.
“Harvey with his bully stick” by Jelly Dude is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

How To Cut Bully Sticks!

To cut bully sticks, measure the lengths you want to cut them down to with a ruler and mark the bully stick at the appropriate length.

Take a suitable tool such as pruning shears in your dominant hand and cut the bully stick while holding it firm with your none dominant hand. This will result in a quick, easy, and clean cut to your bully stick with minimal effort being required on your part.

We have seen a number of other solid methods to quickly cut your bully sticks down but most are not as easy as using a cheap pair of pruning shears with some requiring some very expensive tools that the majority of our readers won’t have access to.

Pruning shears also offer a nice clean cut to the bully stick too that won’t leave sharp edges where as some other tools can leave a sharp cut that may present a risk to your dog.

If you are not able to pick up some pruning shears then you may be able to use a bread knife that many of our readers will have in their home.

Cutting your bully sticks with a bread knife will take much longer than with pruning shears and will require a sawing motion so we would recommend that you use a vice to hold the bully stick in place as you cut it if possible.

Can You Break Bully Sticks By Hand?

It is very difficult to break bully sticks by hand due to the beef muscle used to make bully sticks being very tough and then dried to make the bully stick making it even more difficult to break them by hand.

Even if you do manage to break the bully stick by hand then there is a large chance that it will not be a clean cut and may present a cutting risk to your dog as it chews on it.

This is why we always recommend that you use something like pruning shears as it is so quick and easy and leaves a nice smooth, clean cut when using the tool to cut your bully stick. Pruning shears are also only between five and ten dollars making them easy to pick up if you don’t already have them.

Depending on the specific type of bully stick that you have, you may also have problems with shards of the bully stick breaking off when trying to break it in your hands.

Due to bully stick being surprisingly tough when dry, these shards may end up sticking into your hand presenting an unnecessary risk to yourself too.


That brings our article on how to cut bully sticks down to size easily to an end. We hope that you have been able to pick up some tips on how you are able to cut your bully stick down easily but as we have mentioned multiple times, for the majority of people, a pair of pruning shears is definitely going to be the best option to easily cut your bully stick.