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How To Deal With Hair In Your Cats Eye!

With cats being such a popular pet and around half of all homes in North America and Europe having a pet cat in them now while the popularity of cats continues to increase, it is easy to see why we get so many questions about taking care of cats.

The questions we see range from giving your cat a healthy diet to exercising your cat to grooming it as well as about a number of common problems that people have with their cats.

Over the last couple of months, there has definitely been an increase in the number of people reaching out to ask about issues with hair in their cat’s eye.

This can range from the hair being from the cat to it just being a random hair that managed to find its way into the eye of your cat but this can end up causing irritation in your cat while also presenting a risk to your cat’s eye if it tries to get the hair out itself.

Although some people will be able to remove a hair from their cats eye themselves, some people may actually need a veterinarian to remove the hair for them due to your cat moving around so much as you try to remove the hair.

You can book a quick video call with a vet to have them assess your cat if you want to offer their professional opinion on the situation as some people can misidentify parasites in their cat’s eye as hair too with this being more common than some people think.

How To Know Your Cat Has Hair In Its Eye?

There are a number of easy ways to realize that your pet cat has hair in its eye ranging from being able to see the hair in your cat’s eye to the eye swelling up and turning red to the eye constantly twitching as if your cat is rapidly winking at you.

Although rare, in some more serious cases, the eye can swell up due to the irritation from the hair with excessive mucus being produced by the eye too.

In these rarer, more serious conditions, your cat may start to randomly claw at its eye or even rub it against rough or sharp surfaces so it is important that you get the hair out of your cat’s eye as soon as possible.

As we touched on earlier in the article, if your cat is starting to exhibit this type of behavior then booking a quick video call with a vet is probably the best route to take.

They should be able to quickly get the hair out of your cat’s eye as well as provide you with a suitable collar (you can buy them online for cheap yourself if you need one though) to prevent your cat from scratching its eye or rubbing it on anything sharp.

As we mentioned earlier in the article though, a hair in your cat’s eye is not the only thing that can be in your cat’s eye and cause problems.

We have our article going over the causes of squiggly lines in cats eyes but the other issues in short are parasites or scratches with both usually needing a vet to help you diagnose them as the cause of the lines in your cat’s eyes as well as to provide treatment to fix the issue.

How Do You Get Hair Out Of A Cat’s Eye?

It is far more difficult to get hair out of a cat’s eye than most people initially realize due to the cat not understanding that you are trying to help it and often trying to fish you off.

The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to get hair out of your cat’s eye is to wash your cat’s eye with a saline solution until the hair washes out.

Although you are able to use the regular saline solution if you have it available, No products found. is highly recommended, especially if you will have to order the saline solution anyway.

Due to being designed for use with pets, it removes a number of risks that can cause issues while also helping to wash the hair in your cat’s eye out and slightly soothing any irritation in your cat’s eye.

In some cases, you may have to resort to gently massaging your cat’s eyelid in circles but as you may guess, the majority of cat’s don’t take kindly to this so expect some resistance from your cat.

If you do have to resort to massaging your cat’s eyes then you may have to look to either covering your cat’s paws or putting clothes on that your cat will not be able to claw through as it is highly likely that it will try to scratch you.

Can A Cat Get A Hair Out Of its Eye By Itself?

Although some cats may be able to get a hair in their eye out by themselves, we would not recommend this as it is more likely that it will cause additional irritation and potentially get more hair into your cat’s eye due to rubbing with the back of your cat’s paw.

The majority of cats will need their owners to intervene in getting the hair out of their eye to ensure that it is safely removed with minimal risk being presented to the cat.

The worse the condition gets the more likely that it is for your cat to either risk scratching its eye or rubbing its eye against a sharp object and making the situation so much worse too.

This is why we would highly recommend that you either take your cat to a vets or at least try a No products found. for your cats to see if you can wash the hair out of their eye.

Thankfully, unlike some other issues that can cause problems with cats, it is usually very obvious to see that your cat has an issue with its eye due to it constantly rubbing it or blinking rapidly.

This gives you plenty of notice that there is an issue to try and fix as soon as possible before the irritation causes by the hair in your cat’s eyes gets to a level where it will risk scratching its own eye.


That brings our article going over how to deal with hair in your cat’s eye to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand the various methods that you are able to try to get the hair out of your cat’s eye but it is a difficult tasks and often is tricky so most people will just take their cat to a vet to have it professionally removed. If you have a pet insurance policy for your cat then this treatment may be included in your policy but due to it being a short treatment, it shouldn’t cost you much for your vet visit anyway.