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How To Feed Frozen Brine Shrimp To Your Fish!

With brine shrimp being the most popular treat food option for fish, it is easy to see why we see so many people reaching out and asking how to feed frozen brine shrimp to their fish each month.

Although we would always recommend that you try to feed your fish live brine shrimp if possible, frozen brine shrimp is the second best option with freeze dried brine shrimp being the third best option.

Out of the three different options available for feeding your pet fish brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp does tend to be the most problematic as it can be difficult to cut into smaller pieces while also requiring some preparation in some situations.

This is why we have decided to publish our own article going over exactly how you should be feeding your pet fish frozen brine shrimp.

Our hope is that we will be able to help our readers better understand exactly how they should be going about feeding their fish frozen brine shrimp as well as a number of tricks that you are able to use to make the job even easier.

If you do still have problems with frozen brine shrimp after reading our article then making the switch to freeze dried brine shrimp may be the best option.

How To Feed Frozen Brine Shrimp To Your Fish!

The easiest way to feed frozen brine shrimp to your fish is to defrost the frozen brine shrimp cube in a small container and then add it to your tank in small amounts.

If you have a large tank that is fully stocked with fish then you can add the full amount of the defrosted brine shrimp at once but the more clumped up they are the more likely that the same fish will get them.

This is why some people will scoop a little aquarium water out of their tank into a glass and then drop the frozen brine shrimp cube into the glass to let it defrost.

As the cube defrosts the defrosted brine shrimp will spread out throughout the water in the glass and then you are able to pour the water back into your aquarium over its full length.

In our opinion, this is the quickest and easiest method to feed your fish frozen brine shrimp to try and ensure that as many of your fish get some of the treat food as possible.

If you do have the time then you can try to use a feeding stick to disperse the brine shrimp evenly around your tank but this does tend to be more effort than its worth.

Do I Thaw Frozen Brine Shrimp Before Giving It To My Fish?

Although it is not essential that you thaw your frozen brine shrimp before giving it to your fish, it is highly recommended. The frozen brine shrimp cube does pose a choking hazard to some fish while also restricting the number of fish in your tank that are able to enjoy the treat.

Due to the cubes being frozen, they are very difficult to break up into smaller parts so you usually have to defrost them first.

If you do only have a single large fish and your frozen brine shrimp cubes are small enough then you are able to just drop the cube into your tank as is though as a large fish should be able to eat them without issue.

The majority of our readers will have a traditional community tank though and want to make sure that as many of their fish get some of the treat as possible.

Using the method that we explained earlier in the article where you defrost the frozen brine shrimp into a glass with water from your aquarium in it and then pour the water back into the aquarium along the length of your tank is probably the best option to take.

Can You Reuse Frozen Brine Shrimp?

We would not recommend that you try to re-freeze brine shrimp once you have defrosted them to reuse them at a later date.

You are able to store defrosted brine shrimp in a container in your refrigerator for around four days before you will have any issues though allowing you to spread out the feeding times.

This tends to work perfectly for most people as it is generally recommended that you only offer treat foods such as brine shrimp to your fish two to three times per week at most.

This allows you to defrost a frozen brine shrimp cube and feed your fish half of it on one day and then feed your fish the rest a few days later.

If you have a small tank with a couple of fish in it then this can be an excellent option to take.

It keeps your costs as low as possible but if you do need to be trying to reuse your brine shrimp over longer time frames you should just switch to freeze dried brine shrimp instead of frozen brine shrimp as they keep much longer.


That brings our article on how to feed frozen brine shrimp to your fish to an end. There really are a wide range of popular methods that people use to feed their frozen brine shrimp to their fish with some being overly complex while others are basic and straight forward. When it coms to something like feeding your pet fish some frozen brine shrimp, there really is no need to over thing it in most cases and taking the easiest possible route is often the best option to take.