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How To Free A Cat Stuck In A Wall!

Cats are the second most popular pet kept by people in North America and Europe with dogs being the only pet that are more popular than then.

Due to so many people having a pet cat in their home, we have noticed a huge number of people reaching out with various questions about cats with each month that passes.

The bulk of the questions that we see people asking about cats are based around their food or health but we have noticed a spike in the number of people asking about how to get a cat stuck in a wall free.

Due to seeing so many people asking about getting their pet cat out from the wall, we have decided to focus on this for today’s article as we know that it can be a pain to get a cat-free once it’s actually in the wall.

Please note that we will be offering some tips and tricks that can help you get your pet cat out of the wall but you have to keep in mind that no matter what you try, it will usually be difficult to get your cat out of the wall once it’s in there.

This is why so many people have come up with some ingenious methods of trying to get their pet cat-free with varying levels of success.

How Do Cats Get Stuck In Walls?

Cats often get stuck in walls due to their inquisitive nature and wanting to explore so they see an open hole in the wall and want to stick their head in to check it out.

Once they realize that there is space to actually get into the wall, they jump in and go on their little adventure.

As with most problems, prevention is better than cure and trying to cover any open holes in the walls during renovations is always a good idea.

This will help to keep your pet cat out of your walls and add a physical barrier to the hole in the wall preventing it from getting in.

Depending on the style of house that you have, multiple walls in your house may be joined together so once the cat is able to get into the wall, it can have free reign of the house and end up in a totally different wall.

As you may expect, this can make it more difficult to actually catch your cat once it is in the wall and may result in you having to make new, unplanned holes in the wall to get your pet cat out too.

How To Free A Cat Stuck In A Wall!

The easiest way to free a cat that is stuck in a wall is to try and lure it out with food once it gets hungry.

Depending on how well-fed your cat is and when it last ate, this may take hours or even days but it is usually the easiest and cheapest method to get your cat out of the wall.

As a worst-case scenario, you may actually have to try and break holes into the wall to get your cat out and unfortunately, this is required more often than most people think.

This is due to so many homes having double drywall installations joining large chunks of their home and once the cat is into these walls, it often goes on an adventure and ends up in a different room and nowhere near the hole it used to get into the wall.

If your cat managed to get into the wall via an air vent then you can often get it out much easier as it is confined to the path of the vent.

Even if your cat does walk through the walk into another room, you can usually just pop the air vent guard off in the room that your cat has ended up in and free your cat from the wall with ease.

How Do You Lure A Cat Out Of The Wall?

The easiest way to lure a cat out of the wall is to use its favourite treat food and wait until your cat is hungry.

This really is a waiting game though can sometimes take days, especially if you are actively trying to get your cat out of the wall or banking on the wall to try and scare your cat out.

Putting the food down on the floor and then just waiting for your cat to come out of its own free will is usually the best route to take.

Now, the problem is that your cat may enjoy being in the hole and try to get its food and then run back into the wall as soon as possible with this being surprisingly common.

As most of our readers won’t be able to watch the hole in the wall for their cat all day, you may have to think outside of the box to try and prevent your cat from just going back into the wall after it has ate its food.

Depending on the situation, it may actually be a good idea for you to pick up a cheap cat trap that won’t harm your cat but will easily let you trap it to prevent it from going back into the wall.

This will often be much cheaper than you having to pay to have new holes in your wall fixed if you are not able to lure your cat out of the wall and prevent it from running right back in.

How Do You Find A Cat Trapped In A Wall?

If your cat is responsive to your voice then you are able to try call and response to locate your cat trapped in a wall.

You call your cats name and then listen for it to meow in response to you giving you an idea of where it is in the wall. If there are holes in the wall you can also try to stick your hand in with a laser point to try and get your cat to chase the laser.

Most cats will instinctively chase a laser and even a No products found. is usually enough to get the job done with ease.

Not only will your cat chasing the laser pointer give its location away letting you know exactly where it is in the wall but you may actually be able to get your cat to chase the laser back to the hole that it climbed into.

If your cat has a bell collar on it then you are in luck as the sound of the bell as your cat moves around inside of the wall may give its position away.

If you are having to rely on this method then try to turn the TV off as well as anything else that may make loud sounds in your home and keep in mind, if you have two cats in your home, it might be an idea to take the collar off your other cat so you don’t end up tracking the sound of its bell.

Who To Call If Your Cat Is Stuck In The Wall?

Please don’t call the fire department if your cat is stuck in the wall, their job is to protect human life and minimize fire damage to buildings, not to get your cat out of the wall.

In some towns and cities, you will be fined for the price of a call out if you do try to use the fire department to get your cat out of a wall! Building trades are usually the best option to create easy to fix holes in walls to free your cat.

We know that people don’t like the idea of having to pay a builder to open their house walls up and then fix the hole and then have to redecorate but this is the only option if our tips above failed.

This is why so many cat owners whos pet cat managed to get into their walls use a cheap cat trap as it works out so much cheaper than having to get a builder to help you.

If you do need to get someone to help you get your cat out of the wall then it is usually much better to always use a professional instead of trying to cut corners.

We have seen multiple people try to cut corners and save money only to end up having serious damage done to electrical wires and in some cases, water or gas pipes resulting in a much higher repair bill.


That brings our article on what to do if your cat is stuck in a wall to a close. We hope that you found our article helpful and that we have been able to help you get your cat out of the wall without issue. We know that it is frustrating to have your cat running around in your house walls but as we touched on earlier, prevention really is much better than cure so blocking any holes in your walls up as quickly as possible is definitely the best option to take.