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How To Get Rid Of The Black Crust Around Your Cats Eyes!

When our cats’ eyes begin to develop any form of discharge, this can be alarming to pet owners. For example, black crust around cats’ eyes is a problem that tends to crop up often, causing owners to wonder what the culprit may be.

They are also going to wonder if the animal will be able to remain safe in the meantime, which is a very common concern in these types of scenarios.

In some instances, a black crust around cats’ eyes may be indicative of a larger problem. In other instances, the pet may be just fine and there will be nothing else to do.

Any pet owner who finds themselves in need of further assistance would do well to consult with a professional vet if they are unsure of how to proceed. These compassionate professionals will be able to answer any and all questions that the cat’s owner may have.

On the other hand, a cat’s eyes may be fine, as long as the amount of black crust around their eyes is small.There are also certain breeds that may experience a greater level of discharge than others.

The more that an owner knows about these aspects, the easier it becomes to put themselves at ease. This guide will also serve as a helpful reminder when it comes time to check the pet over.

Is A Black Crust Around A Cat’s Eyes Normal?

“While technically a normal eye should not have any ocular discharge, a small amount of clear discharge, which may dry and appear slightly brown and crusty, maybe OK,” says Beth Kimmitt, D.V.M., resident of ophthalmology at Purdue University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Black crust also falls under this category and is typically nothing to worry about when the amount of discharge is small. If there is more crust around the cat’s eyes than normal, this is a sign that the owner may need to contact some veterinary professionals.

In these instances, it is in the best interests of the cat owner to book a video call with a professional veterinarian. If the pet’s eyes are having to be wiped on a more frequent basis, this is a sure sign that the animal may be dealing with an infection of some kind.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle this sort of concern without the assistance of a professional. There is no reason for a pet owner to try and take on these sorts of tasks on their own.

Having access to a veterinarian who can make these types of assessments in a timely manner is a godsend to cat owners in this situation. They will provide a diagnosis that allows the owner to take action quickly.

Best of all, they are also able to offer owners valuable tips and pointers on how to avoid problems of this nature in the future. After all, as the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when beloved pets are involved.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Cat’s Black Eye Crust?

Once a pet owner has been able to successfully isolate the problem, the next step is remedying the issue. Fortunately, there are solutions that have been specially formulated to solve the black eye crust conundrum.

While feline eye crust is a common issue, that does not mean that owners will have to schedule a video call with a professional veterinarian every single time this problem crops up.

In fact, there are pet eye wipes that are sure to serve as an absolute godsend to all pet parents who are dealing with their four-legged friend’s black eye crust.

With the help of these wipes, the eye crusties that are currently plaguing the pet can be removed quickly. Of course, some cat owners are going to rightfully wonder if the wipes will cause any damage to the eyes or cause the pet to experience additional discomfort.

There is no reason to fret in these instances. These wipes have been specially formulated, so that the cat is not harmed during their application.

This is music to the ears of cat owners who have been looking for ways to address the problem without causing any undue stress to the animal. The reservations that pet owners may have here are understandable but these worries will soon fall by the wayside.

Is It Normal For Cats To Have Eye Crusties?

As with most questions of this nature, the answer lies in the level of frequency. It is normal for cats to experience a small amount of eye crusties but this is not a problem that should be persisting over the long haul.

How noticeable is the eye discharge in question? If it appears to be more than normal, this is a sign that a veterinarian needs to be contacted as soon as possible.

The coloration of the gunk around the cat’s eyes also bears monitoring. For example, black eye crust is typically considered to be normal and nothing for the pet owner to worry about.

Conversely, different colors can indicate that there is something wrong with the cat. In most cases, eye crusties are just a sign of having had a good night’s sleep, much like humans.

Once the eye discharge has become noticeable and unrelated to the cat’s sleeping patterns, it is time to seek professional assistance. In some cases, the cat may just be experiencing tears that are naturally produced throughout the day.

In others, this may be a sign that the animal is experiencing a more serious form of irritation that needs to be handled by a skilled veterinarian. Some breeds may also be more susceptible to eye discharge because of the shape of their faces (Persians, Himalayan, etc).

Should You Pick Your Cat’s Eye Boogers?

Pick is probably the wrong word to use in these instances but a proactive should definitely be doing everything in their power to remove the cat’s eye boogers as soon as they form.

The owner will typically notice the eye boogers and start to wonder how they will be able to remove them safely. Warm water and cotton balls are a common suggestions in these instances.

However, pet eye wipes provide cat owners with a much more reliable (and safe) method for cleaning up their pets. After all, getting a cat to sit still while other remedies are applied is easier said than done.

Thanks to pet eye wipes, owners can clean up their pets more quickly, without causing any additional irritation in the process.

No owner needs to be trying to pick them out by themselves. This is only going to upset the animal and potentially cause injuries in the process.

Cat owners do not always have time to hold a pet down and they may not have a friend or loved one close by who can help. Pet eye wipes are less annoying to the cat, keeping both parties from going through the daily difficulties.

Why Does My Cat Have Black Crusty Eyes?

When it comes to black crusty eyes, the answer is simpler than most owners might think. In most instances, the animal is only going to have black crusty eyes because they have been sleeping.

The presence of black crusty eyes does not always mean that the animal is dealing with a serious medical issue, so owners should avoid panicking if possible.

This bears mentioning, as pet owners are more likely to fret over these types of conditions, causing them to make a rash decision.

However, there are certain signs of discomfort that the pet owner should be watching out for in these instances. If the cat is squinting or blinking in a manner that seems excessive, this could be a sign that they are dealing with a much deeper problem.

Is the cat constantly pawing at their face? This is another sign that they could be experiencing a more severe eye-related issue that needs to be attended to.

Some cats who are having eye crusties that are not related to normal sleep patterns may even rub their faces against surfaces when they are in search of relief.

Upper respiratory infections, corneal disorders and conjunctivitis are common culprits in these instances. While there is no reason to panic, most pet owners will monitor the situation closely if pet eye wipes fail to offer the necessary relief.

A veterinarian can also examine the cat to make sure that they are not experiencing a tear duct blockage.

In Conclusion

Black crust around a cat’s eyes is not as worrisome as most pet owners would think. As long as the pet owner is willing to keep a close eye on the situation (no pun intended), there should be no further issues and pet eye wipes can remedy the problem. If the cat is experiencing normal black crust around its eyes, there is no need to panic. If the issue persists and the coloration is not black, this could be a sign that the animal needs to see a veterinarian.