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How To Help A Bearded Dragon Shedding Its Nose!

After a number of cute looking bearded dragons went viral on social media a few months back, there has been a spike in the popularity of keeping bearded dragons as pets.

Thankfully, there has also been a spike in the number of people reaching out and asking various questions about how they are able to offer the best care possible for their pet bearded dragon too.

With there being a large number of beginner bearded dragon keepers out there right now, we have noticed a number of people reaching out with questions specific to bearded dragons shedding.

One of the most frequently asked questions about shedding is based around your bearded dragon shedding its nose.

We know that this can catch a number of people off guard as they may not be sure what’s actually happening.

A number of experienced bearded dragon keepers can also be taken by surprise with nose shedding too as most of the time, the bearded dragon will just sneeze its nose shed out but sometimes it will stick.

What Is The White Stuff In My Bearded Dragons Nose?

Most of the time, the white stuff in your bearded dragon’s nose will just be nose shed that has got stuck.

Most bearded dragons will just sneeze their nose shed out but sometimes it may get stuck and need you to help it remove it.

If you do notice that your bearded dragon does have some stuck nose shed, please realise that this is not your fault and is not due to anything that you have done wrong.

Your bearded dragon may not have any issues with its nose shed for years and then one year, one nostril may just shed in a slightly different way causing the shed to get stuck.

We want to make this clear as we have seen some people new to keeping bearded dragons thing that the white stuff in their pet’s nose is that fault when it really isn’t.

Some bearded dragons can be prone to having their nose shed stuck too and although it is rare, it is not your fault, it is just the shape of your bearded dragon’s nostrils making it more prone to getting it’s she stuck.

Do Bearded Dragons Shed Their Nostrils?

Bearded dragons do shed the insides of their nostrils when they shed the rest of their body. This is totally normal and most bearded dragons will sneeze their nostril shed out of their nose as it peels away from the skin.

You can usually tell if there is shed in your bearded dragon’s nostril by seeing the pale skin that has been shredded close to its normal nostril.

You can usually run your finger over it gently and feel that there is loose confirming that your bearded dragon does have shed stuck in its nose.

Be sure to be as gentle as possible if you are going to run your finger over your bearded dragon’s nose to confirm there is shed in their nostril. The last thing that you want to do is accidentally push the shed deeper into their nostrils.

Should I Help My Bearded Dragon Shed Its Nose?

Most of the time your bearded dragon will simply sneeze its nose shed out of its nostrils without issue. Sometimes you will have to help your bearded dragon though as the nose shed can end up getting stuck in the nostril and irritate your bearded dragon.

It is usually suspiring how much shed can actually get stuck in your bearded dragon’s nostril. Sometimes the length of the shed stuck in there can be as long as an inch in length so you can only imagine the irritation that it causes for your bearded dragon.

You will sometimes notice that your bearded dragon is sneezing more often that usual and breathing in a slightly different way to normal. This is often an indication that it is not able to shift the shed itself and that it is irritating your bearded dragon and needs to be removed.

How To Help A Bearded Dragon Shedding Its Nose!

The easiest way to remove shed from a bearded dragons nose is to get some tweezers, grab the shed at the nostril entrance and then gently pull it. This is generally a very easy procedure to do yourself and often will only take a minute or two to complete.

Try to make sure that you don’t pull the shed out too quickly as the shed skin may snap in the nostril and this then becomes even harder to remove as there is no easy place to grab the shed to pull it out.

In the case of removing skin shed from your bearded dragon’s nostril, slow and steady definitely wins the race.

You will often notice the instant relief in your bearded dragon once the stuck nose skin shed is removed. It really can cause a huge amount of discomfort in bearded dragons so they are usually thankful when you remove their shed for them.


That brings our article going over helping your pet bearded dragon with a shedding nose to an end. Beginners to keeping bearded dragons are often worried about helping their bearded dragon remove their nose shed but it really is very simple and straightforward. Your bearded dragon really will be thankful to you for removing its nose shed too.