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How To Help A Budgie With A Sprained Wing!

If you’re the owner of a pet budgie, then you’re aware of what beautiful and friendly birds budgies are. Not only do budgies have lovely and very colorful green and possibly yellow feathers, but they’re a very popular pet because they’re inexpensive and easy to care for.

In some areas, having a pet budgie is almost as common as having a dog or cat. Despite being easy to care for, budgies are like any other pet, and they need checkups and medical treatment from time to time.

Sometimes budgies even sustain injuries, just like any other pet does, as well. One common problem that pet birds like budgies often encounter is a sprained or broken wing.

If you suspect that your pet budgie sprained wing, you might be unsure how to proceed. It can be distressing to know that your sweet little bird is suffering and you’re not sure how to help it.

Before you can help your pet budgie, you’ll need to determine if the bird did, in fact, injure its wing. How can you do this? If your pet budgie sprained wing, you will know that something is wrong because it likely won’t be able to fly.

You can also assess it to determine if it’s in distress. There will be other signs, as well, but only a veterinarian can make a definitive diagnosis.

Once a qualified veterinarian has identified the problem with your pet bird’s wing, you will then be given a treatment plan so your budgie can be on its way to feeling better.

How Do I Know If My Budgie Has A Sprained Wing?

It may be difficult to determine whether your budgie has a sprained wing if you haven’t had much experience with small birds. However, if you’ve dealt with birds with sprained wings before, then you may be better able to figure things out.

You can often determine if a budgie’s wing is sprained by the position of the wing. When a budgie’s wing is sprained or broken, it may appear out of place compared to how it normally looks.

If you’re not sure if your budgie’s wing is sprained and it appears to be injured, you will have to have it examined by a vet. However, vets can be costly, especially if you take your bird to a local animal hospital or clinic.

A video call with a veterinarian is equivalent to an in-person visit to a vet, but it’s often significantly more affordable. And you also don’t have to worry about leaving your home and possibly driving for miles with an injured bird in tow.

Just like an in-person visit, the veterinarian that you’re seeing via video visit can properly diagnose your budgie’s issue. The vet will instruct you on what to do next and let you know if you need to take the bird into a local clinic for x-rays or if you need to pick up medication.

You can then care for the bird at home, according to what the vet recommends, so your budgie can get back to normal as soon as possible.

How Do You Help A Budgie With A Sprained Wing?

There are several ways that you can help a budgie with a sprained wing. First, you can take it to a veterinarian that treats birds.

The veterinarian will thoroughly examine the bird and possibly even x-ray its wing. Another way to help a budgie with a sprained wing is to treat it at home.

You might be nervous about treating your budgie’s injured wing at home, but if the bird seems otherwise healthy and isn’t objecting to being handled and cared for, then you should be fine providing home care.

To treat a budgie’s sprained wing at home, you will need to minimize movement of the wing as much as possible while it heals. Wrapping the bird up in a warm towel will help the budgie to feel secure. Try to keep the bird wrapped up if you can.

The less he moves the wing, the sooner it will heal. If the bird refuses to eat for more than a day or so, you may need to take it to a vet. Be sure to find out which vets treat birds, because not all of them do.

Whether your budgie requires professional medical treatment or not, once you have the bird back at home, you will need to limit movement of the wing as much as possible.

You can’t leave it wrapped in the towel for an extended period, but you can keep it in its cage, where it won’t be able to flap its wings in an attempt to fly.

Can A Budgie’s Wing Heal On Its Own?

A budgie’s wing can most certainly heal on its own with the proper treatment. Professional medical treatment isn’t always necessary unless you notice bleeding, the bird refuses to eat or hydrate, or it doesn’t seem to be improving after a couple days.

Most budgies with sprained wings will heal quickly and be able to fly again very soon.

With every injury, there is always the possibility of complications, especially if the bird’s wing isn’t merely sprained. Again, if the wing is sprained, your budgie’s wing should heal relatively quickly.

However, if the wing is broken or there is another undiscovered issue going on, you can’t wait any longer: your budgie will need to be examined by an exotic veterinarian.

The bird doctor will be able to determine exactly what’s going on and what is causing the strangely positioned wing, as well as any bleeding or whatever else may be going on.

Don’t forget that a video call with a vet is often just as good as seeing one in person, so if you don’t need to go out, you shouldn’t have to.


In conclusion, if you suspect that your budgie sprained wing, you need to act as soon as possible so your bird can quickly regain its health. If you can’t treat the injury yourself, then you will need to seek the assistance of a veterinarian that specializes in treating exotic pets. He or she can make a definitive diagnosis and recommend the most appropriate treatment that will get your budgie back to flying around and feeling good as soon as possible.