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How To Help A Spayed Cat With Swollen Nipples!

Most people are aware that it is important to get your female cat spayed unless you plan to breed her.

Spaying your cat reduces her risk of health issues in later life, reduces her hormones and stress, and is generally considered the responsible thing to do if you own a pet; most rescues heavily encourage spaying.

However, if you find that your spayed cat has swollen nipples, you may be wondering what on Earth is wrong.

Mostly, swollen nipples are associated with pregnancy in the animal, because it is starting to produce milk with which it can feed its babies – and the same is true of cats. It is unusual for a female cat that is not pregnant to have swollen nipples, but if you have had your cat spayed, you can be sure that she isn’t pregnant, which may leave you very puzzled about what is going on.

Swollen nipples can be quite a worrying thing to see, and may leave you concerned about your cat’s health.

It is very important to read up on anything that concerns you about your cat’s health, and a swollen nipple (or multiple nipples) is certainly a cause for concern.

Neglecting to look into health issues can allow them to worsen, which could lead to your cat becoming very sick, so make sure that you don’t wait; determine what is wrong and find out how it can be treated.

Why Does My Spayed Cat Have Swollen Nipples?

There are quite a few potential causes that could mean your spayed cat develops swollen nipples, and these include things like mammary gland enlargement, false pregnancy, a localized infection at the site, mammary cancer, mammary hyperplasia, and feline mammary hypertrophy.

In some rare cases, a previously lactating cat that has been spayed may experience mastitis, but this is pretty uncommon for spayed females, so it is unlikely. However, any of these things can be painful for the cat and dangerous, so they will need dealing with.

It is a good idea to start with a video call with a veterinarian if your spayed female cat has developed swollen nipples, as this will give you a good idea of what might be wrong and where to go next.

Over a video call, the vet can inspect the swelling and determine what the likely causes are so that a proper course of treatment can be selected. Don’t delay this call, but get one organized as soon as possible so you can get your cat healthy again.

Any of the above issues could be quite serious and they are often uncomfortable for the cat at the very least, so make sure you get her some proper medical attention.

Often, your cat will need medication to overcome the issues she is facing, so talk to your vet about her options. Leaving the issue untreated may cause it to worsen, which could be painful for your cat.

How Can I Help My Spayed Cat With Swollen Nipples?

The best thing that you can do at this stage is to get advice from a vet, because many different kinds of illnesses can cause a cat’s nipples to swell, and different illnesses will require different sorts of treatment.

It is important not to try and use a blanket treatment for them, as the underlying causes will not be the same. For example, hormonal imbalances will not be treated in the same way as a bacterial infection.

A vet’s advice will be needed to make accurate decisions for your pet. If you cannot get your cat to a vet immediately, the best thing you can do is make sure that she is calm and as comfortable as possible.

Provide a warm box for her to rest in, with a blanket, and allow her to sit in a quiet, calm place so that she is not stressed.

Do not try to feed her, clean the nipples, poke them, or do anything else that may upset the cat. In general, medication or surgery will be needed to clear up swollen nipples, so you cannot do anything from home.

Although you may be familiar with some of the causes of swollen nipples and how they are treated, it is still important to let a vet diagnose the problem and recommend treatment.

Should I Be Worried If A Spayed Cat Has Swollen Nipples?

It is always concerning when something is wrong with a pet, and a spayed cat should not have swollen nipples, so this is something you should be worried about, yes. It may prove something very treatable, but it is still important to get it checked.

Do not panic, however; swollen nipples are generally treatable, and they are not necessarily a huge problem. They are simply something to take note of and arrange a prompt checkup for; usually, your cat will be fine once it has received the correct medication. Your vet should be able to provide this once they have examined the cat.

Do not ignore swollen nipples, even if they are only slightly swollen and you don’t think it is a big deal. They can be a symptom of many unpleasant problems, and they will likely get worse quite quickly if they are not treated properly.

Make sure you are prompt about getting an appointment with a vet and following up with any medication needed so that your cat is on the road back to being healthy as soon as possible.


So, if your spayed cat has swollen nipples, you should be seeking advice from a vet as soon as you are able to do so. It is not normal for a spayed cat to develop swollen nipples, as these are usually a sign of pregnancy (and the whole point of spaying is to avoid pregnancy), so get this checked out and find out what is causing the swelling. In most cases, your vet should be able to advise you on what is wrong and what can be done to rectify it, so you can start treating your pet.