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How To Keep A Fish Tank On Carpet!

There has been a huge surge in the number of people getting involved in fish keeping over the last few months and this has resulted in an increase in the number of questions that we see about maintaining aquariums and fish tanks.

With many of the people who are new to fish keeping having to work with limited space, we have seen a number of people reaching out about where they are able to keep their fish tank with a number of people specifically asking about keeping their fish tank on carpet.

Although keeping a fish tank on carpet is usually not recommended, there are a number of different ways that you are able to make it work.

The various tips and tricks that you should be trying to use if you are wanting to keep your fish tank on your carpet as usually very beginner-friendly to implement while also being cheap too.

This should ensure that any of our readers who do need to place their aquariums and fish tanks on carpet are easily able to do so without there being any risk to their fish tank or their carpet.

Depending on your exact setup, you may be able to integrate an aquarium stand but many people do literally have to seat their aquariums directly on their carpet.

Can You Set Up A Fish Tank On Carpet?

Although it is usually not recommended, you are able to set a fish tank up on carpet with a little planning and preparation.

You are able to use simple tank accessories such as self-leveling mats to do most of the work for you and form a protective barrier between your aquarium and your carpet with many people opting to use an aquarium stand to make the job even easier.

Both options can work well and have both been proven to work time and time again by people within the fish keeping community who have no option but to keep their fish tanks on their carpet.

The main thing to remember, even more so than keeping your tank level is that you need some sort of barrier between your tank and your carpet to prevent the transfer of moisture that will quickly result in the growth of mould on your carpet.

We feel that a self-leveling mat is the best option by far as it has been designed for use with aquariums and as the name suggests, it helps to level the tank of for you.

Too many people seem to get caught up on leveling their tank off perfectly but this can take a huge amount of time when a self-leveling mat will do the majority of the work for you.

The water in your tank will also level itself off anyway so provided you get your tank almost level, you should be good to go.

Should I Put Something Under My Aquarium On Carpet?

You should ideally be putting something under your aquarium that will insulate your tank if you do have to heat the water as well as provide a water resistant barrier to prevent the transfer of condensation and water droplets from the outside of the tank to your carpet to prevent mould growth.

You can use something to help you level the tank off too but this is not really essential and you should prioritize a water resistant barrier over the tank being totally level.

The insulating material is becoming increasingly popular due to modern homes having underfloor heating as it can help to prevent your underfloor heating from increasing the water temperature of your aquarium too.

This helps to keep the water temperature within experience levels for your fish, plants, shrimp, and snails to reduce the chances of you having any problems too.

Although rare, we have actually seen a number of people have issues with their aquariums on carpet due to their underfloor heating accidentally increasing the water temperature within the tank to a level that is far too hot for their fish.

A decent thermal barrier helps to prevent this and keep your fish safe but most people who do have underfloor heating in their home and will need to have it on for long periods of the year should really be looking at getting an aquarium stand to prevent these issues form happening.

How Do You Level A Fish Tank For Carpet?

Leveling a fish tank for a carpet is easier than most people think and there are various self-leveling mats on the market that can get the tank very close to being perfectly level with minimal effort being required on your part.

Many beginners often think that getting their fish tank perfectly level is important too when in actual fact, it usually isn’t and will cause minimal problems if your tank is slightly off.

Self-leveling mats can also be used to help you quickly and easily level off an aquarium stand too with both a box stand and a horse stand working on self-leveling mats.

If you do have a box stand where there are no legs to the stand and the base box touches the carpet then we would highly recommend that you go with a self-level mat if possible as it will save you a bunch of time and effort when leveling off your aquarium stand and fish tank on your carpet.

If you have a horse stand where the aquarium stand has four legs touching the carpet then they do generally tend to be very easy to level off quickly.

The majority of the modern horse stand designs have easy to follow instructions on how you use the leveling system built in to the stands legs to allow you to level the stand off within minutes on your carpet.


That brings our article going over how to use a fish tank on carpet to an end. We hope that we have been able to help as many of our readers as possible better understand how they are able to use their aquariums on their carpet. Although many people think that getting their aquarium perfectly level is important, it really isn’t and providing some temperature insulation and a water resistant barrier is far more important when placing your tank on carpet.