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How to Stop a New Kitten From Hissing at My Dog!

If your new kitten is hissing at your dog, it doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work out, and there is no hope. It simply means your kitten is scared and will need some time to warm up to the canine living in the home.

When working to stop a kitten from hissing at your dog, you will have to remain calm, keep the area quiet, and introduce the two slowly.

Do not leave the kitten alone with your dog in any space until they have both shown that they are okay with the situation, and there will be no fighting when you leave the room.

It is always best to bring a cat into a home with a dog already living there when they are babies. Kittens tend to be more accepting and easier to acclimate to their surroundings than older cats, who have already developed their personalities and behaviors.

Why Does My Kitten Hiss at My Dog?

Hissing is an instinctual response a cat has when they are angry, scared, or uncomfortable. They will hiss at a dog if they feel like they are in any type of danger, and it has been their way of survival for thousands of years. Your cat is hissing at your dog to let them know they are on guard. 

If you have a kitten that is hissing, growling, or showing its claws, they are letting you know they are not happy in their current situation. This is fight or flight time, and they may be preparing to attack. Keeping your pets separated and in a controlled environment is the best choice for this situation.

You should never keep a hissing kitten in the current situation. It is crucial that you de-escalate the problem before it gets out of hand and the dog or the kitten gets hurt. There are ways to ease the tension, and they should be implemented sooner than later, starting with a calm introduction. 

How Do I Get My Kitten To Stop Hissing At My Dog?

The easiest way to get your kitten to stop hissing at your dog is by slowly introducing the two as carefully as possible. It is best to do this a little at a time and never push too much interaction.

Just because the kitten is hissing now doesn’t mean there is no hope. Hold the baby and make it feel safe while it is getting used to your dog.

Babysteps are essential when it comes to introducing any animals to one another, especially when you are having a small kitten meet an animal that is larger and, most of the time, stronger.

Suppose the kitten doesn’t seem interested at the moment; back off and try again at another time. It may also be beneficial to keep each meeting brief at first, letting them get used to each other’s scent.

Another way to get your kitten to stop hissing at your dog is by providing a safe spot for your kitten to go when he or she is feeling overwhelmed.

Providing a cat house or crate is a great way to give the cat a space of their own where they can hide when they are scared or want to be left alone. 

How Long Does It Take For A Kitten To Get Used To A Dog?

It can take a few days or even a few weeks for a kitten to get used to a dog; depending on the situation, it could possibly take even longer. 

On average, your kitten should be able to live with your dog within two or three weeks without feeling the need to be on guard. However, a variety of outside factors can prolong this time frame.

If a kitten came from a shelter or has had a bad experience already with dogs, it may take them a little while to get used to them.

On the other hand, if your kitten was born in the home and the dog was around from the start, it shouldn’t take any time at all for him or her to cozy up to their canine sibling. 

Kittens are curious creatures and are going to be interested in everything around the home, living or otherwise, so they will eventually want to get to know your dog.

You simply have to stay patient and take your time to help the two come together in a safe and caring environment.  Having a safe space is going to reduce the cat’s stress, reducing their negative reaction.

When Is The Best Time To Introduce A New Kitten To A Dog?

If you have the option, the ideal time to introduce a kitten to a dog is between three and six weeks. If you are bringing a kitten home from a shelter or breeder, then it is best to introduce the pair after the kitten becomes familiar with the home.

It isn’t recommended to introduce a new kitten to your dog as soon as you walk into the house; stress limits for the cat will be high, and this will just add to it. It is best to wait up to 24-hours for the kitten to get used to noises, smells, and people before getting used to the dog.

When you do introduce the two pets, you are going to want to have a tight hold on the kitten, keeping its claws under control in order to prevent any swiping or scratching that can escalate the situation and turn a simple meeting into a lifelong sibling rivalry.


If your new kitten is hissing at your dog, it isn’t a sign they are vicious or mean. This should be a sign indicating that your kitten is still uncomfortable with their situation, and it is better to take a time out and try again later. If you continue to push the pair together before they are ready, it can make things much more complicated in the end.