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How To Stop Blue Buffalo Diarrhea In Your Dog!

With Blue Buffalo dog food being one of the most popular dog food brands in North America and Europe, we constantly see people reaching out to ask about the actual quality of the food and if it is worth giving to their own dogs.

We constantly see people asking about the ingredients list and quality control for Blue Buffalo but we have noticed more and more people asking about stopping Blue Buffalo diarrhea in their dog recently.

Although the dog food brands often get the blame for issues such as diarrhea in dogs, it’s not as simple as being able to say that Blue Buffalo causes diarrhea as it is usually down to allergies in your dog.

For example, almost a third of dogs have some form of allergy to beef protein meaning that if you give your dog a beef flavoured Blue Buffalo dog food and it has an allergy to it, there is a chance of your dog’s allergy causing diarrhea but this could happen with any dog food brand.

That said though, our regular readers will know that we always recommend a taste of the wild to our readers as we feel that it is the best off the shelf dog food available.

If possible, we would highly recommend that you try to switch over to a custom dog food that has been tailored to your dog’s specific needs though.

If you plan to use the monthly subscription services then a tailored dog food can actually workout around the same price as a generic, off the shelf dog food.

Why Does Blue Buffalo Dog Food Cause Diarrhea?

Blue Buffalo dog food causes diarrhea in dogs due to many dogs commonly having allergies to various foods but the side effects of these allergies such as diarrhea can actually be from any dog food brand.

For example, 33% of dogs have some form of allergy to beef protein, 15% of dogs have allergies to chicken, and 5% have allergies to lamb no matter the brand of dog food.

This means that there is a high chance that your dog may end up having an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the dog food no matter the brand of dog food that you use anyway.

You are able to get a dog allergy test kit so you can quickly and easily workout if your dog’s diarrhea is due to the ingredients in the food or if it is due to something specific to how Blue Buffalo produce their dog food.

Blue Buffalo does tend to produce richer tasting dog foods than other brands too so this can slightly increase the chance of a dog who does not suffer from allergies to the ingredients either vomiting or having diarrhea too.

On the flipside of this though, some dogs do tend to really enjoy the taste of the richer Blue Buffalo flavors so it really does come down to your dog’s preferences.

How To Stop Blue Buffalo Diarrhea In Your Dog!

The easiest way to stop your dog from suffering from diarrhea when eating Blue Buffalo dog food is to try a pork or fish flavored Blue Buffalo dog food as they have the least amount of common allergins in them for dogs.

You can also try to feed your dog another brands dog food to see if your dog still suffers from diarrhea when on the other brands dog food to give you an indication of if the diarrhea is due to allergins.

The chart above shows a full breakdown of the most common allergins in dog food and the percentage of dogs that test positive to that allergin.

As you can see, beef and chicken are the two most common allergins for flavour but a large number of dog food products also contain dairy in with a meat-based flavouring.

This is why you should always check the ingredients list of the particular Blue Buffalo dog food that you are about to feed your dog as it can be difficult to see if the recipe uses dairy products or not from the front of the packaging.

The large number of common allergens in dog food is one of the main reasons that so many dog owners are making the switch over to tailor made dog food products too as you are able to avoid having the food types your dog is sensitive to in them.

Will Blue Buffalo Cause Diarrhea In All Dogs?

Blue Buffalo and the other huge dog food brands do tend to get some what of a bad rep sure to so many dogs who have allergies to their ingredients having diarrhea or vomiting after eating the food.

As we have covered above though, this is almost always down to an ingredient in the food and will happen with any dog food brand.

Blue Buffalo and any other large dog food brand should not cause these issues in a dog that does not suffer from allergies but as our chart above explained, around half of all dogs do suffer from some sort of food sensitivity.

It is estimated that around a quarter of all dogs have a serious food allergy too that will result in either diarrhea or vomiting if their allergins are present in their food no matter the dog food brand.

This is why the demand for dog allergy test kits has exploded in recent years due to more and more dog owners realising that food allergies in dogs are so common.

We have lost count of the number of people who have realised that their dog’s vomiting and diarrhea have been down to them feeding their dog a food that their dog was sensitive too all along after testing their dogs.

Does Blue Buffalo Make Dogs Poop A Lot?

Blue Buffalo does tend to contain around five percent more fibre than some of the other more popular dog food brands so it can seem like it is making your dog poop more than another dog food brand would.

This can be totally normal due to the higher fibre content in their food and does not mean that it has a higher chance of causing other issues such as diarrhea in your dog.

That said though, dogs don’t actually need much fibre in their diets at all to have a healthy digestive flow so dog foods with higher fibre content are not usually needed unless your vet specifically advises it due to a health issue.

Even then, most vets will prescribe a fibre supplement rather than an actual dog food that has a higher amount of fibre in it.

Another potential issue is that you could be giving your dog a treat food that is designed for humans to eat rather than dogs.

Most human treats are high in dairy so even if you do go through the time and effort of avoiding the major allergins in your dog’s primary food, you can still accidentally introduce them via treats with dairy being an allergin for around 17% of all dogs.


That brings our article going over Blue Buffalo diarrhea in dogs to an end. We hope that you have found our article helpful and that we have been able to point out that the main cause of diarrhea in dogs is actually the ingredients being an allergin to your dog rather than the brand of dog food. Although some dog food brands do use lower quality ingredients than others, the most common issue is still allergins in the food rather than the quality of the ingredients.