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How To Stop Cats Pooping On Concrete!

There’s nothing worse than getting a new patio or concrete feature added to your garden or yard only for the neighborhood cats to start pooping all over it.

The culprit may not even be your own cat as it is very common for a neighbour’s cat or feral cat in the area to start marking its territory by pooping on unmarked surfaces too making the problem worse.

Due to this being a very common problem that we see people complaining about month in month out, we have decided to publish our own article going over how you can stop cats pooping on concrete in your yard or garden.

The methods that we will be covering in our article are primarily designed for the average person meaning they are quick, easy, and very cheap while still being very effective at stopping cats from pooping on your concrete.

Although we will be covering a number of methods that you are able to take advantage of throughout the article, you should only have to use a single one of our featured methods.

We have decided to add a number of suitable methods to stop cats pooping on your concrete so our readers are able to choose the best option for their needs due to some plants commonly kept in gardens being sensitive to some of our methods.

How To Stop Cats Pooping On Concrete!

The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to stop a cat pooping on the concrete in your garden is to use a cat repellent such as a high-quality cat mace.

Modern cat mace formulas are very effective at keeping cats away while also having non-toxic formulas and usually being fine for use in gardens around plants.

Although there are a number of suitable cat mace options, we feel that Natures Mace is definatley the best option on the market right now.

Not only it is cheap, easy to use, and very effective at repelling cats from your concrete surfaces to stop them pooping on it but it also has an excellent reputation amongst the community.

Depending on your situation, you can spray the cat mace on your concrete or all around your garden to repel the local cats from pooping on your concrete.

Modern cat mace formulas can also hold their scent if you live in an area that gets heavy rain on a regular basis too helping to keep your concrete protected from cats for longer.

What Smells Deter Cats From Pooping?

There are a number of strong scents that can be used to detter cats from pooping in your yard, garden, or on your concrete. Lavender, peppermint and cinnamon are excellent options with some citrus scents also being very effective too.

These scents can be a great option for preventing cats from pooping on your concrete if your have a large garden full of plants or have a garden pond and want something that is not chemical based.

One of the various citrus sprays on the market can work well for keeping cats away using a plant safe spray but they are not as effective as the commercial products like Natures Mace.

When it comes to using scents such as lavender, peppermint or cinnamon you are usually able to just take an essential oil in their scent and pour the whole bottle of essential oils into a water spray bottle and top the rest of the bottle up with water.

Keep in mind that the less water you use the better the solution will perform at keeping cats away and preventing them from pooping on your concrete.

You may have issues with the essential oil if it gets into your garden pond or on some of your plants though so this is a very situational treatment.

How To Keep Cats Off Of Concrete!

If you don’t want to use cat mace to repel cats then you are able to surround your concrete with thorny shrubs or slate chippings. The idea is to make the area around your concrete as uncomfortable for cats to get through as possible while still making it look nice.

Some cats won’t be bothered by thorny shrubs though but using something like slate chippings can cause irritation on the pads on a cat’s feet to turn it around.

If you do have a garden pond or plants that you don’t want to risk cat mace getting on in your garden then this method may be worth trying.

If you have flower beds around the concrete in your garden then keeping them wet may help to deter cats too as some domesticated cats really don’t like wet soil on their paws.

Although it is controvercial, laying scat mats in your flower bed around your concrete have the highest success rate of keeping cats away to prevent them from pooping but their costs can quickly add up.

Can I Just Keep Cats Out Of My Garden?

Many people take advantage of an ultra sonic cat deterrent system that will automatically detect movement and then make a sound that only cats can hear to try and scare them off.

Although some people have had success with these systems, some people do report that the local cats get used to them preventing them from working.

The No products found. usually retail at less than $40 but can work very well and they will last you for many years to come.

You are also able to get the newer water sprayer cat detterants that have proven to be suprisingly effective at scaring cats out of your yard and keeping them away from your concrete so they go and poop somewhere else.

The water sprayer cat deterrents usually retail from $50 to $90 but they have a much higher sucess rate than the ultra sonic systems.

Another problem with the ultra sonic systems in some areas is that they have to be installed a certain distance from your neighbours property so their cat can go about its live in its own harm but the water sprayer deterrents have no regulations like this.

How To Clean Up Cat Poop On Concrete!

To clean cat poop up on your concrete be sure to wear gloves, put the cat poop into a cat poop bag or other suitable plastic bag by putting your hand in the bag of the bag and scooping the poop up and then dispose of the poop.

Thoroughly wash the area with an enzyme-based pet stain-and-odor remover to prevent other cats from trying to mark your concrete with their scent.

Failing to use a pet odor remover on your concrete after a cat has pooped on it is probably one of the most common mistakes that we see.

In some situations, rival feral cats will start to actively mark your concrete by pooping or peeing on it if they are able to smell another cats scent on your concrete.

Our of all of our suggestions on our list, a decent pet odor removal product is the most important and is well worth its weight in gold.

We have seen some nightmare stories of groups of feral cats actually being attracted to people yards and gardens to constantly mark the area with their poop due to being able to smell other cats.


That brings our article going over how you can stop cats pooping on concrete to an end. We have covered a range of suitable methods in our article and hope that we have featured something for everyone. Although it can be problmatic to discourage a cat from coming to your garden and constantly pooping, there are plenty of methods available that you are able to use to your advantage.