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How To Stop Poop Getting Stuck Halfway Out Of Your Cat!

Incomplete passage of stool from the anus can result in poop getting stuck halfway out of your cat.

This can be an alarming problem that can lead to a mess on carpeting or furniture as your cat tries to finish the elimination or clean up the anus by rubbing it on furniture or bedding.

Hard stools are a common problem in cats that can be troublesome, but usually not a sign of serious illness. Pet owners may need to take steps to ensure that constipation does not become a constant problem that leads to other conditions.

Why Does Poop Get Stuck Halfway Out Of Your Cat?

If you have noticed poop sticking halfway out of your cat’s rear on one or more occasions, you know your pet is having a constipation problem.

Constipation is a common problem in felines, and a number of different factors can cause it, such as diet, poor hydration, medications that animal is taking or hairballs.

Generally, the causes are simple to correct, but in rare cases, problems with elimination can mean a more serious condition, such as an obstruction in the bowels, cancer or neuromuscular disorders.

Cats that don’t drink water frequently during the day may suffer from bouts of constipation because their bodies are not getting the fluids needed to soften the stool in a normal manner.

Pet owners should pay attention to the amount of water their cat drinks and provide fresh water throughout the day to prevent constipation problems, but if a cat simply doesn’t drink much water, you can feed him or her a canned cat food, which generally has more water content than dry cat food.

Cats over the age of 10 years often have problems with constipation, due to the slowing of the nerve impulses in the intestines that are required to efficiently push waste through and out of the system.

These animals may have problems passing stool that contains hair from grooming themselves.

\Senior cats may require a change of diet or more frequent offering of hairball prevention medications to help stools pass through the intestines more easily.

Feeding cat food that is higher in fiber content can help to prevent constipation and poop getting stuck halfway out in older cats.

How To Stop Poop Getting Stuck Halfway Out Of Your Cat

An occasional problem with constipation is not worrisome, but repeated bouts of poop getting stuck halfway out of your cat should receive spark more active measures on the part of the owner.

Because a cat’s diet can cause problems with normal elimination of stool, you can try changing your cat’s diet to provide more bulk for the intestines, or use a stool softener that is formulated specifically for cats.

High fiber cat foods can use a variety of different kinds of bulking agents, so change your cat’s food gradually to ensure that it is having the desired effect of encouraging better movement through the intestinal tract, and not increasing the problem of hard stools.

If your cat sheds a lot of hair, hairballs may be the cause of the hard stools that cannot be fully passed. A cat’s fur is insoluble, which means that it does not break down as it passes through the gastrointestinal system and can build up, creating hard stools that are difficult to push fully through the anus.

Cats that shed a great deal of hair may be at particular risk for problems of constipation from normal grooming activities and should receive hairball treatment products on a regular basis, to prevent straining with elimination and problems with poop getting stuck halfway out of the intestinal tract.

Should You Be Worried If Poop Keeps Getting Stuck Halfway Out of Your Cat?

Generally, constipation is an uncomfortable, but not life-threatening, problem for animals. Like people, they may have difficulty passing hard stools occasionally, but the problem usually resolves on its own.

When passing hard stools is a constant problem, your cat can develop a condition called “megacolon,” in which the colon expanses to a wider circumference, making passage of the stool through the rectum much more difficult.

Less common causes of constipation in cats may be a serious health concern that needs investigation and accurate diagnosis. A tumor may be obstructing the bowel, causing straining and incomplete passage of the stool, or a neurological condition may be causing a problem with the brain’s signals to the intestines.

Serious disorders can only worsen the problem over time, which may lead to the need for surgery and expensive veterinary costs, or even loss of your pet.

A video visit with a veterinarian can provide answers to your questions about constipation problems in cats inexpensively, so you can solve the problem to keep your cat from being uncomfortable with hard bowel movements.

The vet can advise you on compounds that help to soften stools, so your cat doesn’t have discomfort from constipation, and you don’t have the mess of partially extracted stools.

Preventing Hard Stools And Constipation Problems In Cats

The best approach is to try to prevent hard stools and constipation problems in cats before they occur. As you clean the litter box, make note of the condition of the cat’s waste. Is it normally shaped, soft or does it look dry and tightly formed?

At the earliest sign of problems with hard stool, increase the amount of hairball preventative offered each day or increase the amount of fiber and canned cat food that contains more water, to prevent constipation problems in the future.


Problems of straining when going to the bathroom or having poop stuck halfway out of your cat can be a chronic problem unless you find out the cause and take steps to help. The steps suggested above can be effective in resolving problems of hard stools that get stuck halfway out of your cat and can help the animal get into a more normal pattern of elimination. If passing hard stools continues, a consultation with a veterinarian is recommended to investigate the problem more closely.