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How To Treat A White Line On A Dogs Nose!

With dogs being such a popular option for pets in North America and Europe where the majority of our readers live, it is only natural that we see such a large number of different questions about various potential health problems dogs can have.

In addition to that normal questions that we see from the dog owneing community, we often see some questions about potential problems in dogs that some people may be able to easily miss.

One of these questions is about having a white line on your dogs nose that is very easy to miss but thankfully, some dogs are always in your face looking for hugs and attention so most dog owners have a good chance of spotting any white line development on their dogs.

There are actually a number of different causes of white lines on dogs noses so we decided that we actually wanted to publish a dedicated article on the topic as it does take a little time to explain the causes and how to treat them.

Due to this, we have also decided to add a number of questions in this article that we commonly see people asking when their dog has a white line on its nose.

This should offer a more comprehensive article for our readers who have noticed white lines on their dog’s nose and offer a more complete breakdown to help you workout exactly whats wrong.

Although rare, you may have to seek advice from a veterinarian about the white lines on the nose of your dog and there’s no easier way than to book a video call with a professional vet to have them go over your dog.

Why Does My Dog Have A White Line On Its Nose?

The two most common causes of white lines on a dogs nose by far are either sunburn or mucus froth with both being just about as common as each other.

Mucus froth is more common in scenthounds or dogs who have been out sniffing around a lot in any different weather conditions. Sunburn is not exclusive to hot days either, enough UV light can pass through cloud cover to burn a dog’s nose.

Although very rare, if your dog has a cut on its nose then there are some bacterial and fungal infections that can cause the cut to turn white.

There are a number of over the counter treatments available to treat both conditions in your dog but due to both of these being so rare, we will not be covering them any further in this article and we will focus on mucus froth and sunburn.

The easiest way to tell the difference between a white line cause by sunburn on your dogs nose and a white line caused by mucus froth is that you should easily be able to wipe it off.

Muscus froth will initially be wet and bubbly but as it dries it can turn into a white residue that has a flakey appearance. A white line on your dogs nose that is due to sunburn will not wipe off and it can also be painful to your dog if you touch it.

How Do I Treat A White Line On My Dogs Nose?

A white line on your dog’s nose caused by mucus froth is totally natural with it being very common in scenthounds and totally natural in dogs who have been sniffing strong scents while on their walks.

Treating whitelines from sunburn on a dog’s nose can be tricky and more often than not, time is the best healer and most people should just leave the sunburn to heal without touching it.

Even severe sunburn on a dog’s nose that is blistering and potentially even bleeding should often just be left to heal by itself due to how sensitive the tissue on a dog’s nose it.

The best path for anyone whos dog’s nose has white lines that start blistering is to book a video call with a vet and have them assess your dog via the camera on your smartphone. Those video calls tend to work out to be much cheaper than a trip to your vets while giving you the exact same information.

Depending on the time of the year, your dog may end up with a line of pollen on its nose that looks white or a spiders web due to sniffing around in the undergrowth while out walking.

This may look like a white line that can be caused by sunburn or mucus froth but it can usually be wiped right off without issue as it is just something stuck to your dogs nose rather than an actual injury.

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Has A White Line On Its Nose?

The majority of the time, there is no need to worry about your dog having a white line on its nose.

The two most common causes of the white lines are not serious and generally nothing to worry about. Any white lines caused by sunburn will generally heal in time but in some rare circumstances, you will have to get advice from a vet to help the sunburn heal faster.


That brings our article going over treating white line on a dog noses to an end. We hope that we have been able to help you better understand the two most common causes of white lines on a dogs nose as well as how to treat them. We have also touched on some of the less common causes of white lines on a dogs nose too in an attempt to help our readers easily identify and deal with those too.