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How To Treat Clear Liquid Coming From A Cat’s Mouth!

If your cat has clear liquid coming from its mouth, you may be panicking right now, as this can look very alarming and is often quite unpleasant.

Few cat owners would not be worried by the sign of this, but it’s important to explore what is happening properly and get in touch with a professional to ensure that your cat gets the treatment that it needs.

Although cats are generally robust creatures, there are unfortunately quite a lot of things that they can suffer from, both in terms of injuries and in terms of illnesses.

As an owner, it’s important for you to watch your cat carefully and observe any odd occurrences or behavior so that you notice if something is amiss.

Clear liquid coming from your cat’s mouth is a good indication that something is not quite right and you need to take action, whether this liquid is from vomiting or from salivating.

Vomiting clear liquid is a common issue among cats and it has a lot of different causes, some serious and others less so. It is unpleasant to have to clear it up, but if your cat is throwing up a lot, you need to talk to a vet to discuss what could be causing the issue and how it can be treated.

Don’t ignore it if your cat is vomiting or dribbling clear liquid; it may need medication or veterinary care.

What Causes A Cat To Have Clear Liquid Coming From Its Mouth?

The first thing to determine is whether your cat is throwing up or dribbling; clear liquid could be caused by either of these things, and they have very different causes.

If your cat is throwing up clear liquid, the causes could include parasites, indigestion, a hairball, an intestinal obstruction, inflammatory bowel disease, or even cancer.

If your cat is hyper salivating (dribbling), it may be that it has eaten something that has irritated the inside of its mouth, or that it has something stuck in its mouth, or that it has an ulcer.

If your cat is throwing up a lot, it is quite likely to be a sign that something is wrong with the cat’s digestive system, and this could range from minor to severe In some cases, something as simple as a hairball irritating the digestive tract can cause a cat to throw up clear liquid.

In some cases, it may be a sign of a serious disease, such as cancer, or an obstruction in the intestines.

Hypersalivation can similarly range in severity, and might mean that your cat has a bone or a stick jammed in its mouth, or that it has attempted to eat something toxic that has caused a reaction – this can sometimes occur if your cat tries to hunt frogs.

Hypersalivation can also be a sign of oral cancer, or of mouth wounds and swelling. You might want to try and inspect your cat’s mouth if it is reasonably easy to handle.

How Do You Treat A Cat With Clear Liquid Coming From Its Mouth?

It is important not to ignore clear liquid coming from your cat’s mouth, however your cat is bringing it up, because this could be serious.

First, if you are capable of opening your cat’s mouth and inspecting the inside, it’s a good idea to check whether there is an obvious cause. Can you see any traces of a toxic plant, or any sores, cuts, scratches, or foreign objects lodged there?

Your cat will need to see a vet, regardless of what you find, so try to arrange a video call with a veterinarian as soon as you can to get your cat checked over and make sure it isn’t seriously ill.

Your vet should be able to diagnose what has caused the clear liquid, although you will probably need to answer questions about how the cat is behaving when it brings the liquid up.

If there is an infection in your cat’s mouth, the vet may be able to prescribe medication for it, and should also provide you with guidance on how to keep your cat comfortable and happy while its mouth recovers.

In the case of poisoning, you may need to take your cat to a physical veterinary practice, but you should again be given advice about this.

Should You Be Worried About A Cat With Clear Liquid Coming From Its Mouth?

Yes, you should be concerned if your cat has clear liquid coming from its mouth. It is possible for this to be benign and it may resolve itself with time, but you should not ignore it, because it is a sign that something is wrong with either your cat’s mouth or its digestive system.

If your cat is vomiting or drooling, make an urgent appointment to see a vet, and keep your cat comfortable in the meantime. You may wish to offer it fresh water to help dilute any toxin that it has consumed, but do not try to force it to drink if it seems disinterested.

Offer your cat a warm, secure box while you wait for the appointment, and try not to panic. Although clear liquid coming from your cat’s mouth might be something serious (and you certainly shouldn’t ignore it), there are also plenty of simple explanations for this, and many of the diseases are treatable.

As long as you get your cat to a vet swiftly, it has a good chance of recovering from something like this.


If your cat has clear liquid coming from its mouth, prioritize making it an appointment with a vet, and check whether it may have eaten an irritating plant or creature (especially if it is allowed to roam outside). You will probably need a vet to diagnose the issue, but it is still worth trying to identify a possible cause yourself while you wait. Many things can cause both vomiting clear liquid and hypersalivation, so don’t panic about your cat’s well-being, but don’t ignore this sort of behavior either; expert input will be needed.