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How To Treat Pink Cat Vomit!

Cats have been the second most popular pet in North America and Europe for decades now with only dogs being more popular than them and with so many people loving their cats, its not surprising that we see people reaching out worries about them when they think their cat is having a problem.

One of the more common problems that we have seen people reaching out about recently is pink cat vomit with a large number of people managing to get themselves really worked up and worried about their cat’s health.

Due to this, we have decided to make pink cat vomit the main focus of today’s article with a goal of trying to help as many of our readers as possible who have a pet cat that has suddenly started to vomit pink liquid.

Now, there are some potentially serious issues that can cause your cat to vomit pink liquid but in younger, healthy cats, it is almost always due to eating something they shouldn’t have with there often being nothing to worry about.

That said, we are still going to be going over the various questions relating to pink cat vomit that we see from the community each month.

We have added our table of contents below to try and help our readers skip to specific sections of the article that they want to read too but if you are worried about the pink liquid that your cat is vomiting up then at least skimming the full article is probably the best option.

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Pink Vomit?

The most common reason that younger, healthier cats will vomit pink liquid is due to eating something that they shouldn’t have that is pink or red in color.

Cats producing pink vomit can sometimes mean that there is blood in their vomit with some of the reasons your cat may be vomiting blood being serious and requiring a vet’s attention as soon as possible.

Younger cats will often eat many things that they shouldn’t, especially kittens when they are still excitable due to so many new experiences.

This can result in your cat needing to vomit due to eating something it shouldn’t have and if the thing your cat ate is red or pink then its vomit can be pink.

There are a number of red colored cat treats that can make your cats regular vomit look red or pink too if it has ate red cat treats that day so always keep things like this in mind too.

A cats vomit can be pink due to there being blood in your cats vomit and this can be due to less serious issues due to issues with your cat’s gums after eating something it shouldn’t causing its gums or mouth to bleed to more serious problems such as tumours and tears.

If you do think that your cats vomit is pink due to there being blood in it then you really should book a video call with a vet to go over the situation with them.

Booking a video call with a vet is usually cheaper than going to your local vets surgery while also allowing you to book the video call in for a time that fits your schedule with spaces usually being available quicker too.

How Do I Stop My Cat Throwing Up Pink Vomit?

If your cat is throwing up pink vomit due to something it ate then preventing it from eating whatever is making it vomit and turning its vomit pink is an easy fix.

If your cat is vomiting due to their being blood in its vomit then you really need to get a veterinarian involved as soon as possible as you will require professional help to solve the problem.

As we touched on earlier in the article, even if your cat is producing pink vomit due to there being blood in the vomit, it does not necessarily mean that it is a serious issue.

Your cat may have cut its mouth or gyms allowing blood to get into the vomit with both being relatively common and easy fixes with them often not even requiring a veterinarian’s assistance.

If your cat is producing pink vomit due to a tumour or a tear in its throat or stomach then you should be getting a vet involved as soon as possible.

Some cats can end up rupturing their throats due to vomiting a lot or having large furballs that can make them produce pink vomit when they throw up.

If it is due to something like this then it is not as serious as people initially think but a tumour may require surgery or may not even be curable.

Will My Cat Die If It Throws Up Pink Vomit?

Although rare, your cat may die if it is throwing up pink vomit due to having a tumour in its stomach. People instantly think the worse when they see pink cat vomit but there are a number of much less serious problems that can cause pink vomit in cats that are not lethal.

Even if your cat is producing pink vomit due to a more serious problem such as a tumour in its stomach, this does not mean that your cat will die and an operation at your local veterinarian’s surgery may be able to remove the tumour and save your cat.

Depending on the specific issue, medication can also be enough to stop the issue causing pink cat vomit too and this is why we usually recommend you seek assistance from a professional vet with issues like this, even if it is just booking a quick, cheap video call with a vet.

When it comes to pink vomit coming from your cat, it is more likely that the cause is not a serious issue and is just something that your pet cat has eaten that it shouldn’t have.

Try to keep this in mind if possible as we constantly see people worrying when there is often no need to stress yourself out.


That brings our article going over pink cat vomit to an end. We hope that we have been able to help put your mind at ease as the majority of the time, your cat is going to be fine and will often not even ned to see a vet. Even if your cat is vomiting pink liquid due to a more serious issue, it can often be solved with medication or surgery too so try not to let yourself get too stressed out.