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How To Use Buscopan For Dogs!

We have noticed more and more people recommending the use of buscopan for dogs as a quick and easy way to treat diarrhoea and other digestive conditions in dogs in a number of popular social media groups.

Although many people do use buscopan for their dogs without issue, it is not as simple as just giving your dog buscopan and the digestive issues going away.

In addition to this, it can also be a paint to dose the buscopan correctly for use with a dog due to different breeds being different sizes and weights.

If you end up getting the buscopan dose wrong for your dog then you can actually end up making its digestive problems worse but you rarely see this mentioned as most people on social media only talk about then something is working as they thought it would.

This then leads people to think that buscopan is a magical treatment for dogs that is easy to use and delivered excellent results and although buscopan can work well, it does have some downsides and does not treat issues like diarrhoea for dogs every time.

Due to there being so much misinformation out there about using buscopan for dogs, we decided to publish this article going over the various ins and outs of the treatment to try and help as many of our readers as possible.

Is Buscopan Good For Diarrhea In Dogs?

Although buscopan can work well for diarrhea in dogs, it does have risks and it is also difficult to get the dosage correct.

Using buscopan to treat stomach upset in a dog is usually just masking the actual issue too so it is often better to try and find out exactly what is causing the digestive problems in the dog and treat that directly rather than something like buscopan as a general fix.

More and more dog owners are starting to turn away from treatments such as buscopan in favour of things like as it tends to be a much better option to promote a healthy digestive system in your dogs.

Slippery elm can also be used to actually treat some of the underlying issues in dogs that end up causing diarrhea and other stomach issues too.

You can also book a quick video call with a veterinarian if you want to get specific advice on your dog’s situation. This can be an excellent option to take as it makes it much easier to work out what is actually wrong with your dog rather than making the symptoms with something like buscopan.

A quick video call with a vet tends to be much cheaper than taking your dog to your local vet’s surgery too while also letting you book the call to match your schedule.

How Many Buscopan Can A Dog Have?

Dosing your dog correctly for buscopan is more difficult than most people initially think and one of the main reasons that using buscopan for dogs is discouraged.

If you get the dosage wrong then it can make the dog’s symptoms worse rather than help to improve the situation.

This is why we recommend that you go with something like or a specialist Diarrhea medication for dogs that is much easier to dose correctly.

These treatments can also help to tackle the root problem that is causing the diarrhea in your dog too rather than just masking it by dealing with its symptoms.

There will often be a certain amount of trial and error required when trying to work out how much buscopan you should give your dog to. Most people will start with a quarter of a tablet and then work their way up leaving a good few hours in between treatments.

This gives you plenty of time to observe any differences in your dog’s situation while slowly scaling the dose of buscopan up in your dog but again, we really don’t recommend that you do this.

Are There Any Alternatives To Buscopan For Dogs?

Although it works in a different way, we would highly recommend that you experiment with Slippery Elm if your dog has digestive issues on a regular basis.

Products like buscopan tend to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause of the digestive upset where as slippery elm tends to treat the cause and prevent the issues from occurring again.

Slippery elm does usually take time to fix the issues though so many people will usually use a specialist Diarrhea medication for dogs instead of something like buscopan.

Although both products tend to do the exact same thing, it is usually considerably easier to correctly dose a medication like buscopan that has been designed for use with dogs rather than using actual buscopan.

More and more digestive medications are being released on to the market with each year that passes with some of them actually being surprisingly good.

Again though, prevention is always better than cure so using something like Slippery Elm to actually treat the causes of the digestive upset is considerably better than trying to just focus on preventing the symptoms.


That brings our article going over using buscopan for dogs to an end. We really don’t recommend that you try to use human based medications on dogs as there is almost always a similar product on the market that has been designed for use with dogs from the very start and buscopan is no different. There are plenty of treatments for digestive upset in your dog that work well that you should be looking to use instead of a product like buscopan.